Code of Professional Ethics

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Code of Professional Ethics

To establish and maintain public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity of the professional speaker is fundamental to the success of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, its members, and the profession of speaking.

To this end, members of the Association have adopted and, as a condition of membership, subscribe to this Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, the members give notice they recognize the vital need to preserve, encourage and support fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of speaking.
Violations of this Code shall be determined in accordance to the bylaws, policies and procedures of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Disciplinary actions shall be instituted by CAPS in accordance with Bylaws and Rules and Regulations established by the Association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the CAPS member and without recourse to the Association, its officers, members or staff.

Article 1. Representation

The CAPS member shall accurately represent qualifications and experience in all oral and written communications. The CAPS member shall not exaggerate his/her qualifications or experience. Promotional materials in any format must include descriptions that are based in truth and fact.

Article 2. Professionalism

The CAPS member shall conduct his/her business in a professional manner and will not use language or materials that would be offensive to others or discredit the speaking profession.

Article 3. Intellectual Property

The CAPS member shall not use the intellectual property of another unless granted written permission by the originator and/or owner of the material, save and except for where the fair usage of material applies under copyright laws.

Article 4. Professional Courtesy

The CAPS member shall treat other professional colleagues with the highest standards of professional courtesy, dignity and respect.

Article 5. Confidentiality

The CAPS member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of all business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other speakers.

Article 6. Unfair Practices

The CAPS member shall be vigilant against fraud or unfair practices and shall endeavor to eliminate from the speaking profession all practices that might bring discredit to the profession.

Article 7. Marketplace Access

The CAPS member shall not participate in any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain the access of others to the marketplace, in accordance with the rights and freedoms guaranteed by Canadian law.

Members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers are dedicated individuals sincerely concerned with the interests of all who come in contact with the profession.
To this end, CAPS members subscribe to this Professional Pledge:
I pledge myself to honesty and to honour my commitments; to continuously advance my professional expertise to ensure service to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.
I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honourable and cooperative association with fellow members of the Association, its partners, and with all others who may become a part of my business and professional life.
I pledge myself to comply with the standards of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers as set forth in its Bylaws and this Code of Professional Ethics.

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