Committee Name: Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Chair: Zanib Cheema Vice Chair: N/a mins: Heidi Ouf Date: October 19th

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Name:_Diversity_and_Multicultural_Affairs__Chair:_Zanib_Cheema__Vice_Chair:_N/A__Mins:_Heidi_Ouf'>Committee Name: Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Chair: Zanib Cheema

Vice Chair: N/A

Mins: Heidi Ouf

Date: October 19th, 2015





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TJ Caver


John Daniels


Jessica Green


Olivia Lanham


Dan O’Brien


Heidi Ouf


Steven Pitts


Ryan Powers


Kayla Vaughan




Nick Webb


Kenya Moore


Gary Hooker


Alicia Cedeno Salgado


Rachel Kim


Kye Farrow




In Attendance: Geoffrey Payne, Laura Freeman, John Daniels

Meeting Commenced: 4:30 PM

  • Call to Order/Roll Call

  • Chair Report

    • Hoodies and Hijabs bill passed! And order has been submitted for 300 wristbands.

    • Vice chair elections will be next week. Email Chairwoman Cheema with why you would like to be vice chair.

      • Would be working with Zanib and executive counterparts. Would take minutes and be responsible.

  • Secretary Report

    • African Student Association will be having an event named “Around the World in 90 minutes” will be set up like an slam poetry/open-mic night on November 14th, 7-9 pm in the Bistro

      • ASA has already invited people and a lot of organizations and reached out to Busboys and Poets and to some high schools

      • SG could help with staffing and catering. Obum (President of ASA) will get back to us with what his org needs us to do to help, pay the cost of having the police present

      • If someone is interesting in participating/performing email or ASAP.

    • First of all we Vote is tonight 7-10 pm.

  • Guests Speakers:

    • Ivan from Dialogue and Difference

      • Have already had two successful dialogues earlier this semester. Will have another one on November 17th 7:30-9, Research Hall 163, with facilitation training starting at 6:45

      • Inviting SG to co-sponsor the event or help facilitate, etc

      • If you would like to recommend new ideas or potential speakers, etc, email Dr. Maulden

      • Interested in facilitating?

        • TJ Caver, Kenya Moore, Nick Webb, Alicia, Geoffrey, Dan, Steven, Jess

    • Cheema: Patricia Maulden is Associate Director of SCAR

      • Mary Wells, Mason International is having an International Education Week, November 16th-20th. Mary has asked if we want to have an event.

      • Moore: Event can be about reclaiming identity, kind of based off Reclaiming the Bindi and have white boards that say “I am more than…” in North Plaza and encourage not labeling people, etc

      • Webb: Might be a challenge in letting people know what’s going on

      • Pitts: maybe we can ask ODIME to facilitate.

      • Cheema: if anyone wants to help fill out the form, let Cheema know.

  • Undersecretary Report:

    • Payne: will be facilitating a meeting for Pride Alliance in JC Meeting Room G about Asexuality and Aromanticism.

      • Just met with Jayme Murray about gender neutral restrooms to make sure that single stall bathrooms aren’t gendered

      • President Bhatia appointed to sit on preferred name taskforce – to ensure that people don’t have to come out, making sure that the name on their IDs, on blackboard, etc

      • Went to State of the University on Saturday – it went really well. University has filled the Vice President for Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics position.

        • Diversity was brought up a lot!

        • Daniels: sat on the search committee that hired the new VP. He’s great and is very interesting the needs of the students and seems open to suggestions from students. He might be coming to a senate meeting sometime.

        • Cheema: Could we bring him or a member of his staff to a committee meeting?

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Cheema: any more events ideas?

      • Payne: would recommend not doing anything the week of thanksgiving because not very many people will be here

Meeting Adjourned: 5:09 pm

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