Central South University Introduction

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Central South University

Central South University(CSU)is situated in Changsha, a famous historic and cultural city in central south China. It’s a key national university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. CSU was established in April, 2000 through the amalgamation of three former universities, namely Central South University of Technology, Hunan Medical University and Changsha Railway University. CSU is among the first universities that entered the national key construction “211 Project” and ministry- province key construction “985 Project”. It’s one of the top-20 universities in over-all strength in China.

The fields of study at CSU now cover 11 branches of learning, namely engineering, science, medicine, literature, law, economics, management, philosophy, education, history and agriculture. CSU has formed its own superiorities and characteristics in mineral resources, material science & engineering, medical science, civil engineering, traffic & transportation engineering. Founded in 1914, Xiangya medical school of CSU was the first to teach western medicine in China. In the middle of the 20th century, the best disciplines in the national non-ferrous metal industry and in civil engineering in the south central China were aggregated in CSU. At the beginning of the 21st century, CSU reconfigured in the disciplines of engineering, science, medicine, humanities, etc.
CSU has 31 colleges and institutes, a graduate school, and 3 AAA-level affiliated hospitals. We offer bachelor’s degrees in 83 specialties, master’s degrees in 282 specialties, and doctor’s degrees in 142 specialties. CSU has 24 postdoctoral exchange centers, ranked 9th in the Chinese universities. There are 20,000 faculty and 52,400 enrolled students including 18,800 postgraduate students.
The international communication of the university is active and extensive. It has agreements on bilateral exchanges and cooperation with over 200 universities, research institutes and enterprises all over the world. like Monash Univ. in Australia, Oak Ridge National Lab in USA and Mittal Steel Company in India. CSU pays great attention to the education of foreign students. It began to enroll foreign students in early 1960’s. Now it has 800 overseas students from more than 90 countries studying at the university. It’s one of the universities undertaking Chinese Government Scholarship projects.

Degree Programs
Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years, 5 Years for medicine)

General Scholar (1-2years)

  1. Architecture (5 years)

  2. Civil Engineering

  3. Geological Engineering

  4. Environmental Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering & Automation

  1. Survey Technology & Instruments

  2. Metallurgical Engineering

  3. Building Environment & Equipment Engineering

  4. Thermal Energy & Dynamic Engineering

  5. Pharmaceutical Engineering

  6. Mining Engineering ※

  7. Automation

  8. Electronic Information Engineering

  9. Computer Science & Technology

  10. Electronic Information Science &Technology

  11. Engineering Mechanics

  12. Chemical Engineering & Technology

  13. Mineral Processing Engineering

  14. Material Science & Engineering

  15. Traffic & Transportation

  16. Communication Engineering

  17. Safety Engineering

  18. Information Safety

  19. Information & Computing Science

  20. Biological Engineering

  21. Geographical Information System

  22. Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering

  23. Information Physical Engineering

  24. Fire Fighting Engineering `

  25. Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

31. Applied Physics

  1. Applied Chemistry

  2. Biological Science

  3. Biological Technology

  4. Clinical Medicine ※

36. Stomatology

  1. Pharmacy

  2. Preventive Medicine

  3. Anesthesiology

  4. Nursing ※

  5. Psychiatry

  6. Medical Laboratory

  7. International Economy & Trade

  8. Finance

  9. Statistics

  10. Accounting

  11. Engineering Management

  12. Business Management

  13. Financial Management

  14. Electronic Commerce

  15. Information Management & System

  16. Law

  17. Sociology

  18. Chinese Language and Literature

  19. English

  20. French

  21. Japanese

  22. Industrial Design

  23. Artistic Design

  24. Urban Planning

  25. Administrative Management

  26. Broadcast and Television Journalism

Master’s Degree (2-3 Years)

Senior Scholar (1-2 years)

