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Definitions of the Most Likely 562 New Sevens in OWL2 in Decreasing Probability Order - Page of

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There are 920 new OWL2 words of length seven, and these are the most likely ones.

This was produced with the help of WHAT (see

There is another listing that provides all of the anagrams of the new OWL2 words here.

SANTERO - SANTERO n pl. -ROS a priest of santeria

GODETIA - GODETIA n pl. -S a showy annual herb

NIDATES - NIDATE v -DATED, -DATING, -DATES to become implanted in the uterus

AUDITEE - AUDITEE n pl. -S one that is audited

OLESTRA - OLESTRA n pl. -S a noncaloric fat substitute

OSIERED - OSIER n pl. -S a European tree OSIERED adj

TOONIES - TOONIE n pl. -S a Canadian two-dollar coin

TACRINE - TACRINE n pl. -S a drug for treating Alzheimer's disease

TAGLINE - TAGLINE n pl. -S the final line of a play or joke that makes the point

THERIAN - THERIAN n pl. -S any of a subclass of mammals

SANTERA - SANTERA n pl. -S a priestess of santeria

ATONIAS - ATONIA n pl. -S atony

DOMAINE - DOMAINE n pl. -S a vineyard in Burgundy

LENITED - LENITE v -NITED, -NITING, -NITES to articulate a lenis

LENITES - LENITE v -NITED, -NITING, -NITES to articulate a lenis

OUTLEAD - OUTLEAD v -LED, -LEADING, -LEADS to surpass in leading


REALTOR - REALTOR n pl. -S a kind of real estate agent


ATRESIC - ATRESIA n pl. -S absence or closure of a natural bodily passage ATRESIC, ATRETIC adj

CORTINA - CORTINA n pl. -S a membrane on some mushrooms

TARDIVE - TARDIVE adj having symptoms that develop slowly

GORDITA - GORDITA n pl. -S a stuffed and fried pocket of cornmeal dough

GELATIS - GELATI n pl. -S gelato

ORGIAST - ORGIAST n pl. -S one who participates in an orgy

WAITRON - WAITRON n pl. -S a server in a restaurant

AGENTED - AGENT v -ED, -ING, -S to act as a representative for AGENTIAL adj

EPILATE - EPILATE v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES to remove hair from

AEROBAT - AEROBAT n pl. -S one that performs feats in an aircraft

AMARONE - AMARONE n pl. -S a dry red wine

ACORNED - ACORN n pl. -S the fruit of the oak tree ACORNED adj

CANOERS - CANOER n pl. -S one who canoes



OUTSAID - OUTSAY v -SAID, -SAYING, -SAYS to surpass in saying

AUTOPEN - AUTOPEN n pl. -S a device for imitating signatures

NIOBITE - NIOBITE n pl. -S the mineral columbite

RESILIN - RESILIN n pl. -S an elastic substance in the cuticles of many insects

POUTINE - POUTINE n pl. -S a dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy

ENVIROS - ENVIRO n pl. -S an advocate for the preservation of the natural environment

TURIONS - TURION n pl. -S a thick new growth on a plant

LEADENS - LEADEN v -ED, -ING, -S to make dull or sluggish LEADENLY adv

ISLETED - ISLET n pl. -S a small island ISLETED adj

TARTIER - TARTY adj TARTIER, TARTIEST suggestive of a prostitute TARTILY advead

SANTOOR - SANTOOR n pl. -S santir

NOOGIES - NOOGIE n pl. -S a playful rubbing of one's knuckles on another's h

TWOONIE - TWOONIE n pl. -S toonie

NIDATED - NIDATE v -DATED, -DATING, -DATES to become implanted in the uterus

SEITANS - SEITAN n pl. -S a food made from wheat gluten

INOSINE - INOSINE n pl. -S a compound of hypoxanthine and ribose

ROOTLED - ROOTLE v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES to dig in the ground as with the snout

ROOTLES - ROOTLE v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES to dig in the ground as with the snout

LATINAS - LATINA n pl. -S a female Latin American

BANDITO - BANDITO n pl. -S a bandit

ABLEIST - ABLEIST n pl. -S one that practices ableism

DACITES - DACITE n pl. -S a light gray rock

FADEINS - FADEIN n pl. -S a gradual increase in the brightness of an image


LIPREAD - LIPREAD v -READ, -READING, -READS to understand spoken words by interpreting the lip movements of a speaker

SEALIFT - SEALIFT v -ED, -ING, -S to transport (military personnel and equipment) by ship

MEGARON - MEGARON n pl. -ARA the great central hall of an ancient Greek house

OAKIEST - OAKY adj OAKIER, OAKIEST tasting of oak sap

OSETRAS - OSETRA n pl. -S a golden or brownish caviar

OSSETRA - OSSETRA n pl. -S osetra

AIRSHOT - AIRSHOT n pl. -S an aircheck

DUETING - DUET v DUETED, DUETING, DUETS or DUETTED, DUETTING, DUETS to perform a duet (a musical composition for two)

