Dental Services §17. 160 Authorization of dental examinations

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17.160- §17.160—Authorization of dental examinations 17.160-

Dental Services

§17.160 Authorization of dental examinations.

When a detailed report of dental examination is essential for a determination of eligibility for benefits, dental examinations may be authorized for the following classes of claimants or beneficiaries:

(a) Those having a dental disability adjudicated as incurred or aggravated in active military, naval, or air service or those requiring examination to determine whether the dental disability is service connected.

(b) Those having disability from disease or injury other than dental, adjudicated as incurred or aggravated in active military, naval, or air service but with an associated dental condition that is considered to be aggravating the basic service-connected disorder.

(c) Those for whom a dental examination is ordered as a part of a general physical examination.

(d) Those requiring dental examination during hospital, nursing home, or domiciliary care.

(e) Those held to have suffered dental injury or aggravation of an existing dental injury, as the result of examination, hospitalization, or medical or surgical (including dental) treatment that had been awarded.

(f) Veterans who are participating in a rehabilitation program under 38 U.S.C. chapter 31 are entitled to such dental services as are professionally determined necessary for any of the reasons enumerated in §17.47(g). (Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1712(b); ch. 31)

(g) Those for whom a special dental examination is authorized by the Under Secretary for Health or the Assistant Chief Medical Director for Dentistry.

(h) Persons defined in §17.93.

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Supplement Highlights reference: 86(1).

(No. 86 10/5/14)

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