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Courses And Lectures Attended:

Northeastern Society of Periodontists Meeting, April 22, 1977

  • Basic Principles of Plastic Surgery-As They Relate To Current Clinical Periodontics - Dr. Moses Nussbaum, MD and Dr. Edward Altcheck, MD

Northeastern Society of Periodontists, October 28, 1977

  • Anxiety and Pain Control For The Periodontal Patient - Dr. Louis Rose, Dr. Kyle Memartino, Dr. Rudolph Lucente

Northeastern Society of Periodontists Meeting, April 17, 1978

  • Periodontal Disease in Children and Adolescents Pathogenesis of the Periodontal Lesion- Dr. Philip Garant

  • The Microbiota of Advanced Periodontal Disease of Children and Adolescents- Dr. Anne Tannenbaum

Northeastern Society of Periodontists Meeting, October 13, 1978

  • Bonded Splints with a Reinforced Wire - Leonard Gorelick, DDS

  • The Selective Reshaping of Teeth as an Adjunct to Orthodontic Therapy - Abraham Chasens,


  • The Rationale for the Use of Bite Plates and Night Guards in Periodontal Therapy - Marvin Simring, DDS

The Stress of Dental Practice, November 8, 1978

  • Sydney Pulver, MD, Philadelphia Society of Periodontology, Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting, Oct. 24-27, 1990, Dallas, Texas

• Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Oral Conditions - William K. Bottomley, DDS, MS

• Clinical Advances in Dental Implants - Oded Bahat, BDS, MSD, Glen P. McGivney, DDS, Roland M. Meffert, DDS
Northeastern Society of Periodontists Meeting, Nov. 9, 1990

• Schilder, H. Endodontics - Periodontal Inter-Relationship

• Kalkwarf K., Periodontal Modes of Treatment - Regenerative and Non-Regenerative

• Langer, B. Long -Term Results and Future Trends of Periodontal Therapy

First Annual Implant Symposium, Dec.7- 8, 1990

NYU Department of Continuing Education, "Technical Differences in Implant Dentistry"

• Sascha A. Jovanovic, Clinical Implications of Current Investigations in Material Response

• Michael S. Block, Indications for HA-Coated Implants vs. Titanium

• Philip Worthington, the Two-Stage Implant Systems

Hans Peter Weber, Advantages of Non-Submerged (One Stage) Implants

• Thomas J. Balshi, Overload Management of Osseointegrated Fixtures to Achieve Optimum Bone Remodeling Through Multi Stage Prosthodontic Loading

• John Davies, The Possible Effect of Micromotion of the Bone-Implant Interface

• Dr. Jack T. Krauser, Hydroxylapatite Coated Implant Systems: Meeting the Challenge

• Dr. Leonard Linkow, What Type of Implants are Best for Different Situations? A 30 year Retrospective Look into the Future

• Dr. Gerald A. Niznick, Implant Design Selection Based on Cortical bone Quality and Location

• Dr. W. Eugene Roberts, Histological Response of bone Around Rigid Endosseous Implants

• Dr. Stanley A. Small, Clinical Experiences in the Sinus Lift Procedure

Implant Symposium: Osseointegration Complications, When and Why Do Implants Fail? Feb. 28-March 3, 1991

• Dr. George A. Zarb, Toronto, Canada

American Academy of Periodontology Implant Conference: A New Forum To Increase Your Knowledge of Implant Therapy, June 22-23, 1991, Washington, D.C.

Osseointegration and complications -

• Robert J. Weyant, Should There Be a National Data Bank For Monitoring Dental Implants?

• William R. Laney, Tissue-Integrated Prosthesis Complications

• Tomas Albrektsson, Direct anchored implants

• Robert M. Pilliar, Design and Application of Porous-Surfaced Endosseous Dental Implants

• Vincent Iacono, Clinical and Microbial Assessment of Implants in Periodontally Compromised Patients

• Stephen Cook, Mechanical and Histologic Evaluation of Dental Implant Attachment

• John Brunski, Response of Osseointegrated Interfaces to Modeling, Remodeling
Clinical Considerations with Dental Implants

• Gerald A. Niznick, Casting To Titanium Alloy-Interface Properties and Clinical Applications

• Daniel Buser, Tissue reactions to ITI Implants-Current Status and Outlook into The Future

• Axel Kirsch, Long-Term Soft Tissue Interface with IMZ Implants in Partially Edentulous

