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The Triumph of Faith


A Study of the People of Faith

As Recorded in Hebrews Chapter 11



Craig Ledbetter, Th.G., B.A.

Independent Baptist Missionary

to the Republic of Ireland

U.S. Mailing Address:

c/o Word for the World Baptist Ministries,

P.O. Box 849, Rossville, GA 30741
The Address in Ireland is:

29 Westcourt Heights, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


The Definition of Faith 4

Comprehending Faith 7

Atoning Faith 10

Translation Faith 13

Rewarding Faith - Enoch 17

Working Faith - Noah 19

Obedient Faith - Abraham 22

Impossible Faith - Sarah 24

Heavenly Faith 27

Tested Faith 31

Future Faith 34

Humble Faith 37

Memorial Faith 40

Courageous Faith 43

Enduring Faith 48

Passover Faith 53

Dry Faith 56

Conquering Faith - Joshua 60

Exceptional Faith - Rahab the Harlot 64

Little Faith - The Problems to Overcome 68

Little Faith - The Potential (Part 1) 72

Little Faith - The Potential (Part 2) 78

Follower Faith - Barak 82

Dying Faith - Samson 86

Foolish Faith - Jephthae 91

Giant Faith - David 95

Lifelong Faith - Samuel 98

Focused Faith - The Prophets 102

Elevated Faith - Joseph 106

Influential Faith - Elijah 110

Care Free Faith - Three Hebrew Children 115

The Fourth Man in the Fire - Part 1 119

The Fourth Man in the Fire - Part 2 124

Mountain Faith 128

Dangerous Faith - Part One 132

Dangerous Faith - Part Two 137

The Definition of Faith

What Faith Is, According to the Author and Finisher of Faith

Hebrews 11:1

DATE: 1 Mar, 1998 AM PLACE: BBC Blarney

DATE: 2 May, 1999 PLACE: BBC Mallow

  1. Introduction (Matt 8:26; Heb 10:38)

    1. It might just surprise you what real faith is, and how people are to live by faith. We have this picture of great “saints” of God who always completely, without question trusted and followed God. Well, not quite.

    2. There is so much to living by faith, that God filled the pages of the Bible with the recorded examples of hundreds of lives. Then, in Hebrews 11, God settles for 26 people to present as His honour role, who receive a good report card for their “faith,” their confidence in God. It is sort of a condensed history of faith.

    3. There are various kinds of faith: from No faith, to little faith, to wavering faith, to active faith, to unfeigned faith, and finally to great faith. Just like anything, faith needs to grow - and that is what this chapter is all about - feeding our faith

    4. The most important thing we can learn at first is just what faith is. To do that, we obviously need to go to the Author, and the Finisher of faith (Heb 12:2).

  1. Message - The Definition of Faith (Hebrews 11:1)

    1. Talking about Biblical faith

      1. Not faith in science, or in superstitions (number 13; saying certain payers like in newspaper), or in priests, or in churches - not blind faith. And not imagined faith either!

      2. But the faith as described in the Bible - very different from what we expect

    1. The Definition of Faith (Heb 11:1):

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

      1. Faith is not unreal - it has two things that prove its existence:

        1. Faith has Substance - it is solid, and real - we say, living BY faith

          1. Tangible, real, something you hold onto - it is what you hold onto when there is nothing else to hold on to! It is a confidence in both the abilities and promises of God. It is the foundation upon which everything else in our lives is built upon - you either believe (are confident), or don’t believe what God said!

          2. Like with Thomas (Jn 20:25-31) - Substance was in front of him

        1. Faith has evidence - they ought to be evidence that you have faith

          1. There is proof that faith is there - evidence (2 Cor 4:18) that can be presented in a court of law - no doubt exists along side real faith! Even though not seen with the eye, it is felt by the heart, and is as real as himself!

          2. When we have faith in God, we become the evidence proving there is a God - not by our words, but changed lives!

      1. If someone wanted you to point to "faith" - where would you point? You should point to the Bible, and say that THAT is your faith. Someone asked me, "What do I believe? What is MY faith?" I held up my Bible and said THIS! Start to finish! Plus nothing, minus nothing

      1. Faith therefore is believing what God says, enough to just do what He says

        1. It is confidence

        2. It is what enables you to do the impossible, simply because you are following Jesus

        3. It is NOT telling God what to do, but you trusting God's word enough to do what HE tells you to do!

          1. To repent and trust Jesus

          2. To raise your kids the Bible way - trust Him enough to do it, even though maybe you have never seen it really done in Ireland!

    1. Do you know what possessing true, Biblical faith does for a person?

      1. It supplies all the hope the human heart needs to survive!

      2. It also provides all the evidences we need to satisfy our doubts and fears

      3. It brings rest - giveth his beloved sleep - even when the ship is sinking

      4. It is beyond our own abilities - confidence is in God now, not self

      5. It causes a hunger to trusting God more. If you have faith, you will be wanting to experience its limit, not just its “flavour” (just staying comfortable).

      6. It is what develops Maturity - develops you just like a healthy diet - Paul calls it "who through faith…"

    1. Why is the Bible-kind of faith so certain? So confident?

      1. It is fixed - stable - not constantly changing (Jude 3; 2Tim 4:7)

      2. It is from ONE source - not from “within” self, but from within this Book (Rom 10:17)

    1. Why is faith so valuable?

      1. Because it's the only thing that will save your soul (Eph 2:8,9; Ro 10:9,10)

      2. Because only by it can a Christian win life's battles (2Cor 10:3,4,17)

      3. Because only by it can we please God (Heb 11:6) - get a good report card!

      4. Because only it, when in its truest form, defeats the devil - The devil hates faith, more than any thing!

    1. What is the purpose of faith in our lives (Rom 1:17)

      1. To trust, rely upon the Lord for salvation first - Jesus our Sacrifice

      2. To live by. It's the confidence that God knows best - let's follow His ways

      3. To pass on to others - Christ is revealed to this world one person at a time, one transformed life at a time, one step at a time. From faith to faith

  1. Conclusion - as we begin this study of Heb 11, let's learn from the lives of the people of God, just what faith is, and how to live by it ourselves!

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