SNIGLET - SNIGLET n pl. -S a word coined for something not having a name

ATRETIC - ATRESIA n pl. -S absence or closure of a natural bodily passage ATRESIC, ATRETIC adj

INNAGES - INNAGE n pl. -S the quantity of goods remaining in a container after shipment

ECOTAGE - ECOTAGE n pl. -S obstructive action in defense of the natural environment

EMAILED - EMAIL v -ED, -ING, -S to send a message to by computer

NEPETAS - NEPETA n pl. -S catnip


MEISTER - MEISTER n pl. -S one who is knowledgeable about something specified

SIEVERT - SIEVERT n pl. -S a unit of ionizing radiation

ROSACEA - ROSACEA n pl. -S a chronic inflammation of parts of the face

SAUNAED - SAUNA v -ED, -ING, -S to take a dry heat bath

SECONAL - SECONAL n pl. -S a kind of sedative

ALFREDO - ALFREDO adj served with a white cheese sauce

FADEOUT - FADEOUT n pl. -S a gradual disappearance of an image

PRELOAD - PRELOAD v -ED, -ING, -S to load beforehand

NOPALES - NOPAL n pl. -S or -ES a cactus of Mexico and Central America

SOLUNAR - SOLUNAR adj listing the rising and setting times of the sun and moon

NICOISE - NICOISE adj served with black olives, tomatoes, olive oil, and often anchovies

LIRIOPE - LIRIOPE n pl. -S a stemless Asian herb

BONIATO - BONIATO n pl. -S a sweet potato


IRONMEN - IRONMAN n pl. -MEN a man of great strength and stamina

PEREONS - PEREON n pl. -REONS or -REA pereion


ROOFIES - ROOFIE n pl. -S a tablet of a powerful sedative


PICANTE - PICANTE adj prepared with a spicy sauce

COTINGA - COTINGA n pl. -S a tropical bird

GASEITY - GASEITY n pl. -TIES the state of being a gas

PERMIAN - PERMIAN adj of a period of the Paleozoic Era

SARSNET - SARSNET n pl. -S sarcenet

ANTIFOG - ANTIFOG adj preventing the buildup of moisture on a surface

LOTTERS - LOTTER n pl. -S one who assembles merchandise into salable lots

SLOTTER - SLOTTER n pl. -S a machine for slotting

EASELED - EASEL n pl. -S a three-legged frame EASELED adj

DRACENA - DRACENA n pl. -S dracaena

GATEAUS - GATEAU n pl. -TEAUS or -TEAUX a fancy cake

ANALYTE - ANALYTE n pl. -S a substance being analyzed

LAOGAIS - LAOGAI n pl. -S the system of forced-labor camps in China

APORIAS - APORIA n pl. -S an expression of doubt for rhetorical effect

BIALIES - BIALY n pl. -ALYS or -ALIES an onion roll

ALNICOS - ALNICO n pl. -COS an alloy containing aluminum, nickel, and cobalt

SNARFED - SNARF v -ED, -ING, -S to eat or drink greedily

HANDERS - HANDER n pl. -S one that hands


BINGOES - BINGO n pl. -GOS or -GOES a game of chance


NEUSTIC - NEUSTON n pl. -S an aggregate of small aquatic organisms NEUSTIC adj

HONGIED - HONGI v -GIED, -GIING, -GIES to greet another by pressing noses together

DEMOING - DEMO v -ED, -ING, -S to demonstrate


OVERFIT - OVERFIT adj fitted to excess

HONGIES - HONGI v -GIED, -GIING, -GIES to greet another by pressing noses together

PINGOES - PINGO n pl. -GOS or -GOES a low mound of earth formed by the expansion of underlying frost

LEPTINS - LEPTIN n pl. -S a hormone released by fat cells

PERITUS - PERITUS n pl. -TI an expert theologian

OUTRIGS - OUTRIG v -RIGGED, -RIGGING, -RIGS to equip (a boat) with outriggers (projections having floats)

STRIATA - STRIATUM n pl. -TA a mass of nervous tissue within the brain


IRONMAN - IRONMAN n pl. -MEN a man of great strength and stamina

GRISTER - GRISTER n pl. -S one that grinds grain

PALEATE - PALEATE adj covered with scales

BEADERS - BEADER n pl. -S one that beads

PEDALER - PEDALER n pl. -S one that pedals

MELENAS - MELENA n pl. -S a condition marked by black tarry stool


MIOCENE - MIOCENE adj of an epoch of the Tertiary Period

LIVERED - LIVER v -ED, -ING, -S to thicken or gel

RELLENO - RELLENO n pl. -S a Mexican dish of a stuffed and fried green chile

CROUTES - CROUTE n pl. -S a pastry case

DONGLES - DONGLE n pl. -S a device for a computer

PRETOLD - PRETELL v -TOLD, -TELLING, -TELLS to tell beforehand

PERNODS - PERNOD n pl. -S a French liqueur

FLEURON - FLEURON n pl. -S a floral ornament

TEFLONS - TEFLON n pl. -S a synthetic coating to prevent sticking

GALETTE - GALETTE n pl. -S a flat round cake

AVERTER - AVERTER n pl. -S one that averts


NIGELLA - NIGELLA n pl. -S an annual herb

PREORAL - PREORAL adj situated in front of the mouth

SEROVAR - SEROVAR n pl. -S a group of microorganisms having a characteristic set of antigens

