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lease write a short description (3-5 sentences DIFFERENT from the submission's Abstract) of the original contribution your submission brings:


In order to qualify for authorship of the submitted manuscript, every of the listed authors should have made substantial intellectual contributions both to the research and to its preparation. Especially regarding the latter, an author should be involved in activities related to the following categories:

1. substantial contribution to the conception, research, data acquisition and analysis/interpretation;

2. collaboration in the preparation/revision of the submitted manuscript

3. participation in reaching the approval for the publishable manuscript version;

4. ensuring a proper explanation to possible questions that could be raised regarding accuracy and scientific integrity of the submitted manuscript.

It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to confirm, prior to submitting the manuscript, that all the authors of the manuscript fulfill the criteria of authorship as given above, as well as that there is no one else who could claim to be the (co-)author of the submitted manuscript.

By submitting this form, the corresponding author accepts responsibility for having properly included all co-authors of the submitted article. No one else should have contributed in a meaningful and substantial way to its intellectual content. After submitting the manuscript by the corresponding author, no changes of authorship nor in the order of the authors will be accepted.

Please list all authors of the manuscript in the table given below and designate their respective contribution(s). Any relevant contribution not listed in the table can be added under “Additional contributions.”

TITLE OF SUBMISSION: ________________________________________________________

AUTHORS: 1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________


Author Name

Research Conception/

Data Acquisition

Data Analysis/

Manuscript Preparation

Final Approval

Additional contributions: _______________________________________________________


_______________________ ____________________________

Date Corresponding Author Signature

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