Curriculum Vitae Personal data: First name: Ahmed

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data:
First name: Ahmed

Middle name: Muhsin

Last name: Yousif

Surname: AL-Mayali

Date of Birth: 1980

Place of Birth: Iraq

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Iraqi

Languages: Fluent in Arabic, Fluent in English

Computer skills: very good user in windows, Microsoft applications& internet

Address: Al-Adala , Najaf, Iraq

Mobile: 009647810403545

E.mail :

Present Occupation :
Scientific title : Assistant Lecturer
Education : M.Sc. Ortho.
General major : B.D.S
Date of the first work : 9 / 2 / 2005

Degrees (Qualifications) : تقويم الاسنان
1-B.D.S Baghdad University, 2004.

2-M.Sc. Ortho. Baghdad University,2014

Thesis Title :

Pharyngeal Airway Volume and It's Relationship to the Facial Morphology In Nasal Breathing and Mouth Breathing Subjects

(A comparative computerized tomography study)
Conferences & Symposiums :
1- Certificate in protaper system of Endodontic treatment, Iraqi dental association, Baghdad, 2006.

2- Certificate of attendance for craniofacial trauma of British association of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons of Royal college , 2010.

3- Certificate of implantology , Kufa university, 2010.

4- Certificate in Endodontic treatment, Kufa university , 2010.

5- Certificate of attendance for 1st IDA annual conference ,Iraqi dental association, Erbil, 2011.

6- Certificate of attendance for 2nd IDA annual conference , Iraqi dental association, Erbil, 2012.

7- Certificate of attendance for Najaf dental conference , Iraqi dental association, Najaf, 2012.

8- Certificate of attendance for 10th orthodontic conference , Iraqi orthodontic society , Baghdad , 2013.
Training Hospitals & Medical Centers:
-Training in specialist center of dentistry, Najaf, Iraq 2005-2006.

-Training in Al-Abbasiya medical &dental center, Naiaf, Iraq 2006-2007.

-Training in maxillofacial department at Al-Sader teaching hospital , Najaf, Iraq2007-2009.

-Maxillofacial surgeon in oral surgery department in specialist center of dentistry, Najaf, Iraq ,2009-2010.

-Training in Orthodontic department at dentistry college of Baghdad university, Baghdad ,Iraq, 2011-2013.
Past Jobs:
-Resident dentist in specialist dentistry center, Najaf, Iraq.2005-2006

-Resident dentist in Al-Abbasiya medical & dental center.2006-2007.

-Manager of Al-Abbasiya medical & dental center. 2007

-Residency in maxillofacial department in Al-Sader teaching hospital, Najaf, Iraq.2007-2009.

-Manager of DIMAX unit in specialist dentistry center, 2009-2010.

-Junior in dentistry college of Kufa university , 2010.

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