Committee: Disarmament and International Security

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security

Topic: The Impact of Organized Crime in Central and South America

Country: Czech Republic

Over the past decades there has been a growing international problem with organized crimes. The Czech Republic, being one of those countries, faces many of these problems since Europe has such an extensive market that is much more profitable than where these organized groups are from. In 2006 there were 970 people involved with the illegal drug trade in the Czech Republic, over the years the numbers are slowly going down (Mravčík et. all) , but they are still high today. Organized crime impacts countries around the world, especially in Central and South America. To fix the problem of organized crime, the Czech Republic believes that countries who are being impacted need to come together to reduce the size of these crime groups.  
Due to the fact that the Czech Republic is involved with and is a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic has many of the same opinions as the EU. The Czech Republic wants to follow many of the same steps as the European Union to end the impact of organized crime. First, the Czech Republic wants to prevent the organized groups from spreading and spending money by freezing and confiscating the proceeds that helps the illegal crimes, such as drug trading and human sex trafficking, continue throughout the country. After this first step the Czech Republic along with the EU wish to go forward and pursue and prosecute criminals involved with the international crimes and groups. The Czech Republic has already arrested 2,415 persons who were involved in drug crimes in 2009 (Initiatives and practices). The Czech Republic will firmly follow these steps the European Union has set for the countries impacted by the illegal international crimes. (Organized Crime and Human Trafficking)
The Czech Republic believes that to take control of the organized crime, governments around the world need to come together to end the deadly and ruthless deeds. Government, in the eyes of the Czech Republic, is the strongest weapon the world has to fight this ongoing battle. As the Head of Delegation of the Czech Republic stated, “The rule of law and good governance – these are no less important principles we have to base upon in our fight against corruption.”
To end these ongoing crimes throughout the country, the Czech Republic has started Ministries to prevent illegal crimes. The Ministry of Interior from 2008-2011 has created a Crime Prevention Strategy that mainly focuses on reducing crimes against property and violent crime involving drugs (Initiatives and practices). Along with this the Ministry of Education is in charge of preventing drug use amongst children and young adults.  The Czech Republic is looking to create a better future for the younger generations. These models could be adopted and used in Central and South America and around the world.


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