Delivery systems matrx N20 mixer equipment, the first choice of dental professionals throughout the world!

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Matrx N20 mixer equipment, the first choice of dental professionals throughout the world!

Over four decades ago Fraser Sweatman developed the technology found exclusively in Matrx N20/02 mixer machines today. Year after year, thousands of dentists have placed their trust in our machines because of our commitment to quality manufacturing and our outstanding service.
Matrx Digital MDM® and MDM® are designed with our exclusive Auto-Compensation feature which allows you to maintain flow rate when you change gas mixture percentage. PLUS, they also maintain percentage when you change flow rate.


The future of consious sedation. The Digital MDM is the most accurate nitrous oxide/oxygen mixer available! Measure and control flow rates as low as 0.1 LPM. Plus, it features the exclusive Matrx flow and percentage Auto - Compensation.

The only pneumatic mixer with Auto-Compensation to maintain flow rate when you change gas mixture percentage. Plus, it maintains pecentage when you change flow rate.

The relative analgesia machine designed with a built in fail-safe that guarantees a minimum delivery of 3 LPM of oxygen at all times.

Our simple, new 8-piece design makes autoclavable clean-up fast and easy. Plus - save money with our special introductory offers.

Matrx DIGITAL MDM | Matrx RA | Matrx MDM

Nitrous Oxide allows safer, quicker, and more comfortable dental care.

A visit to the dental office is traditionally ranked as one of the leading fears of people from all walks of life. In many cases it leads to late or broken appointments that disrupt the operation of your practice.


Thousands of dentists throughout the world have discovered the benefits of using a nitrous oxide/oxygen gas mixer system from Matrx. It relaxes apprehensive patients and drastically minimizes any feeling of discomfort.


It allows your patient to breathe more oxygen while enjoying a remarkable depth of relaxation.

It virtually eliminates the fear, nervousness and tension associated with dental procedures.

Your patient remains in complete control, is conscious, and can follow directions.

A built in fail-safe in every Matrx mixer machine guarantees nitrous oxide will not flow unless a minimum concentration of 30% oxygen is flowing.


Patients are more relaxed so you can accomplish more per visit.

You can work in all four quadrants.

Increased productivity means more income for you.

The only scented, single-use nasal hoods that come packaged with a colorful cartoon sticker.

NOW AVAILABLE: Adapter to fit Porter/brown and Accutron Scavengers

For nitrous oxide delivery

Reduces risk of cross infection

Helps put your patient at ease

Five fresh scents - plain, vanilla, strawberry, bubble gum and orange

Designed for a soft, snug fit

X-ray compatible

Can help make your practice more profitable


Many convenient packages to choose from.
12 Pack  24 Pack 24 Packaged in Decorative Canister


Universal Conversion Kit - For DynoMite Single-Use Nasal Hoods:   Now you can use DynoMite Nasal Hoods on Porter Brown and Accutron circuits!*

In one easy step you can convert your existing nitrous breathing circuit to use our popular DynoMite Nasal Hoods. The benefits are clear - DynoMite Nasal Hoods save you money and protect you and your patient from unnecessary exposure to infectious disease.

And best of all DynoMite Hoods are comfortable for your patient. You can feel the difference the first time you put one on your nose.

Next time you order ask your dealer for the hoods with the colorful dinosaur sticker.

* The Universal Conversion Kit fits most major nitrous oxide/oxygen gas delivery circuits. For a complete list of  circuit systems that fit the Universal Conversion Kit call your dental dealer or the Matrx customer service department at 800-847-1000 or email .


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