DataWorks Provides Grade Level Vocabulary a list of Words All k-6 Students Should Know

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5th Grade

Abilene, aborigine, abroad, absolute, abuse, access, accessory, accomplish, accurate, achieve, acre, adapt,

adequate, administer, admiral, adobe, advance, advantage, advertise, advise, Aegean, affect, affection, afterward, agent, aircraft, airfield, airman, airstrip, ajar, Albany, alcohol, algebra, alkaline, allegiance, alloy, almond, Alps, altar, alto, ambassador, amber, ambition, amble, ammonia, ammunition, amphibian, analyze, ancestor, angle, anteater, antibiotics, anticipate, antique, antler, Appalachian, apparent, appeal, appliance, appoint, appropriate, apt, aqueduct, Arabia, arbor, arc, arcade, archery, arena, armpit, aroma, array, artery, asbestos, asparagus, assemble, assist, assume, assure, asteroid, astonish, astronaut, astronomy, attain, attempt, attire, attorney, Austria, authority, automatic, auxiliary, available, avalanche, aviator, avocado, awning, axis, azure, bacteria, badger, badminton, bagpipe, bail, balsa, Baltimore, bangle, banister, barber, bareback, barometer, baseboard, bashful, bass, basswood, beacon, bedrock, beech, beeline, Beijing, Belgium, belle, bellhop, bellow, benefit, beret, Berlin, berth, beta, betray, billfold, bind, binoculars, biology, birthmark, biscuit, bishop, bleak, blister, blockade, blockhead, blockhouse, blonde, bloodhound, blubber, bluebell, blunder, blunt, blur, bog, bologna, bonfire, bonny, boom, boomerang, bosom, boxwood, bravo, Brazil, breathtaking, breed, briar, bridle, bristle, Britain, brittle, broadside, broil, bronco, broth, browse, brunette, Brussels, brute, buck, buckskin, buff, bugle, bulge, bulk, bulldoze, burr, bustle, butt, butterscotch, cackle, cafe, cafeteria, caffeine, Cairo, calcium, calculate, calico, Cambridge, campaign, campus, canal, cancer, candidate, cannibal, cannon, canopy, canteen, Caribbean, carousel, carp, cartilage, cartridge, cashew, cask, casual, catalogue, catastrophe, cavalry, cease, celestial, cellulose, census, ceramic, chafe, chairman, chalet, chamber, chandelier, chaps, charity, Charleston, charter, chat, checkmate, chef, chemistry, chess, Cheyenne, chinaware, chlorine, chlorophyll, chowder, chrome, chrysanthemum, chum, chute, cider, cinch, Cincinnati, cinnamon, circuit, circumference, cistern, citrus, civil, clad, claim, clamor, clamp, clan, clash, clause, clench, Cleveland, clinic, cloak, clockwork, clog, clot, clothespin, clutter, coax, cobblestone, cockpit, cockroach, coke, coleslaw, collapse, cologne, colon, combat, combine, comedy, commerce, commonplace, commotion, companion, compartment, compel, complex, complexion, complicate, compliment, comprehend, compute, concave, conceal, concern, conclude, concrete, condense, confess, confetti, confident, confirm, conflict, confuse, conglomerate, congratulate, congress, conquer, conquest, conscious, conserve, considerate, consistent, constant, constitution, consult, contact, contract, contrast, contribute, contrite, convention, convex, convict, cookout, cornet, cornucopia, corridor, corrugate, corsage, cosmetics, cottontail, couch, counsel, counterfeit, cove, covey, cowslip, coy, crag, crater, crave, crayfish, credit, crescendo, crescent, crest, cringe, crochet, crock, crotch, croup, cruise, crumple, crutch, Cuba, cubbyhole, cubic, cue, cuff, cultivate, culvert, cuneiform, curb, curd, curriculum, curse, custody, cuticle, cutlass, cyclone, dagger, dame, damn, dandruff, dangle, dapple, darling, data, dazzle, dean, decay, decent, declare, decoy, dedicate, deed, defeat, deflate, defrost, delay, delta, demand, democracy, demolish, demon, demonstrate, denim, Denmark, dentistry, depart, depress, derrick, descend, destiny, detect, determine, device, devour, diagnose, diagonal, dialect, diameter, diaphragm, differ, digest, dignity, dike, diminish, dingo, diploma, discount, disgrace, disk, dismay, dismiss, dispatch, display, distinguish, distress, divorce, document, doe, dogie, dogwood, doily, dolphin, dolt, domestic, dominant, donate, doom, dope, downfall, draft, dragonfly, drake, drawl, dreary, drench, droop, dry goods, duchess, duct, dude, due, duet, dugout, dumbbell, dungarees, durable, dusk, duty, dwindle, dye, dynamite, earl, earnest, earphone, earshot, easel, eaves, ebb, eclipse, ecology, economics, edible, eel, eerie, Egypt, elaborate, elect, embankment, emblem, embrace, embroider, emerald, emphasis, employ, encourage, envy, episode, equation, equip, essence, essential, eternity, Ethiopia, eventual, exaggerate, exceed, excel, excess, expedition, explode, exponent, export, expose, exterior, extinct, extinguish, eyepiece, fable, fabric, fad, falter, fang, fantastic, fare, farewell, fatal, fate, feature, federal, fend, fender, ferment, ferret, fertile, fertilize, fever, fiber, fiddle, fidget, fig, figurehead, filter, filth, firearms, fizz, flair, flapjack, flatter, flaw, flax, fleece, flex, flick, flimsy, flint, flora, floss, flounder, flue, fluke, fluorescent, focus, foe, fond, foothill, fore, forecast, foreman, forge, forklift, forlorn, formal, former, fortress, foster, foundation, fourscore, foxglove, fracas, fragrant, frantic, fraternity, fray, freak, freight, frequent, frill, fringe, frolic, frontier, fume, function, fund, funnel, furl, fury, fuss, gag, gain, galaxy, gale, gallant, gardenia, gargle, garland, garlic, garrison, gauge, gazelle, gee, gel, gem, generate, genius, genuine, geology, geometry, Gettysburg, geyser, ghetto, glade, gland, glee, glory, gloss, gnash, gob, gorge, govern, grandstand, granite, grasp, gratitude, grave, gravel, Greece, grenade, grief, grim, grime, grit, groggy, groove, grope, gross, grout, grove, grub, gruff, Guatemala, guilt, gush, guzzle, habitat, Haiti, halter, hamper, handicap, hardship, hare, hark, harness, haste, haunt, haven, haze, headset, headstone, hearth, heathen, hectic, hedgehog, heir, heirloom, helter-skelter, herb, hereby, herewith, heroine, heron, herring, hexagon, hickory, highness, hilarious, hitchhike, hoarse, hobble, hog, hoist, homely, homestead, honeydew, honeymoon, honeysuckle, hopper, horde, horizon, hornet, horsepower, hostile, hourglass, howdy, hue, hummingbird, hump, humus, husk, hydroelectric, hypothesis, identity, igneous, ignorant, illegal, illustrate, immune, implement, import, impress, impulse, incense, incident, incline, include, income, independent, infant, infantry, infect, inferior, inform, informal, inhabit, inhale, injure, inland, inlet, input, inquire, insert, inspire, install, instinct, insult, integer, intense, intent, interior, intermediate, interpret, intersect, interview, invert, invest, investigate, invoice, involve, ion, Iran, irritate, Israel, issue, jab, jackass, jailbird, Jamaica, Java, jealous, jest, jiffy, jitter, jog, johnnycake, jot, jumbo, jut, katydid, kayak, keen, keg, kelp, kerchief, khaki, kidnap, kiln, kinetic, knack, knead, knickknack, knight, knob, lacrosse, lair, landmark, landscape, lapse, larkspur, latex, lather, latitude, latter, lattice, league