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Famous people of Karlsruhe


Karl Wilhelm

Karl Wilhelm is known as the founder of the town

Karlsruhe. He was born on the 18th January

1679 in Durlach (today Karlsruhe) and

belonged to the family Baden. Karl Wilhelm

was a cultivated and educated man, who

liked peace. He had to watch how the French

destroyed his home town. After this experience

he united Baden Baden and Baden Durlach,

when the line was about to die out.

1715 he founded Karlsruhe, this was Karl Wilhelm’s

last work, but he wasn’t able to enjoy this for a

long time. He died 1738 in Karlsruhe on a stroke.


Karl Friedrich Benz

Carl Friedrich Benz was born on the 25th of

November 1844 in Karlsruhe. His father died

two years later. He studied Mechanical

Engineering in Karlsruhe. Around 1871 he worked

on his own plans for the first car. 14 years later

(1885) he got his first car to drive. He presented

it and united his own factory with Gottlieb Daimler.

The Daimler Benz AG started. Around 1900, 603

different cars were built in the factory. He died

on April the 4th 1929 in Ladenburg. Mercedes was

the name of his daughter.

Karl Friedrich Drais
Karl Friedrich Drais was born on the 29th of April

and died on the 10th of December in Karlsruhe.

He invented the first bike with two tyres, which

was made of wood. The bike and more of his

inventions can be found in the technology

museum in Sinsheim.

Famous sports persons of Karlsruhe

Regina Halmich

Regina Halmich was born on the November 22nd 1976

in Karlsruhe and is now 29 years old. She has been boxing since 1991. Her first fight was on April 9th 1994. Since 1995 she is the World champion of the women.

Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn was born on June 15th 1969 in Karlsruhe. He changed from KSC to FC Bayern-München in 1994 for 4,6 million DM. He is one of the most famous goalkeepers of the German league and the world. You can see him at the WM 2006. He is the goalkeeper of the German national team.

Sven Ottke

Sven Ottke was born on June 3rd 1967 in Berlin. He is a professional boxer since 1997. He had 34 fights and he won them all. Six of them were won by k.o.

He has been living in Karlsruhe since 1995.

The Region around Karlsruhe


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