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Costume List

Long Plaid Shorts

Socks (White/ Off White or Cream) to the Knee

Brown Dress Shoes

Khaki (Dark) Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Suspenders (Dark Green/Brown/Khaki)

Pocket Protector

Propeller Hat

Sweater Vest (Winter Scene)

White Scarf (Cream White) (Goose Chase)

White Suit or White Shirt, Pants and Jacket and Black Shoes

White Dress (Cap Sleeves)

Yellow Petty Coat

Yellow Apron (2)

Orange Tights

Dye Shoes (Orange)

Hair Accessory (Bandana: Orange)

Plaid Grey Jacket (W/ Elbow Pads)

Grey Pants (Pinstripe)

Knee High Socks (Dark Colored)

Hat (Newsie hat)

White Shirt

Apron (Same as Ida’s)

Black Dress Shoes


Yellow Shirts (designed to their personality)

Orange Rain Boots

Orange Tights

Yellow Tutu

Headband w/feathers

Swimmies and Floaters

All Black


Black Tights/Leggings

Tail & Ears

Jazz Shoes (Black)


Parachute Looking Backpack


Orange Dress

Red Full Apron

Yellow Tights

Hair (Braids)

Tan Character Shoes


Brown Dress or Long Skirt with White Shirt

Red Scarf

Fan on Back with Feathers

Belt (When Tail is Down)

Knee Length Dress (Tangerine Colored)

Sweat Bands

Leg Warmers (Multi-Colored)

Ponytail hair up high

Black Character Shoes


Dress (Matronly)

Hat with Embellishments (Think Royal Wedding)


Red Band of Cloth

Green Tee-Shirt (Very Large and Long)

Spots to be glued on Tee-Shirt

Dark Green Leggings/Tights

Black Flats

Green Shorts (Cloth ones)


Khaki Shorts to Knees

White Polo Shirt

Bomber Hat with Flaps

White Knee High Socks

Brown Flats

-Barnacles, Snowy & Pinkfoot

Same as Geese w/aviator Goggles

Scarf in White

1 Character related item (ex: pink foot)

-Jay Bird:

Pencil Skirt Suit

Light Colored Shirt

High Heels (Reasonable Height)

Stockings (Nude Color)

Hair: Very Professional looking

Large Conservative Jewelry
-Mother Swan:

Long White Dress

White Tights

Colored Heels

-Father Swan:

White Button down Shirt

White Pants

Black Shoes

-Blizzard Solo:

Long White Coats w/Hood


Hand Warmers


White Shirt

White Pants

Black Shoes


Pretty White Dress

Pretty Coat



Khaki Pants

Khaki Shirt

Black or Brown Shoes

Military Jacket

Aviator Hat and Goggles


Khaki Pencil Skirt

Khaki Shirt: Military Style

Hat: Military Style

Nude Stockings

Black or Brown Low Pumps


Green Suit

Large Tie (Clown)

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