Dealing from Jan2013 upto 13th Oct2013

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  • The present article is PIN 2013. Dealing from Jan2013 upto 13th Oct2013. Mainly keeping IBPS PO/MT/Clerk, UPSC’s CAPF-CDS-IFOS and other upcoming State PCS, PSU, SSC exams in mind.

  • For optimum result: copy paste this data in MS word, then keep updating from magazines and newspapers until you get selected in your dream job. Otherwise ‘firefighting” style of preparation (that once IBPS is over I’ll not study until SSC 2014’s hallticket comes)=#epicfail.

  • If there are any additions, corrections, do post them in comments.

  • By the way RAS Prelim exam halltickets have been uploaded click me (Sarkari servers always slow so try during non-office hours.)

[PIN] Indian Politics, Constitutional, Statutory, Bureaucrats


Ofcourse everyone knows: Mohan. But in Jun 2013, He took oath as Rajya Sabha MP from Assam (five times in a row).


P.Sathashivam replaced Altamas Kabir.


Shashikant Sharma replaced Vinod Rai. And Vinod Rai became UN Audit panel Chief.


V. S. Sampath replaced SY Qureshi


Pradeep Kumar


Deepak Sandhu. First lady CIC, replaced Satyanand Mishra.She served in Indian information services.


Chairman DP Aggarwal. Been on this post since 2008. Hope he retires soon.Ex.CBI director AP Singh became new member.

Attorney General

Goolam Vahanvati

Solicitor General

Mohan ParasaranResigned: Rohinton Nariman, for difference with law minister. Law Minister Ashwini Kumar also resigned for vetting a CBI report on its coal block investigations thus cycle of Karma is complete.

Derek O’Brian

1st Anglo Indian MP (Rajya Sabha) to vote in Presidential Elections (of Pranab).Note that Anglo-Indian “nominated” MPs cannot vote in Presidential elections. But Derek is not “nominated” he is elected from West Bengal as Rajya Sabha MP.

The two nominated Anglo Indian MPs in 15th LS are

Dr. Charles Dias (Kerala) and Mrs.Ingrid Mcleod (Chhattisgarh).

Delhi LT.Governor

Najib Jung replaced Tejinder Khanna.

Gujarat lokayukta

Justice R.A Mehta .Refused to accept the job.

CM Tripura

Manik Sarkar

CM Nagaland

Neiphiu Rio


Amrita Patel, National dairy Development board. Been in news for she wants to resign.

National commissions


Mamta Sharma


Wajahat Habibullah the former CIC


P.L. Punia


Rameshwar Uraon,


Justice M.N.Rao


Kushal Singh

Service Chiefs


Admiral Devendra Joshi replaced Nirmal Verma


Air Marshal N.A.K. Browne replaced Pradeep Vasant Naik


Gen. Bikram Singh. He replaced VK Singh, who remains in news for controversy related to Destabilizing JK government

Security/Space/Strategic related


K. Radhakrishnan

Atomic Energy commission

Ratan Kumar Sinha


DG Pranay SahayFirst woman special DG in CRPF=

Aruna Bahuguna


Subhash Joshi


Ranjit Sinha


Sharad kumar


Founder:B.Raman,Dead.Current chief: Alok Joshi.


New Chief Avinash Chander

National Disaster Response Force

Krishna Chaudhari

Senior security advisor in home ministry

  1. Vijaykumar.For anti-Naxal operations.


Foreign Affairs

Sujatha Singh (IFS). She is the third woman foreign Secretary of India.


Anil Goswami




Rajiv Takru


High Commissioner to Pakistan

TCA Raghavan.

India’s permanent representative to UN

Asoke Kumar Mukerji. He replaced Hardeep Singh.


Nirupama Rao

To China

S. Jaishankar

Education/Arts related


Ved Prakash

News Broadcasting standards authority

Justice RV Ravindran

Lalit Kala Academy

Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty

Sangeet Natak Academy

Leela Samson. Was in controversy after she said 90 per cent of Censor board members are “uneducated” and an “embarrassment”.

