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CEU Final Exam for Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS A Worktext, Third Edition

In order to receive CEU credit for taking this exam, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be certified by AAPC prior to purchasing this textbook and prior to submitting this test to Cengage for CEUs. This offer of CEUs is intended for credentialed professionals only and is not intended for use by instructors teaching a course that utilizes this textbook.

  • You must receive a passing grade of 70% or better (21/30 correct) to be eligible to apply for the 3 CEUs granted by AAPC for this title.

  • If you receive a passing grade and a certificate of approval from Cengage, you must then enter the index number from the certificate into your personal CEU tracker. For more information on obtaining CEUs from AAPC, please go to:


CEU Final Exam for Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS A Worktext, Third Edition
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Instructions: Select the correct answer choice for each of the following.

1. CMS updates the ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes _____.

a. annually

b. quarterly

c. biannually

d. every other year

2. Sammy Smith sustained a fracture of his right ulna. This would be reported with a code from the ICD-10-CM chapter entitled:

a. Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue

b. Symptoms, Signs and Abnormal Clinical and Laboratory Findings, Not Elsewhere Classified

c. Injury and Poisoning and Certain Other Consequences of External Causes

d. Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services

3. The note INCLUDES ______.

a. lists nonessential modifiers

b. instructs the coder to reference another section of the Tabular

c. indicates that two codes are needed

d. defines and/or gives examples of the content of a particular category

4. For the statement “intestinal obstruction due to meconium in mucoviscidosis of newborn,” the main term to reference in the Index is _______.

a. intestinal or obstruction

b. obstruction or meconium

c. obstruction or mucoviscidosis

d. mucoviscidosis, meconium, or obstruction

5. Which of the following is NOT a member of the Cooperating Parties for ICD-10-CM?

a. AHA

b. AMA


d. CMS

6. Tommy Jones was hospitalized and the discharge diagnosis recorded for his case is meningitis due to Lyme disease. The correct code(s) for this case is/are _____.

a. A69.20

b. A69.20, G03.9

c. G03.9

d. A69.21

7. Which of the following codes has an instructional notation to use additional codes to identify exposures and histories?

a. C30.1

b. C31.9

c. C34.00

d. C37

8. Sickle-cell thalassemia with acute chest syndrome is reported with code _____.

a. D57.411

b. D57.40

c. D57.211

d. D57.811

9. Type 1 DM with diabetic dermatitis is reported with code _____.

a. E10.43

b. E13.62

c. E11.620

d. E10.620

10. John Tops is admitted to an inpatient rehab center to determine if he has an addiction to alcohol. After extensive testing, the assessment concludes alcohol dependence with withdrawal delirium. Code _____ would be used for this case.

a. F10.21

b. F10.10

c. F10.231

d. F10.232

11. Jerry Marks is seen in PT today because of a diagnosis of hemiplegia affecting the right dominant side. This is reported with code _____.

a. G81.01

b. G81.13

c. G81.91

d. G82.20

12. Which of the following diagnoses is reported with code H27.00?

a. acquired aphakia of left eye

b. acquired absence of lens

c. right eye aphakia due to trauma

d. bilateral aphakia

13. Tommy Jones is being seen today due to tinnitus of the right ear and otalgia of both ears. The code(s) for this case is/are _____.

a. H93.13, H92.03

b. H92.03, H.93.19

c. H93.11, H92.03

d. H93.13

14. Varicose veins of the left lower extremity with inflammation are reported with code(s) _____.

a. I83.10, L08.9

b. I83.12, L08.9

c. I83.022

d. I83.12

15. The final diagnosis on a discharge summary reads, “acute and chronic respiratory failure.” The correct code(s) is/are _____.

a. J96.0

b. J96.20

c. J96.0, J96.1

d. J96.1

16. Patient has a diagnosis of vesicular stomatitis and also smokes cigars. This is reported with code(s) _____.

a. K12.1, Z72.0

b. K12.1, F17.210

c. K12.1, F17.290

d. K12.0, F17.290

17. Mr. Smith was admitted to Sunny Valley Rest Home with a pressure ulcer of the sacral region with full thickness skin loss with damage of the subcutaneous tissue extending to the underlying fascia. This would be reported with code(s) _____.

a. L89.149

b. L89.153

c. L89.143

d. L89.159

18. Right forearm interstitial myositis is reported with code _____.

a. M60.121

b. M60.141

c. M60.131

d. M60.18

19. Office Note: “Sam presents to the office today due to bladder sphincter dyssynergy that is causing urinary stress incontinence. At this time he is being treated with medications which I am monitoring.” This case would be reported with code(s) _____.

a. N36.44, N39.3

b. K83.8, N39.3

c. N39.3, N32.81

d. N36.42, N39.3

20. Mild pre-eclampsia in the 38th week of pregnancy is reported with code(s) _____.

a. O14.13, Z3A.38

b. O14.00, Z3A.38

c. O14.03, Z3A.38

d. O14.93, Z3A.38

21. Dorsal spina bifida with hydrocephalus is reported with code _____.

a. Q05.9

b. Q76.0

c. Q05.9, G91.9

d. Q05.1

22. The instructional notation that appears for the code for a drug-induced fever is _____.

a. Code first any underlying disease

b. Use additional code for adverse effect, if applicable, to identify drug (T36-T50 with 5th or 6th character 5)

c. Excludes1: fever and chills

d. Excludes1: atypical face pain due to fever and chills

23. Office Note: “This patient returns to the office today to follow up on a torus fracture of the upper end of the right tibia. An x-ray was taken and there is nonunion of the fracture.” This would be reported with code _____.

a. S82.161S

b. S82.161A

c. S82.161K

d. S82.161D

24. The external cause code for exposure to laser radiation for an initial encounter is _____.

a. X32.00xA

b. W90.1xxA

c. W90.2xxA

d. W89.9xxA

25. Sally Smith is seen by Dr. Jones today. She had carcinoma of the breast four years ago and there is no evidence of the cancer at this time. This would be reported with code(s) _____.

a. C50.919

b. C50.919, Z85.3

c. Z85.3

d. Z85.3 C50.919

26. Gary Hill was seen today for removal of a foreign body from his left cornea. This procedure would be reported with code _____.

a. 08C8XZZ

b. 08C1XZZ

c. 08CTXZZ

d. 08C9XZZ

27. A midforceps delivery would be coded with code _____.

a. 10D07Z3

b. 10D07Z4

c. 10D07Z5

d. 10D07Z6

28. An MRI of the bilateral renal veins would be reported with code _____.

a. B53VZZZ

b. B52KZZZ

c. B53LYZZ

d. B53LZZZ

29. Which code is used to report a swallowing assessment completed at the bedside using an assessment kit?

a. F00ZHZZ

b. F00ZHYZ

c. F00ZKZZ

d. F00ZPZZ

30. Family psychotherapy would be reported with code _____.


b. GZ63ZZZ

c. GZ61ZZZ

d. GZ72ZZZ

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