FORNENT - FORNENT prep near to

HOTTIES - HOTTIE n pl. -S an attractive person


TARTARE - TARTARE adj served raw

ONLOADS - ONLOAD v -ED, -ING, -S to load a vehicle or container

BOODIES - BOODY n pl. -DIES the buttocks *deemed offensive*

DOOBIES - DOOBIE n pl. -S a marijuana cigarette

OBENTOS - OBENTO n pl. -S a Japanese meal packed in a box

ECOTOUR - ECOTOUR n pl. -S a tour of a natural habitat

PELOTON - PELOTON n pl. -S the main body of riders in a bicycle race

MOONERS - MOONER n pl. -S one that moons

ROGERED - ROGER v -ED, -ING, -S to indicate that a message has been received

ENDURER - ENDURER n pl. -S one that endures

TWEENER - TWEENER n pl. -S a player having some but not all of the qualifications for two or more positions

TELNETS - TELNET v -NETTED, -NETTING, -NETS or -NETED, -NETING, -NETS to access an account over the Internet using an appropriate procedure

BARISTA - BARISTA n pl. -S one who makes and serves coffee to the public

SARCINA - SARCINA n pl. -NAS or -NAE a spherical bacterium

GIARDIA - GIARDIA n pl. -S a protozoan inhabiting the intestines

TRIBALS - TRIBAL n pl. -S a member of an aboriginal people of India

PACIEST + PACEY adj PACIER, PACIEST keeping a fast pace (rate of speed)


IGUANID - IGUANID n pl. -S a long-tailed lizard

WINESAP - WINESAP n pl. -S a red apple with somewhat tart flesh

TAILFIN - TAILFIN n pl. -S a fin at the posterior end of a fish

GOLIATH - GOLIATH n pl. -S a person considered to be a giant

SANTIMU - SANTIMS n pl. -TIMI or -TIMU a formerly used coin of Latvia

GIROLLE - GIROLLE n pl. -S an edible mushroom

NONORAL - NONORAL adj not involving the mouth

NEATNIK - NEATNIK n pl. -S a compulsively neat person

TRIPTAN - TRIPTAN n pl. -S a drug for treating migraine attacks

AGEMATE - AGEMATE n pl. -S a person of the same age as another

SEPTAGE - SEPTAGE n pl. -S the waste in a septic tank

BEIGNES - BEIGNE n pl. -S beignet

NEDDIES - NEDDY n pl. -DIES a donkey

GIFTEES - GIFTEE n pl. -S one that receives a gift

REXINES - REXINE n pl. -S a strong, coated cloth used as a covering material for books

ABLATOR - ABLATOR n pl. -S one that ablates

ASCARED - ASCARED adj afraid

RAMONAS - RAMONA n pl. -S a plant of the mint family

UNBALED - UNBALE v -BALED, -BALING, -BALES to loosen from a compressed bundle

BLADERS - BLADER n pl. -S one that blades

EARBUDS - EARBUD n pl. -S a small earphone

UNBALES - UNBALE v -BALED, -BALING, -BALES to loosen from a compressed bundle

TOWABLE - TOW v -ED, -ING, -S to pull by means of a rope or chain TOWABLE adj

ABORTUS - ABORTUS n pl. -ES an aborted fetus


CARDONS - CARDON n pl. -S cardoon

DACRONS - DACRON n pl. -S a synthetic polyester textile fiber

NOPLACE - NOPLACE adv not in or at any place

CUATROS - CUATRO n pl. -S a small guitar of Latin America

MURALED - MURAL n pl. -S a painting applied directly to a wall or ceiling MURALED, MURALLED adj

ADWOMEN - ADWOMAN n pl. -MEN a woman employed in the advertising business

EBONICS - EBONICS n/pl a dialect of English spoken by some African-Americans

BOURSIN - BOURSIN n pl. -S a type of cheese

CHORTEN - CHORTEN n pl. -S a Tibetan shrine

PLEONIC - PLEON n pl. -S the abdomen of a crustacean PLEONAL, PLEONIC adj

POLICER - POLICER n pl. -S one that polices

LUCITES - LUCITE n pl. -S an acrylic resin or plastic

SIRUPED - SIRUP v -ED, -ING, -S to syrup

LOIDING - LOID v -ED, -ING, -S to open a spring lock by using a piece of celluloid

FROGLET - FROGLET n pl. -S a young frog

ROSEHIP - ROSEHIP n pl. -S the aggregate fruit of the rose plant


NEOGENE - NEOGENE adj of the later part of the Tertiary Period

EMANANT - EMANANT adj issuing from a source

NONWAGE - NONWAGE adj not including or involving wages (money paid for work or services)

