Dental Tech Job Description Role Summary

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Dental Tech Job Description

Role Summary:

Assists dentists in the provision of patient care in a mobile dental clinic. Accomplishes various administrative tasks to support patient care activities while involved with direct patient care. Maintains dental equipment and supplies

Essential Accountabilities:

Prepare patients for treatment

  1. Assures integrity of documentation

  2. Work in conjunction with branch office for optimal dental schedule

  3. Knowledgeable and capable of obtaining proper documentation needed for treatment in the clinical setting

  4. Insures a positive dental experience by helping dentist in the clinical setting

  5. Educates patients on proper oral hygiene techniques for their individual needs

Anticipate required collaboration with dentist during patient treatment

  1. Assists dentist diagnosis by exposing, processing and mounting dental radiographs

  2. Checking medical/dental histories and annotating the dentists assessment by making appropriate EMR entries

  3. Demonstrates good four-handed technique by efficiently passing instruments and supplies to the dentist for appropriate care being rendered

  4. Manage resources by preparing materials with minimum waste or need for duplicate preparation

  5. Maintain the treatment field by evacuation, washing, isolating, drying and illuminate the field appropriately

Care for dental supplies and instruments

  1. Protects patients and staff from cross contamination by performing infection control in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

  2. Properly maintains and cleans equipment (i.e., high speed, low speed, dental unit, x-ray unit, ultrasonic scaler, etc.) by following the manufacturers guidelines

  3. Trouble shoots equipment breakdowns by assessing if possible to fix w/o calling for service

  4. Protect equipment investment by properly securing dental equipment for transport within the mobile dental clinic

Effectively Manages the Day to Day Clinic Operations with Open Communication and Follow-Up

  1. Arrives to the facility 45 minutes prior to the time noted to begin seeing patients

  2. Efficiently manages patient flow in the mobile clinic and in the pre and post visit settings

  3. Prepare for the patient visit by accurately preparing and maintaining the patients EMR

  4. Manage patient flow by adhering to lists/schedules prepared for the appropriate visit

  5. Responsibilities completed in an appropriate time frame

  6. Prepares the clinic for patient care in a variety of locations

  7. Assure patient care by obtaining the proper records and forms

  8. Support communication by properly documenting the care rendered in patients EMR record

  9. Anticipate treatment in the set up of supplies and equipment

  10. Appropriately documents in patients EMR the treatment needed to be scheduled at the next facility visit

  11. Accurately posts the dental charges to the appropriate provider

  12. Schedules future treatment in the EMR scheduler

  13. Clean and sterilize equipment following treatment by soaking used instruments with solution and removing to the appropriate area for sterilization

  14. Maintain dental units by cleaning, evacuating and maintaining hand pieces, removing covers and wiping down non-sterile items used during dental care.

Complete other duties to support dental facility operations

  1. Verify patient information for eligibility and completeness by careful review and follow-up as required

  2. Communicate with facility by completing all paperwork in advance

  3. Balance and generate daily production reports and leaves with dentist on departure

  4. Keeps an adequate supply of stock by careful review of anticipated schedule and current supplies

  5. Orders only the supplies on the OnSight product list

  6. Send, scan supply invoices to Dental Services Manager

  7. Assure integrity of daily work by conducting routine audit of data that was input

  8. Communicate regularly with Dental Service Manager on daily events in the clinical setting

  9. Report production numbers to Branch Manager

  10. Complete and send appropriate documentation to Removables Administrator for denture pre-authorization

  11. Completes other duties to support departmental operations assigned or requested.

Maintain a professional appearance

Grooms and dresses in a manner that will reflect OnSights respect for our customers. While in a facility we will first consider our customers’ expectations in how we present ourselves. Our manner and expression will convey our concern for and willingness to serve our customers. We will dress with loose fitting clinical scrubs; our hairs tied back, and wear no jewelry with the exception of a wrist watch.

Safety Awareness

Safety must be the responsibility of all OnSight employees to ensure an accident-free environment. Accidents are the result of actions and attitudes that you can help to change

Corporate Compliance

Integrity is doing the right thing by being honest in our dealings with one another, our patient, and our facility contacts. Integrity is doing the right thing by maintaining the security and confidentiality of each patients information.


The goal of communication is understanding. We must be committed to listening, acting and fully understanding our customers and each other. Close attention should be given to verbal and non-verbal forms of communication throughout OnSight personnel, facility personnel and the patients. Daily communication with the Dental Service Manger and the branch staff is imperative to a successful working environment.

Required Education Certification in Dental Radiography

Required Experience 2 years clinical experience. Cross trained in front office.

Reliable Transportation Mobile Dental Clinic takes you distances of up to 70 miles from home on a three day a week basis

OSHA Category Potential for exposure to blood or body fluids

Patient Care Group Geriatric Patients, Developmental Disabilities

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