Dentigerous Cyst with Two Mesiodens view of cbct 3D imaging

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Tittle :“Dentigerous Cyst with Two Mesiodens view of CBCT 3D imaging”


Purpose:To detect any abnormalities in the oral cavity, particularly the cyst using CBCT 3D Imaging.

Method and Material:Male patientage of 13 years, came to the Hospital of Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University with complaints unerupted Insicive central left teeth. Then do theCBCT 3D imaging to see abnormalities impaction maxillary central incicif left teeth

The result: With CBCT 3D radiography Dentigerous cysts found on the impacted tooth Insicive central left teeth, with two mesiodens teeth in inferior tooth impaction. CBCT is not only used for the assessment of dental implant, but also various cases ofdisordersin the oral cavity, in this case the location and angulation of impacted teeth, cysts, and mesiodens, making it easier for the surgeon to perform the operation.

Conclusion: :CBCT3D can diagnose abnormalities impaction accompanied by dentigerous cysts and mesiodens

Keyword: Dentigerous Cyst, Mesiodens, CBCT
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