Chapter 4 Competition for Trade Name: Chapter Inquiry

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Chapter 4 - Competition for Trade Name:

Chapter Inquiry - How did the various people in North America work together in the fur trade and compete to control it?

The Vikings came to North America in the year 1000. The next Europeans didn’t arrive for another 500 years. The first contacts between the Europeans and the North American aboriginals happened along the coast. The Europeans and the First Nations peoples were very surprised to meet people who were different from themselves.

  1. Depending on your perspective your observations can be very different from someone else. What does this mean? It means that how you view something is affected by your beliefs, understanding, and approach which is often different than someone else.

  1. How did the Europeans and the First Nations people learn to get along?

Quite well at first as they wanted to trade with one another.

Did this happen quickly? Yes but took some time. Why was it important that they get along with each other? Each had something the other wanted in trade.

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