Patients - A Clinical Perspective

• Ross Beiren, Comparison of Branemark, Core-vent, IMZ and Integral Implants

• James T. Mellonig, Guided Tissue Regeneration around Implants

• Elof Eriksson, Extra-Oral Application of Osseointegrated Implants

New Concepts in Diagnosis for the Partially Edentulous Patient, September 16, 1991

Langer, B., New York, New York
Second Annual NYU Implant Symposium: December 13, 1991

"The Challenges, Opportunities and Rewards of Implant Dentistry”

• Dr. Brunski, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; Consultant to FDA

on pre-market approvals for dental implant systems

• Dr. Kay, Founder and President of Bio-Interfaces, San Diego, CA

• Dr. Kirsch, Pioneer in Implantology

• Dr. Lazzara, Diplomate, American Society of osseointegration

• Dr. Listgarten, Professor of Periodontics

• Dr. Rosenberg, Clinical Professor of Periodontics

• Dr. Prestipino, “The all ceramicore implant abutment”

• Dr. Strid, Professor of Dental Materials, Science and Biochemistry

• Dr. Linde, Professor and Chairman, Associate Dean for Research and Development

Third Annual NYU Symposium, December 11, 1992

NYU College of Dentistry

• Richard A. Kraut, Osseous Ingrowth into Porous Hydroxylapatite

• Mark, H. Zablotsky, Dana L. Diedrich, Roland M. Meffert, Detoxification of the Endotoxin Infected Hydroxylapatite Coated Implant Surface Using Chemotherapeutic Agents

• Michael S. Block, John N. Kent, Simultaneous Placement of Implants into Extraction Sites, Four Years Experience

• Izchak Barzilay, Gerald N. Graser, Bejan Iranpour, Joseph R. Natiella, Immediate Placement Of Pure Titanium Implants Into Fresh Extraction Sockets Of M. Fascicularis

  • Paul A. Schnitman, Peter S.Wohrle, John D. DaSilva, Nai-Huei Wang, Survival Of Immediately Loaded vs. Stress-free healed Branemark Implants

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, and the Northeastern Gnathological Society -

Current Concepts in Periodontal Prosthetics”, November 5, 1993.

• Dr. P.D. Miller, "Periodontal Plastic Surgery-Esthetic and Restorative Considerations"

• Dr. Konrad H. Meyenberg, "Esthetic Excellence: Esthetic Problems Related to the

Single Tooth Replacement-A Comparison of Different Treatment Alternatives"

• Dr. Marvin Rosenberg, "Current Concepts in Furcation Management for the

Periodontal-Prosthetic Care"

• Dr. Frank M. Spear," Esthetic Management of Gingival Deformities: A Prosthodontist's Perspective."

Northeastern Society of Periodontists - “Regeneration and Osseointegration - Looking into the future”, April 2, 1993

New York Hilton Hotel

• Dr. Ole T. Jensen "Bone Grafting Around Dental Implants"

• Dr. Thorkild Karring "Dental Implants Fixed With Osseointegration or a Periodontal Ligament"

• Dr. Roland M. Meffert, "How to Repair the Ailing, Failing Implant?"

• Dr. Jack G. Caton, "Factors Involved in Periodontal Regeneration"

• Dr. Gerald M. Bowers, "What is the Role of Bone Grafts in Regenerative Therapy?"

• Dr. Raymond A. Yukna, " Periodontal Regeneration: Where It's At?"

The American Academy of Periodontology - 79th Annual Meeting

September 29 - October 2, 1993. Chicago, Illinois.
The Fourth Annual NYU Implant Symposium "Maximizing Treatment Options and Patient Satisfaction in Implant Therapy", December 10, 1993.

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

• Dr. Jan Gottlow, "Guided Bone Regeneration Using Bioresorbable and

Nonresorbable Barriers"

• Dr. Bertil Friberg, "A New Self-Tapping Implant: The Use in Different Bone Quality


• Dr. Crawford Bain, "Planning for Maximum Implant Success: Learning from Our


• Dr. Gary O'Brien, " Allografting in Implant Dentistry: Progressive Loading and

Subantral Augmentation."

• Dr. Hans Peter Weber, "The Rationale for the Non-submerged Implant Technique."

