Cotton drawers 3 Period civilian or fed insure shirt

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Cotton drawers

3 Period civilian or fed insure shirt

3 pair wool socks

black tarred haversack of Arsenal pattern

canteen with cover

black waist belt

Springfield style bayonet scabbard

Cap box

Cartridge box and sling

“US” buckle/ Eagle breastplate/ US Box plate

wool scarf

wool gloves or mittens


For Fatigue (work)

M1858 forage cap or civilian hat of appropriate period style*

* must display castle insignia

Fed issue fatigue blouse OR Fed issue shell jacket **Fed issue frock with yellow trim is acceptable for combat

appropriate rank insignia in yellow

sky blue federal issue trousers* OR navy blue federal issue trousers* corresponding trousers stripe in yellow is mandatory for all NCOs

Haversack Contents

notebook of period design, approximately 4x6


plate, tin or stainless steel

cup, tin or stainless steel

knife, fork, spoon of period design


pocket knife

Health Information Sheet






For Dress and Parade Duty

M1858 army hat (Hardee), dressed in accordance to 1861 regulations, Co. letter ‘A’ is mandatory

M 1861 frock coat, trimmed in yellow, skirt ¾ to knee, 7-9 button front. (Buttons may be federal eagle or Engineer at wearer’s preference.)

shoulder scales in accordance with the wearers rank

(rank in yellow)

dark blue trousers with NCO stripe as prescribed in 1861 regulations

M1840 NCO sword for Sgt. or higher on baldric or frog

white dress gloves

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