SUGARER - SUGARER n pl. -S one that makes sugar

TRASHER - TRASHER n pl. -S one that destroys or damages

PANNERS - PANNER n pl. -S one that pans

INCENTS - INCENT v -ED, -ING, -S to provide with an incentive





PIEHOLE - PIEHOLE n pl. -S a mouth

MENUDOS - MENUDO n pl. -S a tripe stew with chili peppers

GRITTER - GRITTER n pl. -S one that grits

TOOLBAR - TOOLBAR n pl. -S a row of icons on a computer screen that activate functions

DOODIES - DOODY n pl. -DIES feces

ZOOIEST - ZOOEY adj ZOOIER, ZOOIEST resembling a zoo

OLINGOS - OLINGO n pl. -S a small mammal of Central and South America

ERRABLE - ERR v -ED, -ING, -S to make a mistake ERRABLE adj


BATGIRL - BATGIRL n pl. -S a girl who minds baseball equipment

CASSINE - CASSINE n pl. -S cassina

EAGLING - EAGLE v EAGLED, EAGLING, EAGLED to score an eagle (two strokes under par) on a hole in golf

TURNONS - TURNON n pl. -S something that arouses interest

POOLERS - POOLER n pl. -S one that pools


SPOOLER - SPOOLER n pl. -S one that spools

BEEDIES - BEEDI n pl. -DIES bidi

MENTEES - MENTEE n pl. -S one who is being mentored

ARCHEAN - ARCHEAN adj of or relating to the oldest known rocks

NAYSAID - NAYSAY v -SAID, -SAYING, -SAYS to oppose or deny

GAMETAL - GAMETE n pl. -S a mature reproductive cell GAMETAL, GAMETIC adj

FUSARIA - FUSARIUM n pl. -SARIA a disease-causing fungus

ABLEISM - ABLEISM n pl. -S prejudice or discrimination against disabled people

BUMELIA - BUMELIA n pl. -S a thorny tree

ZEBRANO - ZEBRANO n pl. -S a tree having striped wood

BARNEYS - BARNEY n pl. -NEYS a noisy argument

BOGARTS - BOGART v -ED, -ING, -S to use without sharing

BARYTON - BARYTON n pl. -S a stringed instrument

CAMELID - CAMELID n pl. -S any of a large family of 2-toed ruminant mammals

LARCHEN - LARCH n pl. -ES a coniferous tree LARCHEN adj

DEFRAGS - DEFRAG v -FRAGGED, -FRAGGING, -FRAGS to eliminate fragmentation in a computer file

REFLAGS - REFLAG v -FLAGGED, -FLAGGING, -FLAGS to give a new registered nationality to (a ship)

OUTGAZE - OUTGAZE v -GAZED, -GAZING, -GAZES to surpass in gazing

PLEONAL - PLEON n pl. -S the abdomen of a crustacean PLEONAL, PLEONIC adj

AIRSHOW - AIRSHOW n pl. -S an exhibition of aircraft stunts

STANOLS - STANOL n pl. -S a fully saturated phytosterol

FIBSTER - FIBSTER n pl. -S one that fibs

INCHERS - INCHER n pl. -S something having a specified number of inches

CREMINI - CREMINI n pl. -S a brown mushroom

CRIMINE - CRIMINE interj -- used to express surprise or anger

EDITRIX - EDITRIX n pl. -TRIXES or -TRICES a female editor

DISEURS - DISEUR n pl. -S a skilled reciter

GUMLINE - GUMLINE n pl. -S the edge of the gums meeting the teeth

GINZOES - GINZO n pl. -ES an Italian *deemed offensive*

POSTIES - POSTIE n pl. -TIES a letter carrier


NONCORE - NONCORE adj not being in or relating to a central part

LIGNANS - LIGNAN n pl. -S a type of polymer

TARTILY - TARTY adj TARTIER, TARTIEST suggestive of a prostitute TARTILY adv

TATSOIS - TATSOI n pl. -S an Asian mustard

PREBADE - PREBID v -BADE, -BIDDEN, -BIDDING, -BIDS to bid beforehand

BELAYER - BELAYER n pl. -S one that belays

HEAPERS - HEAPER n pl. -S one that heaps

FRISBEE - FRISBEE n pl. -S a plastic throwing disc

NEWBIES - NEWBIE n pl. -S a newcomer

WEBSITE - WEBSITE n pl. -S a set of interconnected webpages maintained by an individual or organization

