Dental Erosion – Non Carious Tooth Surface Loss

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Dental Erosion – Non Carious Tooth Surface Loss
This is the loss of tooth substance due to the action of acid on the tooth surface, and is different form dental decay as it does not involve the presence of bacterial plaque. It is therefore not dental decay in the traditional sense.
You have evidence of damage from erosion or acid. The pattern of tissue loss on your back teeth & on the back surface of your upper front teeth is suggestive of
gastric origin, / dietary origin.
Though I cannot confirm exactly when this has occurred, I think it may be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor. One of the major causes for this type of tooth damage is heart burn or gastric reflux and these may have few other signs or symptoms.
There are other reasons why people end up vomiting or being sick on a regular basis, these include medical conditions such as Bulimia or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, certain types of medication, or certain life styles (alcohol consumption). If any of these are an issue in your case, we will be happy to discuss them in confidence or if you would prefer, we can refer you to our medical colleagues.
Dietary causes of tooth erosion range from fizzy drinks, fruit juice, citric fruit (more than 3 daily), and some herbal teas. The more frequently (out side of meal times), these are consumed the more damaging they can be. The best drinks to take frequently are water (unsweetened / unflavoured tap water), tea or coffee (without sugar).
The wear patterns on the cheek surfaces of your canine & premolar teeth are more likely of multifactorial origin - a combination of normal wear / abrasion from tooth brushing / erosion from either dietary or internal sources.
I would not suggest intervention in the form or filling for these areas yet (though it may be required in future), but they do need to be monitored for progression.

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