Classroom dress code – Marketing Education and Hotel, Resort & Tourism Management List of clothing and accessories that are not permitted at mcti

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CLASSROOM DRESS CODE – Marketing Education and Hotel, Resort & Tourism Management
List of clothing and accessories that are not permitted at MCTI:

  • hats, headbands, bandanas covering the head or other head coverings;

  • undershirts and undershorts worn as outer garments;

  • pants worn below the waist so that undergarments are visible;

  • muscle shirts or spaghetti straps;

  • clothing, jewelry or accessories that desecrates or is disrespectful to any national, provincial flag or nationality (includes confederate flags)

  • clothing, jewelry or accessories having a message/picture that is obscene, promotes drinking, smoking, substance abuse or contains a statement which is derogatory to any racial, ethnic or religious group, contains double meanings or violent acts;

  • clothing, jewelry or accessories which is suggestive, provocative, distracting or in opposition to appropriate school values;

  • see-through blouses or shirts, including mesh shirts;

  • bare stomachs;

  • skirts and shorts higher than 3 inches above the knee;

  • spandex, gym, running, frayed bottom;

  • flip flops, bedroom slippers; (All footwear must have hard soles)

  • sunglasses except with administrative permission and doctor’s prescription;

  • shoes with fixed or retractable wheels or rollers;

  • wallet chains, chokers, dog collars, studded/spiked bracelets, excessively long necklaces;

  • clothing with studs;

  • pajamas or other nightwear;

  • uncovered tattoos which are sexually suggestive, advocate violence, promote tobacco, alcohol or drugs, have double meaning wording or obscene language, or suggests gang affiliation;

  • hair grooming implements worn as an accessory (e.g., including but not limited to hair picks & combs, etc.);

  • gang-related apparel;

  • extra-long belts with excess hanging loosely; and

  • belt buckles bearing initials that designate gangs or display the confederate flag.

  • All clothing/attire that would interfere with the student’s ability to work safely in the program area or which disrupts the instructional environment.

Class Dress Code

1. Most of the career opportunities that we study will involve direct contact with customers and the general public. It is highly recommended that you begin to practice grooming and dress habits that will be appropriate in a typical business setting.

2. Headphones are not to be used as a fashion accessory.

3. General lab activities for Hotel Management and Marketing do not require the wearing of safety glasses, unless directed otherwise.

4. Sneakers and rubber soled footwear are acceptable in our lab, but must include a shoe back or strap by the heel to ensure a safe, secure fit.

5. Be aware that if your attire is not in compliance with any other lab/s in our school, you will not be granted permission to conduct any business in those areas. Their requirements may be more stringent for safety reasons, and that takes priority.

6. Your MCTI ID is to be worn on the designated lanyard any time that you are outside of the lab area at MCTI, including outside embarking/disembarking the bus.

7. Certain activities require “professional attire.” In those instances, advance notice is given and the PA DECA Dress Code will be our guiding tool. Copies are available at as well as in the DECA tab on (Also, be sure to check Mrs. LeCompte’s page under Teachers for assignments and class related messages.)
I have read and understand the dress code. I also understand failure to follow the dress code will result in disciplinary action, which may include calling my parent/guardian to come in and bring the appropriate attire to conform to the classroom dress code for my program.
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