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This electronic form serves as the official record of MANUSCRIPT APPROVAL and is submitted to

the Graduate School (ALN226) simultaneously with the student’s additional paperwork.



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Manuscript Title


By signing this form I am certifying that the version I submitted is the final copy approved by my advisory committee, has been analyzed by appropriate plagiarism-detection software, and all published material in this dissertation/thesis has the appropriate copyright permissions to be reproduced and are included in the appendix. Furthermore, if IRB approval was required for this research, a copy of that approval is included in the appendix. I hereby grant to USF and its agents the non-exclusive license to archive and make accessible my thesis or dissertation in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known. I retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis or dissertation. I also retain the right to use in future works (such as articles or books) all or part of the thesis or dissertation.
Required Release Agreement:

Document is submitted electronically (ETD) and archived under the release option noted both on this form and in the online final submission system when the PDF file is uploaded. If a restriction has been noted, electronic publication of the document will be delayed for one year from the date of final approval by the USF Graduate School. Select One Option:

 Worldwide Immediate Publication Access

OR  Publication Release Embargo of one (1) year.

Note: Access information is also selected in the ProQuest system. Selections for both this paper form and in the online system

MUST MATCH or the release information will be invalid and the manuscript will be released immediately for worldwide access.

The aforementioned manuscript has been reviewed and approved to meet the thesis or dissertation requirement by the student’s supervisory committee. The undersigned agree to abide by the statements above, and confirm that this Certificate of Approval Form serves as confirmation that the thesis/dissertation defense has been successfully completed and that the thesis or dissertation, including the Abstract, is approved and ready for submission and publication through the University Graduate School.


By signing below, the (Co-)Major Professor(s) confirms the analysis of the report generated from running the student-uploaded dissertation/thesis through a plagiarism-detection software

(Check appropriate: TurnItIn.com SafeAssignment, eThenticate, Other:____________________)

and believes, based on that analysis as well as the limitations inherent in such detection software, that this dissertation/thesis is not plagiarized.. The generated report must be attached; check here:  if parts of the document have previously been published.

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Date Signed




Major / Co-Major Professor



Co-Major Professor / Member















COMMITTEE VERIFICATION: The Associate Dean of the College or the Dept. Program Director (in the Colleges of AS & BCS) attests that the committee listed above was previously approved by the college, as well as that the authenticity of each member’s signature.

Associate Dean /

Program Director




(For Dual-Degree Students)




Directory: data
data -> Data Indicators for Dental Clinic Efficiency and Effectiveness Introduction
data -> Acanthomatous ameloblastoma- a case report
data -> Gaba sponsors International Oral Care Symposium 50 Years of Amine Fluoride Therwil, Switzerland, May 27, 2013
data -> Remineralisation of primary root caries with amine fluoride New trial: Combined use of a dental rinse containing amine fluoride and toothpaste promotes remineralisation of primary root caries in risk patients
data -> Media Releases
data -> Lecture 4 Endodonty. Determination of concept. Anatomical features of structure of cavity of tooth and root-canals. Stages of opening of cavity of tooth. Endodontical tool: variety, settings, rules of the use
data -> Richmond crown -for restoration of badly mutilated posterior teeth- a case report
data -> Richmond crown-for restoration of badly mutilated posterior teeth: a case report
data -> Endodontic management of an unusual mandibular second molar by using spiral computed tomography: a case report
data -> Conservative management of cutaneous facial sinus tract of odontogenic origin: a case report

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