EYELIFT - EYELIFT n pl. -S plastic surgery of the eyelid

EXILERS - EXILER n pl. -S one that exiles

CANOLAS - CANOLA n pl. -S an oil from the seeds of a kind of herb

VANLOAD - VANLOAD n pl. -S the quantity that a van can carry

SOFABED - SOFABED n pl. -S a sofa that can be made into a bed

POSABLE - POSE v POSED, POSING, POSES to assume a fixed position POSABLE adj

SAMOYED - SAMOYED n pl. -S a Siberian breed of dog

BOUDINS - BOUDIN n pl. -S a spicy Cajun sausage

BIOFUEL - BIOFUEL n pl. -S fuel composed of biological raw materials

BUSTLER - BUSTLER n pl. -S one that bustles

TECHNOS - TECHNO n pl. -NOS a style of disco music

FUNDERS - FUNDER n pl. -S a provider of money


MUNGOES - MUNGO n pl. -GOS or -GOES a low-quality wool

BIRIANI - BIRIANI n pl. -S biryani

NETIZEN - NETIZEN n pl. -S a frequent user of the Internet

RANULAR - RANULA n pl. -S a cyst formed under the tongue RANULAR adj


YARDERS - YARDER n pl. -S one having a specified number of yards in length

TANNOYS - TANNOY n pl. -S a type of loudspeaker

DYNEINS - DYNEIN n pl. -S an enzyme involved in cell movement

NONDRIP - NONDRIP adj that does not drip

WETSUIT - WETSUIT n pl. -S a close-fitting rubberlike suit worn in cold water by skin divers

STETSON - STETSON n pl. -S a broad-brimmed hat

STORERS - STORER n pl. -S one that stores

TELECOM - TELECOM n pl. -S telecommunication

DEFUSER - DEFUSER n pl. -S one that defuses

JONESED - JONES v -ED, -ING, -ES to have a strong craving for something

VETTERS - VETTER n pl. -S one that evaluates something for approval

SYRETTE - SYRETTE n pl. -S a small tube fitted with a hypodermic needle containing a single dose of medication

AIRBAGS - AIRBAG n pl. -S an inflatable safety device in an automobile

KINARAS - KINARA n pl. -S a candelabra with seven candlesticks

BATIKED - BATIK v -ED, -ING, -S to dye fabric by a particular process

BLADING + BLADE v BLADED, BLADING, BLADES to skate on in-line skates

+ BLADING n pl. -S the act of skating on in-line skates

MINIBAR - MINIBAR n pl. -S a small refrigerator stocked with beverages

BIRYANI - BIRYANI n pl. -S an Indian dish of meat, fish, or vegetables and rice

CHIANTI - CHIANTI n pl. -S a dry red wine

UNCHAIR - UNCHAIR v -ED, -ING, -S to remove from a chairmanship

MEDIGAP - MEDIGAP n pl. -S a supplemental health insurance



ORISHAS - ORISHA n pl. -S a Yoruba deity

RIPSAWN - RIPSAW v -SAWED, -SAWN, -SAWING, -SAWS to saw wood by cutting with the grain

BERMING - BERM v -ED, -ING, -S to provide with a berm (a ledge)

WHINGER - WHINGER n pl. -S one that whinges

GUNKIER - GUNKY adj GUNKIER, GUNKIEST filthy, sticky, or greasy

BARNING - BARN v -ED, -ING, -S to store in a barn (a large storage building)

STATINS - STATIN n pl. -S any of a class of drugs that reduce serum cholesterol levels

RISTRAS - RISTRA n pl. -S a string on which foodstuffs are tied for storage

DEBEARD - DEBEARD v -ED, -ING, -S to remove filaments from a mussel

CASSENE - CASSENE n pl. -S cassina

HEADEND - HEADEND n pl. -S a facility that receives and distributes communications signals

DEADMEN - DEADMAN n pl. -MEN an anchor for securing a rope in mountain climbing

DENIMED - DENIM n pl. -S a durable fabric DENIMED adj

WEIRDED - WEIRD v -ED, -ING, -S to cause to experience a strange sensation


FRISEES - FRISEE n pl. -S curly leaves of endive

DAYCARE - DAYCARE n pl. -S care for children and disabled adults during the day

CANULAR - CANULA n pl. -LAS or -LAE cannula CANULAR adj

CANTALS - CANTAL n pl. -S a hard cheese of France

NARCOMA - NARCOMA n pl. -MAS or -MATA a stupor induced by a narcotic

OSTRAKA - OSTRAKON n pl. -KA ostracon

CABLERS - CABLER n pl. -S one that supplies a cable

ARCHFOE - ARCHFOE n pl. -S a principal foe

ACTORLY - ACTOR n pl. -S a theatrical performer ACTORISH, ACTORLY adj

SNOWCAT - SNOWCAT n pl. -S a tracklaying vehicle for travel on snow

ENDPLAY - ENDPLAY v -ED, -ING, -S to force (an opponent in bridge) to lead

OZALIDS - OZALID n pl. -S a copying process

FLAREUP - FLAREUP n pl. -S a sudden outbreak

WEAKONS - WEAKON n pl. -S a subatomic particle

AUTONYM - AUTONYM n pl. -S a name by which a people refers to itself

BICORNS - BICORN n pl. -S bicorne

BOINKED - BOINK v -ES, -ING, -S to have sex *deemed offensive*

PREBIDS - PREBID v -BADE, -BIDDEN, -BIDDING, -BIDS to bid beforehand

HOMERIC - HOMERIC adj having a large or grand quality

CRONISH - CRONE n pl. -S a withered old woman CRONISH adj

LYRICON - LYRICON n pl. -S an electronic wind instrument

MEHNDIS - MEHNDI n pl. -S the art of painting patterns on the skin with henna



DOPINGS - DOPING n pl. -S the use of drugs by athletes

JETFOIL - JETFOIL n pl. -S a jet-powered hydrofoil (a boat with winglike structures for lifting the hull above the water)