, leash, lecture, legal, lest, Lexington, license, linen, liner, linger, link, linoleum, lisp, literature, litmus, livelihood, loam, lob, lobe, local, locust, loft, Logan, longitude, loot, lottery, Louisville, lounge, lozenge, lumberjack, lung, lunge, lure, luxury, lye, lyric, Madrid, magenta, mainland, mainstay, maize, majesty, mallard, mammoth, manganese, manicure, manor, mansion, mantel, manual, mare, marine, marionette, maroon, marsh, marvelous, masculine, mason, masquerade, mature, mayonnaise, meditate, meek, mellow, merchant, midst, midway, mildew, military, millipede, mimic, mineral, miniature, minister, mink, minority, mint, minuet, mischief, mishap, missile, mistress, mite, mob, mockingbird, modify, module, molasses, mole, molecule, molt, monarch, monastery, Montgomery, monument, moreover, mortal, motto, mourn, mucous, multitude, municipal, mural, murder, murky, murmur, muskrat, mustang, muster, mute, muzzle, nag, navel, navigate, nectar, neigh, neon, network, neutral, nevertheless, Niagara, Nigeria, nigh, nightfall, Nile, noble, nominate, normal, nostril, notify, nourish, nuclear, nude, nugget, null, nymph, obsidian, obstacle, obstruct, obtain, obvious, occasion, octagon, octave, octopus, odor, offend, official, offset, offshore, ointment, Olympic, omelet, Ontario, opal, opera, opossum, opponent, organism, origin, ornate, orphan, otherwise, outcome, outlaw, outlet, outline, outpost, outsmart, outstanding, outward, ovary, overboard, overcast, overcome, overlook, overwhelm, oxide, oyster, pace, paddy, Pakistan, palette, pamphlet, panel, panic, panorama, panther, paperback, parakeet, parallel, paralyze, parasite, parasol, parchment, Paris, parliament, parlor, parole, pastel, pasteurize, pastime, pastor, pastry, patty, payroll, peal, peat, pecan, peculiar, pellet, pelt, penalty, peninsula, penmanship, pentagon, pep, percent, perish, permanent, perpendicular, personal, perspire, Peru, petroleum, phantom, pharmacy, photograph, physical, physician, pierce, pigment, pimple, pinafore, pinball, ping, pinto, pitchfork, pith, Pittsburgh, plague, plaid, plank, plankton, plaque, platypus, pliers, plod, plume, plunder, plunge, plunk, plywood, poach, poker, Poland, polio, politics, polo, pompom, pope, porcelain, pore, portion, Portugal, posh, posse, potential, potion, Potomac, pouch, pounce, pout, powder, powwow, precise, pregnant, premium, preserve, previous, prey, prick, priest, prime, primer, primitive, principle, privilege, pro, probable, probe, proceed, procession, profession, profile, projector, promenade, promote, prop, propel, prophet, prospector, proverb, province, prune, pry, pucker, pudgy, pug, pulpit, puma, pumice, pun, puny, puritan, pursue, putty, pygmy, quaint, quantity, quarterback, quartz, quill, quirk, rabies, radiate, radium, radius, ragweed, raid, ramshackle, rank, rap, rapids, rascal, rash, raven, ravine, rebel, recent, reckless, recommend, recorder, recreation, recycle, reek, reel, regal, register, reign, rejoice, release, relish, render, repel, republic, require, resent, reserve, resin, resist, resort, retina, reverse, revise, revolt, revolver, rickety, ridicule, rim, rind, rival, roan, role, Rome, romp, rookie, roost, roster, rotate, rouge, rubble, ruckus, rudder, ruddy, rugged, rumble, rumor, rump, rumpus, rustic, Sacramento, sacred, saint, saliva, salon, saloon, Salt Lake