• Dr. Carl Misch, "Balancing Stress Factors in Implant Dentistry."
Consensus Conference, An Evidence-based Treatment Approach

June 3-5, 1994 - W.L. Gore and Associates, Los Angeles, CA,
Landmark Symposia of 1994, August 5-7, 1994

An evidence - based treatment approach: Successful Regenerative Outcomes” - W.L. Gore and Associates, Toronto, Canada,

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, September 29 & 30, 1994

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “Advanced Implant Dentistry for the Partially Edentulous Patient”
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, October 14, 1994

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

Principles of Periodontal Plastic Surgery and Its Role in Implant Dentistry”

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club,

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

  • “Periodontal Regeneration: Periodontal Bone Grafts” - October 20, 1994

  • “Sleep Apnea and Snoring Successful Treatment with Oral Appliances” - October 21, 1994

  • “Contemporary Clinical Periodontics” - October 26, 1994

  • “Sinus Lift Grafting Procedures for Dental Implants (Part 1)” - November 2 & 3, 1994

Northeastern Society of Periodontists, November 11, 1994

The Potential of Bone and Soft Tissue - What Can We Expect?” New York Marriott Marquis Hotel

  • Dr. David A. Garber, "Consummate Esthetics"

  • Dr. David A. Gelb, "Immediate Implant and Hard Tissue Reconstruction-Protocol for

Predictable Outcome and Esthetic Excellence

  • Dr. W. Eugene Roberts, "Bone Biomechanics of Implant Success and Failure"

  • Dr. Massimo G. Simton, "Guided Tissue Regeneration Techniques for Horizontal

and Vertical Ridge Augmentation Associated With Osseointegrated Implants"

  • Dr. Daniel Buser, "How to Achieve Predictable Results With GBR-Procedures

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Robert Glickman November 17, 1994

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
5th Annual NYU Dept. of Implant Dentistry Symposium

New Horizons in Implant Dentistry: Striving for excellence in Clinical Results and Patient Satisfaction”, December 9, 1994 NYU College of Dentistry

  • Dr. Christer Dahlin, "Advanced Applications and Research on Guided Tissue Regeneration.

  • Dr. Charles English, "Splinting Implants to Natural Teeth/Attachments for Overdenture Reconstruction"

  • Dr. Axel Kirsch "Prosthetic and Surgical Considerations for Implant Supported Bone Grafts."

  • Dr. Richard Lazzara "The E.P. System and Wide Implants/Sinus Lift Procedures."

  • Dr. Anders Tellstrom, "Osseointegrated Implants for Rehabilitation of Facial Defects and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids."

  • Andrew Tofe, "Advances and Considerations with HA"

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Thomas Tyler, February 9, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
Academy of Osseointegration Tenth Annual Meeting, March 2-4, 1995

Chicago, Illinois

  • Dr. Ulf Lekhom, "Osseointegration Surgery in Edentulous Jaws: A Technique to Avoid Complications."

  • Dr. George A. Zarb, "The Edentulous Predicament and the Panacea of Osseointegration."

  • Dr. Charles A. Babbush, Partial Edentulism: Posterior Restorations."

  • Dr. Torsten Jemt, "Prosthetic Aspects of Implant Treatment in the Posterior Partially Edentulous Jaw."

  • Dr. Patrick J. Henry and Dr. Myron Nevins, "Prosthodontic Considerations: Past, Present and Future."

  • Dr. Charles E. English, "Maxillary Prosthetics: Fixed Vs. Removable."

  • Dr. Eugene E. Keller, “Reconstruction of Advanced Bone Resorption in Full Arch Edentulism with Composite Bone Grafting.

  • Dr. Kenji W. Higuchi, "Onlay Bone Grafting to the Compromised Edentulous Maxilla."

  • Dr. Gerald Niznick, "Experience with the Edentulous Mandible."

  • Dr. Andre J. Viljoen, "Achieving a Passive Fit of Partial and Complete Implant Superstructures."

  • Dr. Scott D. Ganz, "Interactive computer Utilization for Treatment Planning Dental Implants and Optimizing Patient Communications."

Academy of Osseointegration Tenth Annual Meeting, March 2-4, 1995 - continued

  • Dr. Jeanne M. Salcetti, "The Clinical Microbial and Host Response Characteristics of the Failing Implants."

  • Dr. Deborah L. Sterele, "Implant Maintenance of the '90's."

  • Dr. Lori S. Misch, "Ten Principles of Successful Implant Practices."