FOLKIER - FOLKIE adj FOLKIER, FOLKIEST being in the style of folk music

UNISIZE - UNISIZE adj made to fit all sizes

POXIEST - POXY adj POXIER, POXIEST afflicted with a pox

RIMSHOT - RIMSHOT n pl. -S a sound made by a drumstick striking the rim and head of a drum

NEOCONS - NEOCON n pl. -S a neoconservative

METATAG - METATAG n pl. -S an HTML tag having information about a webpage

ARRASES - ARRAS n pl. -ES a tapestry ARRASED adj

CRAFTER - CRAFTER n pl. -S one that crafts

CATSUIT - CATSUIT n pl. -S a close-fitting one-piece garment


PARRIER - PARRIER n pl. -S one that parries

LAMININ - LAMININ n pl. -S a glycoprotein

ATTRITS - ATTRIT v -TRITTED, -TRITTING, -TRITS to lose by attrition

UNBEING - UNBE v UNBEING to cease to have being

CHIRREN - CHIRREN n/pl children

THERMIT - THERMIT m pl. -S thermite

LINTING - LINT v -ED, -ING, -S to give off lint (bits of fiber or fluff)

STOTINS - STOTIN n pl. -TINS or -TINOV a monetary unit of Slovenia

QUELEAS - QUELEA n pl. -S an African weaverbird

GOMBEEN - GOMBEEN n pl. -S usury

MISFEED - MISFEED v -FED, -FEEDING, -FEEDS to feed wrongly

HEGEMON - HEGEMON n pl. -S a political state having hegemony

VELCROS - VELCRO n pl. -S a closure system with hooks and loops

MOGULED - MOGULED adj provided with bumps of hard snow


DAMIANA - DAMIANA n pl. -S a tropical American shrub

GUARANA - GUARANA n pl. -S a South American shrub

ROOTCAP - ROOTCAP n pl. -S the loose mass of cells that covers the tip of some roots

PREWIRE - PREWIRE v -WIRED, -WIRING -WIRES to wire beforehand

FAGGIER - FAGGY adj -GGIER, -GGIEST suggestive of a male homosexual *deemed offensive*

MEGILLA - MEGILLA n pl. -S megillah

GRINGAS - GRINGA n pl. -S a foreign white woman in Latin America *deemed offensive*

GATINGS - GATING n pl. -S the process of opening and closing a channel

LINGULA - LINGULA n pl. -LAE an organ or process shaped like a tongue LINGULAR adj

AUTOMAT - AUTOMAT n pl. -S a type of cafeteria

BENTHON - BENTHON n pl. -S the organisms living in the benthos

FROTHER - FROTHER n pl. -S one that froths

PREWORN - PREWORN adj previously worn by someone

SPURTER - SPURTER n pl. -S one that spurts

EYEFOLD - EYEFOLD n pl. -S a fold of the skin of the upper eyelid

DEFUELS - DEFUEL v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS to remove fuel from

HOSEYED - HOSEY v -SEYED, -SEYING, -SEYS to choose sides in a children's game


POCOSEN - POCOSEN n pl. -S pocosin

PROMOED - PROMO v -ED, -ING, -S to promote

HOOVERS - HOOVER v -ED, -ING, -S to clean with a vacuum cleaner

MERGEES - MERGEE n pl. -S a company acquired by a merger

REZEROS - REZERO v -ED, -ING, -ES or -S to reset (a gauge) back to zero

CASSENA - CASSENA n pl. -S cassina

ACHIRAL - ACHIRAL adj pertaining to a symmetrical molecule

AVIATIC - AVIATION n pl. -S the act of aviating AVIATIC adj

CALPAIN - CALPAIN n pl. -S an enzyme for digesting proteins

DEADMAN - DEADMAN n pl. -MEN an anchor for securing a rope in mountain climbing

AGAMIDS - AGAMID n pl. -S an Old World lizard

UAKARIS - UAKARI n pl. -S a South American monkey

PITAYAS - PITAYA n pl. -S pitahaya


WAVICLE - WAVICLE n pl. -S a subatomic particle that can act like both a wave and a particle

SNACKER - SNACKER n pl. -S one that snacks

FORMICA - FORMICA n pl. -S a laminated plastic

FADLIKE - FADLIKE adj resembling a fad

FARTLEK - FARTLEK n pl. -S an athletic training technique

THALWEG - THALWEG n pl. -S the line defining the lowest points along the length of a riverbed

JETLAGS - JETLAG n pl. -S the disruption of body rhythms after a flight through several time zones

WANKERS - WANKER n pl. -S one that wanks *deemed offensive*

EUSTASY - EUSTASY n pl. -SIES eustacy

ROMAJIS - ROMAJI n pl. -S a system of transliterating Japanese into the Latin alphabet