IGNOU Vice Chancellor


Committees Commissions Task forces

Virginius Xaxa

  • He is NAC member

  • Earlier Sacchar Committee was made for muslims, same way this Xaxa Committee is for tribals.

Parthasarathi Shome

Tax administration reform commission.

Justice JS Verma

Delhi Gangrape.Dead.Had given verdict for art 358 : presidential rule can be invoked only after parliament approval.

YV Reddy

14th Finance commission. Under Art280. He was ex-gov. of RBI

Arvind Mayaram

  • FDI relaxation

  • to Define FDI and FII


  • Gas princing, LNG imports

  • Sugar pricing

Cyrus Mistry, Anil Ambani

Advisory group for electricity sector. For power ministry

Ranjit Roychaudhari

Clinical trials, drug bans.

JS Mathur

To review the rate revisions of newspaper advertisements. By Ministry of information and broadcasting

Justice BN SriKrisha

  • Telengana

  • Financial sector legislative reform commission: to get the need of unifying SEBI, IRDA, PPFRDA and FMC into a single regulator

KK Vohra

By RBI for loan products

SK Roongta

By planning commission. For reforms in Central PSUs

Srikant Malte

Dhule Riots in Maharashtra

Sam Pitroda

For restructuring Prasar Bharti. By Ministry of information and broadcasting

Vijay Kelkar

  • Fiscal consolidation

  • Energy security. By Natural Gas ministry


For reviewing Cinematograph Act 1952. By Ministry of information and broadcasting

Justice DK Jain

20th Law commission of India

Justice Usha Mehra

For probing lapses in Delhi Gangrape.


For setting up All-women’s bank

Justice Mukul Mudgal

  • IPL Spot fixing. Formed by SC

  • Walmart Lobbying, by Corporate Min.

Justice Bilal Nazaki

Functioning of Haj Committee

K. Vijay Raghavan

Evaluation of Research And Rankings of higher edu. Institutes

Justice RC Gandhi

By JK government for Kishtwar Communal riots

Dr. Saroj

Illegal sand mining by MoEF

Justice Santosh Hegde

Judicial Commission on Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) by SC

K Ratnaprabha

Indecent Representation of Women in Media

Sanjay Dhande

For National Testing Agency (NTA) by HRD

Adi Godrej,

Corporate governance

BK Chaturvedi

Revamping power sector


GoM for CBI autonomy


The core compilation article is here:

Most of the missiles, fighter jets etc remain one and same. Here are some new developments

303 Black Panthers

first fighter squadron for navy with MiG29


Fast petrol Indian vessel for indian coast Guard.

Abhilash tommy

Navy officer first indian to circum navigate the globe in 150 days.


New interceptor boat for Coast guard. For Maharashtra coast.

Cheetal Helicopter

light utility, multi-role helicopter is a variant of the Cheetah helicopter being manufactured by HAL, which is already operational in the high altitude regions.

Coast guard

C402: Interceptor boat for coastguard.H191: air cushion vehicle. For helping small boats in distress at sea

Daulat Beg oldi / Raki Nala

in Ladakh. Chinese troops made intrusions here in Apr’13.

Dornier 228

Maritime Surveillance aircraft. Indian donated them to Seychelles.


New Chief Avinash Chander


Joint army exercise: India and Maldives @Belgaum


For Navy, by ISROSent to space via Ariane 5 rocket, from French Guiana (S.America)


Nuke capable Paki Missile. 900km range

INS Sindhurakshak

Submarine. Sunk because of accident.

INS Trikhand

By Russia. Stealth frigate for Indian navy

INS Vikramaditya

Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov carrier.Likely to join by 2013 end.

INS Vikrant

1961: we bought first aircraft carrier INS vikrant1997: it was decommissioned

Aug’13: New INS Vikrant launched. India’s first Indigenous aircraft carrier. Will join active navy duty from 2018

Iron Fist 2013

Exercise in Pokharan by Indian Airforce.