  • Dr. Thomas D. Taylor, "Implant Restorations in the Posterior Mandible and Maxilla: The Need for Caution."

  • Dr. Oded Bahat, "Pterygoid/Sinus"

  • Dr. Peter K. Moy, "Sinus/Membranes?

  • Dr. Cherilyn G. Sheets, "Natural Tooth Intrusion and Reversal in Implant-Assisted Prosthesis."

  • Dr. Edwin A. McGlumphy, "Implant Screw Mechanics."

  • Dr. Leonard Abrams, "Occlusal Concepts."

  • Dr. Steven P. Quinn, "Onlay Grafting."

  • Dr. Fred Kastenbaum, "Partial Edentulism: Posterior Restorations."

  • Dr. James M. Duncan, "Ridge Widening Revisited: The Thin Maxilla"

  • Dr. Maurice A. Salama, "Outcome-Oriented Implant Dentistry: The Orthodontic Connection"

  • Dr. Daniel A. Buser, "Optimizing Anterior Esthetics with Autografts and Barrier Membranes."

  • Dr. Patrick Palacci, "Peri Implant Soft Tissue Management and Papilla

  • Regeneration Technique. "Dr. James M. Stein "Guided Gingival Growth and the Submergence Profile."

  • Dr. Frank M. Spear, "Implant Force Management in the Severe Bruser: A Restorative Dilemma." Jaw Bone Situations."

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Vincent Prestipino, March 9, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. George Carr, May 5, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “Osseous Regeneration: Bone Grafting”
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, May 12, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

Current Perspectives on Periodontal Regeneration: Clinical Applications and Future Directions”

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, May 31, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

Advanced ‘Hands - On’ Training in Guided Bone Regeneration”

The American Academy of Periodontology, September 20-23, 1995

New York, New York,

  • Dr. Louis E. Clarizio "Bony Defects."

  • Dr. Perry V. Goldberg, "The Single Tooth Implant; Achieving Esthetic Excellence."

  • Dr. Marvin J. Werbitt, The Single Tooth Implant-Surgically Setting the Stage for Esthetic Excellence."

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, April 7, 1995

New York, New York

  • Dr. William J. Killoy, "Utilization of Local Antibiotic Application in Periodontal Therapy"

  • Dr. William V. Giannobile, "The Future of Growth Factors in Periodontal Therapy"

  • Dr. Eli E. Machtei "The Determinants of Success and Failure Utilizing Membrane barriers"

  • Dr. Carl E. Misch, "The Modification of Implant Technique Based on Anatomic and Occlusal Variables"

  • Dr. Peter K. Moy "Factors Determining Success or Failure with Sinus Lifts"

  • Dr. Bertil Friberg "Bone Quality Measurements and Treatment Options in Compromised

  • Dr. Laureen Langer and Dr. Stanley Small “Sinus Elevations and Various Bone Augmentation Techniques for Osseointegrated Implants Cases”

  • Dr. Michael K. Sonick “Esthetic Management of Compromised Maxillary Anterior teeth and Implants”

  • Dr. Bernard Gantes “Papilla Regeneration and Preservation Techniques Around Natural Teeth and Implant Supported Crowns”

  • Dr. Henry Greenwell, III “Guided Tissue Regeneration Using a Cell Scaffold and Antibiotics in Class III furcation and Vertical Osseous Defects. Initial Results”

  • Dr. Jack Krauser “GTR - Resorbable and Non-resorbable Membranes for Implant Therapy:

Clinical Indications and Efficacy”

  • Dr. Burton Langer, Dr. Preston Miller and Dr. Robert Schallhorn “A Morning Session with the Masters/ Surgical Procedures Via Video and Live Interaction”

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Curtis Jansen, April 27, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. George Carr, May 11, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Peter A Schaffenburg, June 15, 1995

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, November 10, 1995

New York, New York

  • Dr. John Kois, “Altering Gingival Levels- The Restorative Connection”

  • Dr. Burton Langer, “From Perio-Prosthetics to Osseointegration- What Worked, What Didn’t and What We Don’t Know”

  • Dr. Stephen Studder, “Prosthodontic and Periodontal Decision- Making in the Anterior Maxilla”

  • Dr. Dennis Tarnow, “Controversies in Implant Dentistry-Does the Research Validate Our Clinical Findings?”

