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This check list must be completed for each project document by the Development Account Focal Point in the implementing entities. It should be attached to the project document that is submitted to the Programme Manager, as an indication that it complies with the agreed project template, as well as the key requirements for the logical framework and project budget.

  1. Template (structural compliance)


  • The document is in line with prodoc guidelines

  • Country demand for the project is spelt out clearly and evidence of its existence provided

  1. Logical framework

  • The project’s strategy is outlined clearly and reflects the problem that the project intends to solve

  • Indicators have been developed and shared with the evaluation expert of the implementing entity

  • Attention was given to ensure consistency of the activities developed with the elements of the framework. Activities are also sufficient to plausibly achieve the expected accomplishments that they support and are consistent with capacity development approaches

  1. Budget

  • A financial check was conducted by a budget officer

  1. Partnerships

  • All implementing partners have been identified and their respective roles in the project defined

  1. Sustainability and multiplier effects

  • The project’s design was driven by the aim to sustain the benefits of its achievements beyond the completion of the project

  1. Internal review

  • The prodoc has gone through an internal quality control process. Please elaborate on this process here.

  1. Budget deviations: Deviations from the average % by budget line have been justified.

  • If GTA is above 5% or 15 work months, please make sure that annex 4 provides sufficient explanatory details as to why this is the case. If GTA exceeds 8%, please provide reasons in this table.

  • If travel is above 18%, please make sure that annex 4 provides sufficient explanatory details. If travel is above 25%, please provide reasons in this table.

  • If consultancies are above 28% (including evaluation), please make sure that annex 4 provides sufficient details. If consultancies are above 35% please elaborate in this table.

  • If the sum of the consultancy, Expert Group Meeting, contractual services and GTA cost are above 40% of the project budget, please provide details as to why the project relies so heavily on external expertise

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