Japan’s biggest ever naval warship since WW2.


Iran’s destroyer ship with guided missile. Deployed in Caspian sea.

June 26

Kargil Victory day


Submarine launched missile. Range 1500km

Machhalipattnam, Andhra

DRDO setting up new missile testing range here.


Multiple independently targetable vehicles by DRDO.


Will function under IB.


Surface to Surface subsonic cruise missile


DRDO’s long range sub sonic missile. 1000km range.

Nomadic Elephant

Joint training exercise between Indian and Mongolian army


Becomes the first NATO country to make military service compulsory for both men and women

Operation three star

Codename for Afzal guru’s hanging.


Surface to air missile for Indian airforce.


Japan’s Anti-Missile Air Defense Units Deployed After North-Korea warned South-Koreans for a War in April-2013.

Prithvi II

Nuke capable, Surface to SurfaceRange 350kms

By DRDO under Integrated guided missile Development program

Qaher F313

Iran’s indigenous stealth fighter jet


Inshore petrol vessel for coast guard.

Rudra helicopter

First Indigenous Attack heli. With missiles. They’re weaponized version of Dhruva helicopter by HAL Bangalore.


Russia will sell these anti-aircraft missiles to Iran


N.Korea, Long range rocket with 3000km range.

International Relations (IR)

CDS and CAPF examiners are fond of setting MCQs on International current affairs.

[IR] Summits/Treaties 2013

Arctic council

India gets observer status

ASEAN human rights declaration

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2012

ASEAN summit

  • 2012: 21st ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh Combodia with theme:“ASEAN: One Community, One Destiny”

  • 2012: ASEAN – India Commemorative Summit 2012. To mark the 20th year anniversary of the ASEAN – India dialogue. Theme: ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Progress and Shared Prosperity.

  • 2013: 22nd ASEAN summit in Brunei, theme: Our People, Our Future Together.

BASIC ministerial meeting on climate change


BRICS 2013

At Durban, S.Africa (5th Summit)Theme: BRICS and Africa: Partnership for development, Integration and industralization

eThekwini Declaration

Discussed to create an infrastructure focused “development bank”

Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)

Conference of Parties (COP)11th Summit in Hyderabad (2012)

12th Summit in PyeongChang, S.Korea (theme = Biodiversity forSustainable Development)

Falkland islands

Voted for British rule

First Arctic Summit

Oslo, Norway

G20 summit

2013: St.Petersburg, Russia2013: Finance ministers meeting held in Moscow, Russia

2012: Los Cabos.


Lough Erne, N.Ireland. Theme: tax evasion and transparency

Global Arms trade treaty of UN

India abstained from voting.

High seas conference


IBSA resolution for women empowerment

India signed this.

Indian chapter of World Economic Forum sumit

Will be held in Kochi, Kerala.

Indian ocean rim

USA became dialouge partner.

Indian ocean rim

First economic and business conference held in Mauritius


Its fifth assessment report will come in 2014.

Mekong-Ganga Summit

Delhi, Dec12

Minamata Mercury treaty

In Minamata city of Japan, to sign the world’s first legally binding treaty on mercury pollution under United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

National conference on E-governance



General Joeseph Dunford (USA)Afghani forces tookover the security ops from NATO in June 2013.

Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2013

Kochi, Kerala

Silk road festival

Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2013

Organized by Haryana government in Surajkund, Faridabad district. This year focus was Karnataka state.

Tokyo Summit’12

In Tokyo for rebuilding of Afghanistan.

UN resolution on Death Penalty ban

India voted against

UN Resolution on Syria

  • 2012: new sanctions against President Bashar Al Assad’s regime= India voted favour of this.

  • 2013: for rapid progress on a political transition in Syria= India abstained from voting.

UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka

Condemning Sri Lanka for violation against Tamil minorities. India voted against Sri Lanka.


World Conference on International telecommunication @Dubai


International conference for traditional medicine in south-east Asia was held in Delhi. Led to Delhi declaration.

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