Data collection form Intervention review rcts and non-rcts

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Data collection form

Intervention review – RCTs and non-RCTs

This form can be used as a guide for developing your own data extraction form. Sections can be expanded and added, and irrelevant sections can be removed. It is difficult to design a single form that meets the needs of all reviews, so it is important to consider carefully the information you need to collect, and design your form accordingly. Information included on this form should be comprehensive, and may be used in the text of your review, ‘Characteristics of included studies’ table, risk of bias assessment, and statistical analysis.

Notes on using data extraction form:

  • Be consistent in the order and style you use to describe the information for each report.

  • Record any missing information as unclear or not described, to make it clear that the information was not found in the study report(s), not that you forgot to extract it.

  • Include any instructions and decision rules on the data collection form, or in an accompanying document. It is important to practice using the form and give training to any other authors using the form.

Review title or ID

Study ID (surname of first author and year first full report of study was published e.g. Smith 2001)

Report ID

Report ID of other reports of this study


General Information

Date form completed (dd/mm/yyyy)


Name/ID of person extracting data


Reference citation


Study author contact details


Publication type (e.g. full report, abstract, letter)



Study eligibility

Study Characteristics

Eligibility criteria

(Insert inclusion criteria for each characteristic as defined in the Protocol)

Eligibility criteria met?

Location in text or source (pg & ¶/fig/table/other)




Type of study

Randomised Controlled Trial


Quasi-randomised Controlled Trial


Controlled Before and After Study

Contemporaneous data collection

Comparable control sites

At least 2 x intervention and 2 x control clusters


Interrupted Time Series

At least 3 time points before and

3 after the intervention

Clearly defined intervention point


Other design (specify):






Types of intervention



Types of comparison



Types of outcome measures





Reason for exclusion




Characteristics of included studies


Descriptions as stated in report/paper

Location in text or source (pg & ¶/fig/table/other)

Aim of study (e.g. efficacy, equivalence, pragmatic)



Design(e.g. parallel, crossover, non-RCT)



Unit of allocation

(by individuals, cluster/ groups or body parts)



Start date



End date



Duration of participation

(from recruitment to last follow-up)



Ethical approval needed/ obtained for study

Yes No Unclear




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