Claires’s stores, llc supply joy to hairless dragonflies enduring cancer

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Young chemotherapy patients to receive enhanced “I Am Still Me” Hair Loss Care Packages from The Dragonfly Foundation
CINCINNATI, OH, October 31, 2014 - With the help of Claire’s Stores, Inc., The Dragonfly Foundation is continuing to enhance its “I Am Still Me” Hair Loss Care Package Program to help even bigger smiles to more young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients in Chicago and in Cincinnati. The organizations have are working together to help minimize the psychological pain and fear that young women, teens, tweens and kids experience before, during and after hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment.
“Claire’s Stores came through for our Dragonflies in a big way,” said Christine Neitzke, President and Co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation. “We are thrilled to be able to expand our “I Am Still Me” Program to include Claire’s adorable paisley backback and 22 other products, such as fun and fashionable headbands, jewelry and eye wear.”
For 90% of chemotherapy patients, the most visible side effect is temporary hair loss. Some patients go on to experience thinning of the hair and other related consequences that can last a lifetime. The entire experience is difficult for caregivers to witness, but is even harder for young patients to experience. The Dragonfly Foundation created the “I Am Still Me” Hair Loss Care Package & Public Awareness Program to help patients, from ages 5 to 30, take ownership of their bodies, maintain their self-esteem and protect their self-image.

The Dragonfly Foundation will be featuring the “I Am Still Me” Care Packages on October 31st at an event called “Scare Cancer.” This large-scale holiday-themed event and “Maggie Speaks!” concert marks the official launch of the organization's first branch outside of Cincinnati, OH. Hundreds of supporters from in and around the region are expected to attend this exciting event and to celebrate the organization's 2 cities 1 mission! All proceeds from the event will help sustain a new chapter of The Dragonfly Foundation that will be able to provide comfort and joy to kids and young adults being treated for cancer and bone marrow transplants in Chicago-area hospitals.

About the Dragonfly Foundation

The Dragonfly Foundation was established in August 2010 by Christine Neitzke and Ria Davidson. Its mission is to provide comfort and joy to kids and young adults (and their families) enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants. Currently, Dragonfly supports patients in 46 states and 6 countries. To learn more about the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please visit

Claire’s Stores, Inc.

Claire’s Stores, Inc. is one of the world’s leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewelry and accessories for young women, teens, tweens and girls ages 3 to 35. The Company operates through its stores under two brand names: Claire’s® and Icing®. As of August 2, 2014, Claire’s Stores, Inc. operated 3,052 stores in 17 countries throughout North America and Europe. The Company also franchised 436 stores in 30 countries primarily located in the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia and Central and South America. More information regarding Claire’s Stores is available on the Company’s corporate website at

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