City, salute, sandpaper, saucy, savage, Savannah, scab, scamp, scan, scarce, scarlet, scheme, scholar, scoff, scorch, scorn, Scotland, scourge, scout, scrap, scrawl, scrawny, screech, script, scuffle, scurvy, sediment, seep, segment, semester, senate, senior, serene, session, severe, shaft, shamble, shank, shark, shatter, sheaf, shear, sheath, shield, shilling, shimmer, shingle, showdown, shriek, shrivel, shudder, shun, shuttle, sieve, silicon, silkworm, silt, sincere, singe, sinister, sire, site, sketch, skirmish, skit, skull, skyline, slack, slat, slaughter, slay, slingshot, slink, slit, sliver, slogan, slope, slosh, slum, slump, slush, smelt, smirk, smug, snapper, snapshot, snare, snarl, sneer, snorkel, snout, society, sod, sodium, solemn, solution, somber, sorrow, spatter, spearmint, speculate, sperm, sphinx, spine, spinster, spire, spirit, splendid, Springfield, sprint, spruce, spurt, squadron, squall, squelch, squint, stab, stadium, stag, stagger, stake, stamina, stammer, stampede, standard, stanza, starboard, stateroom, static, stead, stein, stereo, sterile, stern, stile, stilt, stimulate, stingray, stirrup, stoke, stomp, stoop, strangle, strategy, stratosphere, stray, streetcar, stress, strife, strut, stub, stud, studio, stun, stunt, stutter, style, submerge, subscribe, subsist, suburb, suds, suede, suicide, suite, suitor, sulfur, sulk, sultan, summary, summit, sundial, superb, superlative, supernatural, superstition, supreme, surf, surgery, survey, survive, swagger, swap, swarm, swat, swoop, swordfish, symmetry, sympathy, symphony, symptom, taffy, tang, tangerine, tangle, tar, tariff, tart, tatter, tawny, teat, technology, temperate, tempest, tempo, temporary, tempt, tense, terminal, terrific, terry, testament, testimony, textile, thatch, theater, theme, theory, thermal, thicket, thigh, thrash, threat, thresh, thrive, throb, throng, thunderbolt, thunderhead, tidings, tidy, tile, timber, tinderbox, tinge, tinkle, tissue, tobacco, toffee, toil, tomb, torpedo, tortilla, tot, totem, tradition, transistor, transparent, transplant, transport, trapezoid, treaty, tremendous, trench, trespass, tributary, tribute, trice, trigger, trill, trillion, triple, triumph, trooper, tropics, trough, troupe, trout, trumpet, tuber, tuft, tugboat, tumor, tuna, tundra, turban, turf, turnout, turquoise, twain, twang, tweezers, tyrant, udder, underbrush, underdog, undergo, undergrowth, underworld, unicycle, unite, university, unravel, upholster, uproar, uranium, urban, usher, vaccine, vacuum, vain, Vancouver, vandal, vanilla, vanish, variety, varnish, vast, vat, vault, Venezuela, vengeance, Venice, vent, ventriloquist, verge, verify, vermilion, verse, vertebrate, vertical, Vesuvius, vicious, victim, vigor, vineyard, viola, violent, virgin, virus, visible, vision, visor, vital, vivid, void, volley, vow, wad, wallflower, walnut, wand, wardrobe, warehouse, warp, wart, waylay, weapon, weave, weird, werewolf, wheeze, whereas, whiplash, whist, whittle, whop, wield, wit, withdraw, wither, withstand, wobble, wombat, woodchuck, woodwind, workshop, wren, wring, yacht, yank, yearling, yelp, yip, yodel, yonder, Yosemite, youngster, yowl, Yugoslavia, Yukon, zigzag, zinc
6th Grade

