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Zeus (ZOOS)

Jupiter (JOO-pit-er)

King of the gods. He is sometimes angry at the behavior of gods and people, but he can also be a gentle and caring ruler. He is particularly fond of beautiful women, regardless of whether they are goddesses or mortals.

thunderbolt, shield, oak tree

Poseidon (poh-SIE-don)

Neptune (NEP-toon)

Zeus's brother, God of the ocean and the earthquakes. He is often distinguished in art by the fisherman's trident that he carries-a three pronged spear.

trident, horse, bull

Hera (HEE-ruh)

Juno (Joo-noh)

Zeus's wife. Queen of the gods, guardian of marriage. She is a great lady and diplomat. Though she is often jealous and nags her husband, she can also be a tender and loving wife.

peacock, cow

Athena (uh-THEEN-uh)

Minerva (min-ER-vuh)

Daughter of Zeus (born, it is said, from his brain, when he had a bad headache). She is the goddess of wisdom and war, patriotism, and good citizenship. She is the protector and namesake of the city of Athens.

owl, shield, olive tree

Apollo [uh-PAW-loh]


Son of Zeus. God of poetry, music, medicine and light. He is associated with the sun.

crow, dolphin, laurel, lyre

Artemis [AR-tim-is]

Diana [die-AN-uh]

Apollo's twin sister. Goddess of hunting and of wild things. She is associated with the moon. She is sometimes called "Cynthia."

stag, crescent, moon, cypress

Hades [HAY-deez]

Pluto [PLU-toe]

God of the underworld.

helmet, metal jewels

Ares [Air-eez]

Mars [MARZ]

Son of Zeus. Terrible god of war.

vulture, dog

Hephaestus [hee-FES-tuhs]

Vulcan [VUL-kan]

Son of Zeus and Hera, the lame blacksmith god of fire.

fire, blacksmith's hammer

Aphrodite [af-roh-DIE-tee}

Venus [VEE-nus]

The wife of Hephaestus, she is the goddess of love and beauty. She is said to have been born of the sea foam. Her son, Eros [AIR-ohss] (the Roman Cupid [KU-pid]), shoots arrows which cause men and women to fall in love. Another son, Aeneas [ee NEE-uhs], is a mortal man, considered to be the ancestor of the Romans.

dove, goose, sparrow, myrtle

Hermes [HER-meez]

Mercury [MER-cure-ee]

Son of Zeus. Messenger of the gods, he is also the god of science and invention

wand, winged sandals, winged helmet

Hestia [HES-tee-uh]

Vesta [VES-tuh]

Zeus's sister. Goddess of home and hearth.


Demeter [dee-MEE-ter]

Ceres [SEER-eez]

Zeus's sister. She is the very important goddess of grain and agriculture. She is a kind of bond between heaven and earth.


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