BITCHEN - BITCHEN adj excellent

BIGTIME - BIGTIME adj pertaining to the highest level

BIGOSES - BIGOS n pl. -ES a Polish stew

BLITZER - BLITZER n pl. -S one that blitzes

TIMBERY - TIMBER v -ED, -ING, -S to furnish with timber (wood used as a building material) TIMBERY adj

GLITZED - GLITZ v. -ED, -ING, -ES to make flashy in appearance


HISSIER - HISSY adj HISSIER, HISSIEST characterized by a hissing sound

TWINKIE - TWINKIE n pl. -S a young, attractive person of little experience

STOTTED + STOT v STOTTED, STOTTING, STOTS to bound with a stiff-legged gait

+ STOTT v -ED, -ING, -S to stot

STOTTED - STOT v STOTTED, STOTTING, STOTS to bound with a stiff-legged gait

TANKINI - TANKINI n pl. -S a woman's swimsuit consisting of bikini briefs and a tank top

TALLITS - TALLIT n pl. -LITS or -LITIM tallith

AUTISTS - AUTIST n pl. -S an autistic

CALLEES - CALLEE n pl. -S one that is called

EXHEDRA - EXHEDRA n pl. -DRAE exedra

EXAPTED - EXAPTED adj utilized for a function other than the one developed through natural selection

TELEFAX - TELEFAX n pl. -ES a system for transmitting graphic material over telephone lines

SLIEVES - SLIEVE n pl. -S a mountain

PRETELL - PRETELL v -TOLD, -TELLING, -TELLS to tell beforehand

CRAPOLA - CRAPOLA n pl. -S nonsense, drivel

DANAZOL - DANAZOL n pl. -S a synthetic androgen

ADWOMAN - ADWOMAN n pl. -MEN a woman employed in the advertising business

FLAUTAS - FLAUTA n pl. -S a tortilla rolled around a filling and fried

SCUBAED - SCUBA v -ED, -ING, -S to swim under water using a breathing device with compressed air

CHAEBOL - CHAEBOL n pl. -S a group of businesses in Korea owned by one family

HEADFUL - HEADFUL n pl. -S a great amount of knowledge

ALMONDY - ALMOND n pl. -S the edible nut of a small tree ALMONDY adj

UNIBODY - UNIBODY being of a type of construction in which parts are welded together to form one unit

ORBLESS - ORBLESS adj lacking an orb

CEILIDH - CEILIDH n pl. -S an Irish or Scottish party

CORVIDS - CORVID n pl. -S any of a family of passerine birds


FONDUED - FONDUE v -DUED, -DUING or -DUEING, -DUES to cook in a pot of melted cheese

PREFUND - PREFUND v -ED, -ING, -S to fund beforehand

MIDLIST - MIDLIST n pl. -S a section of a publisher's list of current titles

FLOSSER - FLOSSER n pl. -S one that flosses

SURFMEN - SURFMAN n pl. -MEN one who is skilled in handling a boat in surf

TUSHERY - TUSHERY n pl. -ERIES pretentious writing

LITHOPS - LITHOPS n pl. LITHOPS a succulent African plant

VENENES - VENENE n pl. -S venin

WANNABE - WANNABE n pl. -S one who aspires to be someone else

SCARFER - SCARF n pl. -S one that eats or drinks voraciously

JOHNNIE - JOHNNIE n pl. -S johnny


TRILITH - TRILITH n pl. -S a prehistoric structure of three large stones

CELOTEX - CELOTEX n pl. -ES a type of insulation


HENLEYS - HENLEY n pl. -S a type of knit shirt

LUREXES - LUREX n pl. -ES a metallic thread

CLOSEUP - CLOSEUP n pl. -S a photograph taken at close range

ARCHAEA - ARCHAEA n/pl a large group of microorganisms ARCHAEAL adj

POBLANO - POBLANO n pl. -S a mild, dark-green chili pepper

BOSONIC - BOSON n pl. -S a subatomic particle BOSONIC adj

WHOOPIE - WHOOPIE n pl. -S whoopee

ISOFORM - ISOFORM n pl. -S one of two or more proteins having a similar form

LOOKIST - LOOKIST n pl. -S one that practices lookism

BANDAID - BANDAID adj providing superficial relief

CASSINA - CASSINA n pl. -S an evergreen tree

HARISSA - HARISSA n pl. -S a spicy North African sauce

SHARIAS - SHARIA n pl. -S Islamic law based on the Koran

BARBIES - BARBIE n pl. -S a portable fireplace for cooking

BABIEST - BABIEST comparative of baby

BAGLIKE - BAGLIKE adj resembling a bag

BANKITS - BANKIT n pl. -S a raised sidewalk

LALIQUE - LALIQUE n pl. -S a style of cut glass or crystal

PAVISSE - PAVISSE n pl. -S pavis

HRYVNIA - HRYVNIA n pl. -S a monetary unit of Ukraine

ANNONAS - ANNONA n pl. -S a tropical tree

VOUDONS - VOUDON n pl. -S vodun

UNSPOOL - UNSPOOL v -ED, -ING, -S to unwind from a small cylinder

WETWARE - WETWARE n pl. -S the human brain when considered as functionally equivalent to a computer