abbot, abduct, abreast, abrupt, abscess, abstain, abstract, absurd, academy, accelerate, accommodate, accord, acknowledge, acquaint, acquire, acropolis, acute, adept, adhesive, Adirondacks, adjacent, adore, aerial, afflict, aggregate, agile, airborne, airway, alas, albatross, Alexandria, Algeria, alien, Allegheny, ally, alpha, alter, alternate, amateur, amazon, ambiguous, amethyst, amnesia, ample, Amsterdam, amuck, analogy, anemone, animate, anonymous, anthracite, antic, apostle, appall, apparatus, apparel, appendix, apprentice, aqua, arachnid, arid, arsenal, arson, ascend, asphalt, assault, associate, attribute, auction, audio, audition, authentic, avail, aviation, Babylon, bachelor, backfire, backhand, Baghdad, balk, ballot, bandanna, barb, barge, barley, baron, barracks, barren, barricade, barrier, basis, baste, bauxite, bazaar, bearing, beckon, bedlam, beforehand, behalf, Belgrade, beriberi, beryllium, beset, bestow, bevy, bias, biceps, bicuspid, billboard, bin, binary, bisect, bison, bizarre, blab, blackhead, blacktop, blare, bleach, blemish, blight, blimp, boarder, bobcat, bohemia, Bolivia, bolt, bonbon, bond, bondage, boon, Bosporus, boulevard, bounds, bowel, boycott, bracket, brainstorm, bran, brawn, bray, breadwinner, breakwater, bribe, brigade, brink, broadcast, broker, bromine, Bronx, Brownsville, Bulgaria, bumble, bungalow, bungle, bunker, bunt, burden, bureau, burly, Burma, busboy, byway, calamity, calligraphy, Cambodia, camouflage, Canterbury, caption, captive, Caracas, carbonate, carcass, caress, Carthage, cascade, caste, category, cathedral, causeway, Ceylon, champagne, Charlotte, chasm, chaste, chauffeur, Chesapeake, Chile, Chinook, chivalry, cholesterol, chromatic, chronology, cigarette, cinema, clapboard, clarify, clarity, classic, cleft, clerk, client, climax, clinch, clod, cloves, cobalt, collide, Colombia, colonel, Columbia, coma, combustion, commission, commit, compact, compatible, compress, comprise, con, conceit, conceive, concept, concussion, condemn, conduct, confederate, confer, confide, conform, confound, congest, conscience, consecutive, consent, consequence, console, conspicuous, constable, Constantinople, consume, contaminate, contempt, context, contingent, contour, contraption, convent, converse, convey, Copenhagen, cornerstone, corps, corporal, corpse, corrode, corrupt, cosmos, countenance, cowlick, cramp, crankshaft, creed, Crete, crevice, crimson, crinkle, cripple, crisis, crisscross, criteria, croquet, crossroads, crucial, crude, cud, cult, cunning, curfew, currency, cutter, czar, Czechoslovakia, dainty, dale, Danube, Dayton, debate, debris, debut, decade, deceive, decode, decor, decree, deduct, defect, deflect, deft, defy, delegate, delinquent, delirious, denounce, deplete, dermis, Derry, despair, despise, despite, detach, detail, detain, deteriorate, devastate, devise, dialogue, diction, diesel, diligent, dilute, dinghy, dingy, diphtheria, diplomat, dire, discard, discharge, discreet, discriminate, disgust, disrupt, dissect, distort, distract, district, ditto, ditty, divine, doctrine, doldrums, domain, don, dormant, dormer, dormitory, dose, dour, douse, Dover, draftsperson, drastic, dredge, drone, drudge, dub, Dublin, dunk, duplicate, duration, dwell, dynamic, eavesdrop, eccentric, ecru, ecstasy, Ecuador, eddy, Edinburgh, eggplant, ego, eject, elder, elevate, eligible, eliminate, eloquent, embark, ember, embryo, emotion, enamel, endure, enforce, engage, enigma, ensemble, enterprise, entity, entrust, enzyme, equilibrium, erect, erode, escort, estate, estuary, etch, eternal, eucalyptus, Eugene, Euphrates, evaluate, evergreen, evident, evolve, excavate, excerpt, exclude, execute, expand, exquisite, external, extract, extreme, eyesore, Fairbanks, fallow, famine, fanatic, fantasy, fatigue, feat, feeble, feldspar, ferocious, fester, fiancé, fickle, filament, fillet, finance, Finland, firefly, fireproof, fixture, fjord, flagship, flank, flaunt, fleet, flinch, floe, florist, flounce, flourish, fluent, flurry, foliage, fondle, foresee, format, fracture, fragile, frank, fraught, frenzy, fright, frigid, frisk, fro, frogman, froth, fugitive, fulfill, fullback, fundamental, funeral, furrow, fuse, gadget, gaggle, gait, gallery, gamble, garb, garment, garnish, gash, gaunt, gauntlet, gawky, gene, generation, genesis, genetic, Geneva, ghastly, ghoul, Gibraltar, giddy, gill, gimmick, gin, ginger, gingerly, gladiator, glean, glimmer, glint, glockenspiel, Gloucester, glower, glucose, gnat, gneiss, goblet, gorgeous, gourd, graft, grant, graphite, greed, Greenwich, gripe, grotesque, grudge, gruel, grueling, Guam, guarantee, guardian, Guiana, guillotine, guinea, gulch, hack, hag, hale, halfback, hammerhead, handiwork, hanker, haphazard, Harlem, harmony, harpsichord, haughty, Havana, headlong, headwaters, headway, Helena, helm, hemlock, hemoglobin, hemp, hence, heredity, heretofore, hermit, hideous, hijack, hilt, Himalayas, hinder, Hiroshima, hither, hitherto, hoard, Hollywood, homer, homograph, homophone, honeycomb, hospitality, host, hostage, hothouse, hovel, hover, hub, huff, Hungary, hurdle, hurl, hustle, hybrid, hydraulic, hyena, hygiene, hyperbole, hypnosis, identical, idiom, idol, illuminate, immaculate, immense, impact, impair, impertinent, impose, improvise, incentive, incubate, indicate, indigo, Indonesia, induce, inert, infer, inferno, influenza, infringe, ingredient, inherit, initiate, inject, inoculate, instance, institute, insulate, insure, interfere, intern, internal, interval, intricate, intrigue, invade, invaluable, Iraq, Ireland, iridescent, isolate, isthmus, italics, ivory, ivy, jackal, jade, jalopy, jamb, jangle, javelin, jazz, jeer, jeopardy, jetliner, jinx, jockey, jolt, jounce, jumble, jury, jute, Kenya, keynote, Kilimanjaro, kindle, kink, knapsack, knoll, Korea, krypton, Labrador, lacquer, lagoon, Lancaster, lance, landholder, Laos, lard, Laredo, lasagna, laser, lateral, lax, Lebanon, leech, legacy, legible, legion, legume, Leipzig, leisure, levy, liable, liberal, lice, lichen, lieutenant, ligament, likewise, limelight, limerick, lingerie, linseed, liquor, listless, livid, lodestone, logic, lore, lubricate, lug, lukewarm, lull, luminous, lurk, lush, luster, lute, Luxembourg, lyre, madam, mademoiselle, magnesium, majority, makeshift, malaria, Malaysia, Manchuria, mandolin, mangle, Manhattan, mania, mantis, manuscript, marathon, marksman, marvel, massacre, massage, massive, mate, matinee, mauve, maximum, maze, media, median, medieval, Melbourne, membrane, memo, menace, mere, merge, meridian, Mesopotamia, metamorphosis, metaphor, metropolis, mica, microbe, migrant, mil, Milan, miller, mimeograph, mince, minimum, mirth, misery, mistletoe, moat, mobile, molar, molest, Mongol, Mongolia, monk, monogram, monopoly, monsoon, Monterey, moor, moral, morgue, morocco, moron, morsel, mortar, mortuary, mosaic, motive, muck, muddle, muffle, musket, mutton, mystify, mythology, naive, Nantucket, nape, Naples, narcotic, natal, nausea, neglect, negotiate, nerve, Newcastle, Newfoundland, nip, nobleman, noose, norm, Normandy, noteworthy, Nottingham, notwithstanding, novice, nuisance, nutmeg, nutrient, obstinate, obverse, offhand, offspring, onslaught, opaque, ordeal, ore, Oslo, osmosis, outback, outboard, outlandish, outlying, outrage, outwit, ovation, overrun, overseas, overtake, pamper, pang, pantomime, par, parabola, paradise, Paraguay, pare, parsley, parson, particle, passion, patriarch, peasant, peddle, pedestal, pedestrian, pedigree, pendant, perceive, perch, peril, persecute, persist, persuade, petite, petition, petrify, petty, pew, phenomenon, Philippines, philosophy, phosphorus, phylum, pickpocket, pier, pinnacle, pinpoint, piston, pitfall, plantation, plea, pledge, pluck, plush, ply, pock, polecat, ponder, populate, pork, porter, portray, pose, possess, potassium, potent, Prague, prance, predicament, predict, preen, preface, premises, preside, presto, prevail, prim, probation, prod, progress, prohibit, prominent, prompt, prone, proportion, propose, prose, prosecute, prospect, prosper, prow, psalm, puck, pulp, purge, puss, putt, Pyrenees, quake, quintet, rabbi, rack, radioactive, raffle, rainier, ram, ramble, random, ransack, ransom, rape, rational, rave, ravel, rawhide, react, ream, reciprocal, reckon, recollect, redcap, redeem, reef, reference, reform, refrain, refresh, refugee, refund, regime, regiment, regulate, rehabilitate, reject, relic, remedy, remorse, repeal, repent, repute, request, reside, resolve, respire, restrain, restrict, retail, retain, retard, retire, retort, retreat, retrieve, revenge, revolve, Rhine, rift, rig, rigor, riot, rivet, robust, rodent, romance, rotor, Rotterdam, rouse, ruffian, rummage, rumple, rupture, russet, rut, rye, sacrifice, Salvador, sane, Saskatchewan, savor, sawhorse, scald, scallop, scepter, schooner, scope, scoundrel, scour, scraggy, scribe, scroll, scruff, scurry, scuttle, scythe, seaway, sedan, seminary, septic, sequence, sequin, serenade, sergeant, serpent slouch, sluice, slur, smallpox, smolder, smut, snag, snuff, socket, solider, solitude, sophomore, soprano, sorcery, soul, souse, spade, span, Sparta, spawn, specify, spectrum, spellbound, spew, spindle, spinet, spleen, splint, splotch, splurge, spry, squabble, squid, squire, starling, statesman, stationary, stature, stave, steed, steeplechase, stellar, stench, stencil, steppe, stevedore, stifle, stigma, Stockholm, stout, straddle, strand, strongbox, stronghold, stucco, stupor, subdue, sublime, submit, substitute, subtle, succulent, suffocate, sullen, sultry, summon, sunspot, superintendent, supervise, supplement, surge, surplus, surrender, suspend, suspense, swab, swath, Sweden, swerve, swivel, Sydney, synagogue, synthetic, Syria, Tacoma, tailor, talc, tallow, tally, talon, tangible, tapestry, tarnish, taut, taxidermy, teak, technique, teller, tenant, tendon, terminate, Thailand, therapy, thermostat, thesaurus, thorough, threshold, throne, throttle, thrust, tiara, tier, titter, toddle, toggle, token, tolerate, tonic, topaz, topple, torment, torrent, torture, totter, tournament, towhead, trait, traitor, trance, tranquil, transform, transfusion, transmit, travail, treacherous, tread, treason, trellis, tress, trial, tribune, trifle, trigonometry, trolley, tuberculosis, truant, tungsten, turbine, turmoil, turpentine, tusk, tutor, twilight, twinge, typhoon, uncanny, underhanded, unique, unison, urchin, urn, utensil, utmost, utter, vagabond, vague, valid, valise, valor, valve, vaudeville, velocity, vendor, veneer, venom, ventricle, venture, verbal, verdict, version, versus, veteran, vice, vicinity, victor, Vienna, Vietnam, vigil, villa, villain, vise, vocal, volt, vomit, vulgar, wafer, wage, Wales, wallop, warble, ward, warden, warfare, Warsaw, wary, watercress, waterlog, watershed, watt, welt, whereupon, whisk, whiskey, wholesale, wholesome, wicket, Williamsburg, wilt, windfall, windless, wisecrack, woe, worthwhile, wrath, wrench, wrought, wry, yam, yearn, yoga, Yule, zest

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