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Call of the Wild

You don’t know Jack…yet!


The next book that we will be reading is Call of the Wild by Jack London. Jack London is one America’s most beloved and respected authors. He relied upon much of his own experiences when writing his stories of adventure and nature. It will be your job to use the following Internet websites to discover exactly who Jack London was and what his life was like.

You may either type these websites into the address bar or you can go to my Sharepoint Website and click on the link in there.famousjack
1. What is Jack London’s birth name?
2. When and where was Jack London born?

3. Who did Jack believe that his father was until he was in his early twenties? Who was this man really?

4. At what grade did Jack drop out of school? How did he receive his education? Did he ever go back to school?

5. Name four out of the numerous jobs that Jack held over his lifetime.

6. When did Jack marry the love of his life? What was her name? Was this his first wife?

7. How many words a day did Jack London write when he first decided to become an author?

8. What was the original title for Call of the Wild?
9. What adventure did Jack begin on July 25, 1897?

10. Jack London did not discover much gold in Alaska, but what did he gain?

11. Why did Jack have to stop panning for gold and have to return home from the Yukon territory?
19. How much did Jack sell Call of the Wild for? (hint: price per word)

20. What did Jack have to do to his story before the editor of the Saturday Evening Post agreed to buy it?

  1. change the name of the dog to Sparky

  2. make the story shorter by 5,000 words

  3. make the story less violent

21. When Call of the Wild first hit the press the reviewers and critics could not agree if they liked it or not. What were the two different reactions to London’s novel?
22. What was Jack’s first job and why did he take that job?

23. At age 17, Jack had a very interesting and dangerous job; what was it?

24. What was Jack and his wife doing from 1907-1910?

Jack London’s Obituary: Please read his entire obituary from the New York Times, then answer the questions
25. When, where and at what age did Jack London die?mcj03598550000[1]

26. What caused Jack London’s sudden death?

27. Towards the end of his life, where did Jack and his wife spend much of their time?

28. Who were the living members of Jack’s family after he died?

** What did you find out about Jack London’s life that you thought was the most interesting and why?**

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