  • Arun K. Garg, DMD, “Surgical and Prosthetic Strategies for Long Term Implant Success Periodontal Reconstruction - April 12, 1996.

NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Lori Misch, February 28, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
Academy of Osseointegration, 11th Annual meeting, Feb. 1996

New York, NY
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Samuel Strong, March 20, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “The Role of the Dentist in Snoring and Sleep Apnea”
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Kenneth Roll, April 10, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
NYU Study Club, April 24, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “Advanced Implant Surgical Seminar: The Nobelpharma (Branemark)”
NYU Study Club, April 27, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “State of the Art Conference in Implant Dentistry”
NYU Study Club, May 8, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “Surgical Problem Solving with the 3I Implant System”
NYU Study Club, May 17, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York “Keys to Ease in Implant Dentistry”
NYU Osseointegration Implant Study Club, Dr. Lawrence Dario, May 22, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York
The American Academy of Periodontology Implant Conference May 31- June 2, 1996

San Francisco, California

  • Edentulous Ridge Augmentation for the Partially Dentate Patient, Michael A. Pikos, Massimo Simion and Joseph P. Fiorellini

  • Enhancing Implant Esthetics, Kenneth A. Malament, James M. Stein and Thomas J. Han,

June 1, 1996

  • Immediate Placement Implants: Against, Dennis P. Tarnow, June 1, 1996

  • Implant Treatment Complications, Gary M. Reiser, Michael J. Engelman and Mark H. Zablotsky, June 2, 1996

NYU Study Club, Dr. Paula Small, June 12, 1996

NYU College of Dentistry, New York, New York

New York University College of Dentistry Center for Continuing Dental Education. Advances, Successes and Complications in Implant Therapy. June 14-16 1996

Friday June 14

  • Temporary Prostheses for the Implant Patient, Dr. Trevor Bavar

  • Surgical Reconstruction of the Atrophic Mandible, Dr. Trevor Bavar

Saturday June 15

  • Fixed Implant Prostheses for the Completely Edentulous Arch, Dr. Christopher Smith

  • Esthetic in Implantology, Dr. Pedro Bullon

Sunday June 16

  • Overdenture Concepts, Dr. Christopher Smith

  • Implant Restoration of the Partially Edentulous Arch What We’ve Learned, Dr. Christopher Smith

The American Academy of Periodontology 82nd Annual Meeting, October 9-12, 1996

New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Increasing Consumer Awareness and Practice Opportunities Through Advertising and Marketing, Michael K. McGuire, October 9, 1996

  • Regenerative Materials-- What, Where and Why? , Gerald M. Bowers, Jack G. Caton, and David L. Cochran , October 9, 1996

  • Compromised Implant Site Preparation, Jaime Lozada, Daniel A. Buser and David A. Gelb, October 11, 1996

  • Clinical Challenges in Periodontal Disease Management, Robert J. Genco, Jorgen Slots and Roy C. Page, October 11, 1996

  • Stabilization of the Natural Dentition in Periodontal Cases, Leonard M. Garfinkel, Ralph P. Pollack and Howard E. Strassler October 11, 1996,

  • Bone Grafting and Guided Bone Regeneration for Ideal Implant Placement, Brian Chadroff, October 11, 1996

  • Factors that Affect the Outcome of the Sinus Elevation Procedure, Stephen S. Wallace, October 11, 1996

  • Sinus Augmentation Procedures: Technical Considerations of Three Clinical Approaches and Factors in Long - Term Functional Success, Paul A. Fugazzotto, October 11, 1996

  • Management of Furcations/Other Types of Bone Defects, Myron Nevins, David L. Cochran, Marlin Gher, Burton Langer, P.D. Miller and Robert G. Schallhorn, October 12, 1996

  • The Sinus Elevation Procedure--Histologic and Clinical Evidence of Success with Grafting and rh BMP-2 (CO, CT1, CN, CD2, RCN), Myron Nevins and Dennis P. Tarnow, October 10, 1996

  • An Overview of Regenerative Techniques in Intrabony Defects and Protocols for GTR Complications (CT1, CT2, CN, CD1, CD2), Pierpaolo Cortellini and Alan M. Meltzer, October 10, 1996

  • Practical Applications to Enhance Periodontal Regeneration (CT2), Kevin G. Murphy and Pamela K. McClain, October 10, 1996