BLEEPER - BLEEPER n pl. -S one that bleeps


SWEENEY - SWEENEY n pl. -NEYS sweeny

AUTARCH - AUTARCH n pl. -S an absolute ruler

PARKADE - PARKADE n pl. -S a multilevel structure for parking vehicles

AGGADOT + AGGADA n pl. -DAS or -DOT or -DOTH haggadah

+ AGGADAH n pl. -DAHS or -DOT or -DOTH haggadah

GAYDARS - GAYDAR n pl. -S the ability to recognize that a person is homosexual

SAMADHI - SAMADHI n pl. -S a state of concentration in yoga


KATSURA - KATSURA n pl. -S a deciduous tree of Japan and China

WEBCAST - WEBCAST v -ED, -ING, -S to transmit sound and images via the World Wide Web

FRYABLE - FRY v FRIED FRYING, FRIES to cook over direct heat in hot fat or oil FRYABLE adj

FAREBOX - FAREBOX n pl. -ES a receptacle for fares on a bus

CLADISM - CLADISM n pl. -S the method of a cladist

GELCAPS - GELCAP n pl. -S a tablet coated with gelatin

GOTCHAS - GOTCHA n pl. -S an instance of catching a person out in a deceit or wrongdoing

OUTCALL - OUTCALL n pl. -S a house call by a professional person

CLASSON - CLASSON n pl. -S a subatomic particle

PAGEFUL - PAGEFUL n pl. -S as much as a page can hold

SURFMAN - SURFMAN n pl. -MEN one who is skilled in handling a boat in surf

OUTSAYS - OUTSAY v -SAID, -SAYING, -SAYS to surpass in saying

BUSGIRL - BUSGIRL n pl. -S a girl or woman who is a server's assistant in a restaurant

BRILLOS - BRILLO n pl. -S a cleaning pad

SLICKEN - SLICKEN v -ED, -ING, -S to make slick

SUCKIER - SUCKY adj SUCKIER, SUCKIEST extremely objectionable

CORNIFY - CORNIFY v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES to form keratin

FUDDIES - FUDDY n pl. -DIES a fussy person

MILDING - MILD v -ED, -ING, -S to diminish

OFFLINE - OFFLINE adj not connected to a computer network

FLUNKIE - FLUNKIE n pl. -S flunky

WISEGUY - WISEGUY n pl. -GUYS a mobster


PEPINOS - PEPINO n pl. -S a bushy perennial plant with edible fruit

VOTIVES - VOTIVE n pl. -S a small squat candle

MOSHING + MOSH v -ED, -ING, -ES to engage in frenzied dancing with others at a rock concert

+ MOSHING n pl. -S frenzied dancing at a rock concert

HOTLINK - HOTLINK n pl. -S a connection between two computer files

SUMOIST - SUMOIST n pl. -S a sumo wrestler

PISTOUS - PISTOU n pl. -S a sauce made of olive oil, garlic, basil, and often cheese

BIZARRO - BIZARRO n pl. -S one that is strikingly unusual

LAKEBED - LAKEBED n pl. -S the floor of a lake


CHEVRET - CHEVRET n pl. -S chevre

VENUSES - VENUS n pl. -ES a marine shell


WEBLOGS - WEBLOG n pl. -S a website that contains an online personal journal

LOCKSET - LOCKSET n pl. -S a set of hardware for locking a door

MESCLUN - MESCLUN n pl. -S a mixture of young tender green herbs


MUDHENS - MUDHEN n pl. -S a bird that lives in marshes

MORPHED - MORPH v -ED, -ING, -S to be transformed

SYRUPED - SYRUP v -ED, -ING, -S to sweeten with a thick sweet liquid

PUTDOWN - PUTDOWN n pl. -S a disparaging or snubbing remark

PHORESY - PHORESY n pl. -SIES a symbiotic relationship between some arthropods and fishes

KLEPTOS - KLEPTO n pl. -S one that steals impulsively

XENOPUS - XENOPUS n pl. -PUSES a frog native to southern Africa

FOOTBAG - FOOTBAG n pl. -S a small bag filled with pellets that is kept aloft with the feet


SERGERS - SERGER n pl. -S a machine for serging

DARBARS - DARBAR n pl. -S durbar

OUTCITY - OUTCITY n pl. -TIES a city on the outskirts of a larger city

FIRRIER - FIRRY adj -RIER, -RIEST abounding in firs

OUTWITH - OUTWITH prep beyond the limits of

MADRASA - MADRASA n pl. -S madrassa

RAMADAS - RAMADA n pl. -S a roofed, open-sided shelter

COJONES - COJONES n/pl testicles *deemed offensive*

POSOLES - POSOLE n pl. -S a thick soup made of pork, corn, garlic, and chili

JOURNOS - JOURNO n pl. -S a writer for a news medium

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