The American Academy of Periodontology 82nd Annual Meeting - continued

  • Flap Management for Tissue Augmentation and Esthetics (CT1), Thomas J. Han and Perry R. Klokkevold, October 12, 1996

  • Update on New Periodontal Diagnostic Tests (CD1, CD2, RCR, RCN), Ira B. Lamster and Joseph J. Zambon, October 12, 1996

  • Roundtable Interaction with the Experts, Management of Furcation/ Other Types of Bone Defects, Burton Langer, P.D. Miller Jr., Robert G. Schallhorn, Marlin Gher and J. David Kohn, October 12, 1996

PerioGlas Lecture Series, November 12, 1996

  • Dr. A.E. Clark, “Science of PerioGlas”

  • Dr. Steven Sullivan, Animal Studies Using PerioGlas

  • Dr. Cary A. Shapoff, Human Clinical Perspectives on use of PerioGlas in 200+ patients

Academy of Osseointegration Sinus Graft Consensus Conference, November 16-17, 1996

November 16, 1996:

  • Dr. Philip J. Boyne “History”

  • Dr. Leonard B. Shulman “Consensus Development”

  • Dr. Ralph Kent “Evaluation Criteria & Statistics”

  • Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat “Radiographic Analysis”

  • Dr. Michael S. Block “Simultaneous Autograph/HA Implants (Particulate)”

  • Dr. Joan Pi Urgell “Simultaneous Autograft/Titanium Implants (Particulate)”

  • Dr. Francois Godet “Simultaneous Autograft/Titanium Implants (Block - grafts)”

  • Dr. Stefan Lundgren “Delayed Autograft/Titanium Implants (chin particulate)”

  • Dr. Bejan Iranpour “Data Presentation”

  • Dr. Samuel A. Calagione “Demineralized Allograft/Autograft/Titanium Implants (Delayed)”

  • Dr. Burton Langer “Demineralized Allograft/Titanium Implants (Delayed)”

  • Dr. Myron Nevins “Mineralized Allograft/Titanium Implants (Delayed)”

  • Dr. Melvyn S. Schwartz “Data Presentation”

  • Dr. R. Kent Stobaugh “Demineralized Allograft/Xenograft/Titanium implants (Delayed)”

  • Dr. Joel L. Rosenlicht “Demineralized Allograft/Xenograft/Titanium Implants”

  • Dr. Wayne C. Jarvis “Demineralized Allograft/TCP”

  • Dr. George Watzek, “Data Presentation”

  • Dr. Michael A Pikos “Non Resorbable HA + Autograft of Allograft”

  • Dr. Stephen L. Wheeler “Non Resorbable HA + Allograft/Autograft”

  • Dr. Charles A. Babbush “Porous HA and Autograft”

  • Dr. Axel Kirsch “Porous HA only”

  • Dr. Andre Buchs “Data Presentation”

  • Dr. Thomas Alberktsson “The Challenge of Data Interpretation”

  • Dr. Vincent J. Iacono “Workshop Instructions”

Academy of Osseointegration Sinus Graft Consensus Conference - continued

November 17, 1996:

  • Dr. Leonard B. Shulman “Introduction”

  • Dr. Jean-Francois Tulasne “Use of Cranial Grafts in the Sinus Procedure”

  • Dr. Ned van Roekel “Overdenture Prosthetics in the Sinus Graft Case”

  • Dr. Ira D. Zinner “Fixed Prosthodontics in the Sinus Graft Case”

  • Dr. Gary S. Rogoff “Data Presentation”

7th Annual NYU Implant Therapy: “Exploring the Options in Implant Therapy”, December 13, 1996, NYU College of Dentistry

  • Dr. Lars Sennerby “Development of New Clinical Techniques to Study Osseointegation of Titanium Implants”

  • Dr. Freimut Vizethum “Immediate Placement of and Endosseous Implant Following Extraction”

  • Dr. Dan Lundgren “Bone Regeneration Utilizing Bioresorbable Barrier Occlusal and Biomechanical Aspects of Fixed Prosthesis”

  • Dr. Fereidoun Daftary “Achieving Esthetic and Functional Restorations”

  • Dr. Massimo Simon “Supracrestal Ridge Augmentation Utilizing Autograft and Allografts Associated with Barrier Membranes”

  • Dr. Ed McGlumphy ‘The Single Tooth Implant Restoration: Esthetics and Function”

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