  1. Solid Mechanics

  2. Engineering Mechanics

  3. Machine Manufacturing & Its Automation

  4. Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

  5. Machine Design & Theory

  6. Vehicle Engineering

  7. Digital Device & Computer Manufacture

  8. Information Equipment &Part Manufacture Technology

  9. Material Physics & Chemistry

  10. Materials Science

  11. Material Processing Engineering

  12. Electronic Information Material & Device

  13. Material Computing Science & Virtual Engineering

  14. Powder Material Science & Engineering

  15. Material Tribology

  16. Biological Materials

  17. Mineral Materials

  18. Physical Chemistry in Metallurgy

  19. Iron & Steel Metallurgy

  20. Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy

  21. Electrochemical Engineering

  22. Material Metallurgy

  23. Engineering Thermophysics

  24. Thermal Energy Engineering

  25. Refrigeration & Cryogenic Engineering

  26. Power System & Its Automation

  27. Electrodynamic Electronics & Electrical Transmission

  28. Electronic Engineering Theory & New Technology

  29. Physics Electronics

  30. Circuits and System

  31. Communication & Information Systems

  32. Signal & Information Processing

  33. Control Theory & Control Engineering

  34. Detection Technology & Automation Devices

  35. System Engineering

  36. Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems

  37. Computer System Configuration ※

  38. Computer Software & Theory ※

  39. Computer Application Technology ※

  40. Architectural Design & Theory

  41. Urban Planning & Design

  42. Architectural Technology & Science

  43. Rock& Soil Engineering

  44. Structural Engineering

  45. Municipal Engineering

  46. Heating, Gassing, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Engineering

  47. Disaster Prevention Reduction & Protection Engineering

  48. Bridge & Tunnel Engineering

  49. Fire fighting Engineering

  50. Globe Survey & Survey Engineering

  51. Geographical Cartography & Information System

  52. Environment Engineering

  53. Biomedical Engineering

  54. Safety Technology & Engineering

  55. Chemistry Engineering

  56. Chemistry Technology

  57. Biochemical Engineering

  58. Applied Chemistry `

  59. Industrial Catalysis

  60. Pharmaceutical Engineering

  61. Mineral Prospecting & Exploration

  62. Globe Survey & Information Technology

  63. Geological Engineering

  64. Mining Engineering ※

  65. Mineral Processing Engineering

  66. Regeneration Material Engineering

  67. Transportation Planning & Management

  68. Road & Railway Engineering

  69. Transportation Information Engineering & Control

  70. Logistics Engineering

  71. Theoretical Physics

  72. Condensed Physics

  73. Optics

  74. Fundamental Mathematics

  75. Operation Research & Cybernetics

  76. Computational Mathematics

  77. Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics

  78. Applied Mathematics ※

  79. Inorganic Chemistry

  80. Analytical Chemistry

  81. Organic Chemistry

  82. Physical Chemistry

  83. Mineralogy, Petrology & Deposits

  84. Genetics

  85. Cytobiology

  86. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  87. Physiology

  88. Microbiology

  89. Neurobiology

  90. Biological Engineering

  91. Biological Statistics

  92. Etiological Biology

  93. Disease Genomics

  94. Immunology

  95. Pathology & Pathophysiology

  96. Internal Medicine

  97. Reproductive Engineering

  98. Pediatrics

  99. Neurology

  100. Psychiatry & Psychiatric Health

  101. Dermatology & Venereology

  102. Clinical Stomatology

  103. Basics of Integration of TCM & Western Medicine

  104. Clinical TCM & Western Medicine

  105. Surgery

  106. Gynecology & Obstetrics

  107. Ophthalmology

  108. Otorhinolaryngology

  109. Oncology

  110. Rehabilitation Medicine & Physiotherapy

  111. Epidemiology & Health Statistics

  112. Anesthesiology

  113. Emergency Medicine

  114. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  115. Nursing ※

  116. Pharmaceutics

  117. Pharmacology

  118. Management Science and Engineering

  119. Accounting

  120. Enterprise Management

  121. Technical Economy & Management

  122. Administration Management

  123. MBA

  124. Social Medicine & Health Management

  125. Western Economics

  126. Population, Resource & Environmental Economics

  127. Regional Economics

  128. Finance (including insurance)

  129. Industrial Economics

  130. International Trade

  131. Labor Economics

  132. Statistics

  133. Quantitative Economics

  134. Criminal Law

  135. Civil & Business Law

  136. Procedural Law

  137. Economical Law

  138. International Law ※

  139. Sociology

  140. Anthropology

  141. Ethics

  142. Philosophy of Science & Technology

  143. Principle of Education

  144. Higher Education

  145. History of Educational Technology

  146. Development & Educational Psychology

  147. Applied Psychology

  148. Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

  149. Chinese Ancient Literature

  150. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

  151. Comparative Literature & World Literature

  152. English Language & Literature

  153. Foreign Language & Applied Linguistics

  154. Designing Art

  155. Literature & Art Studies

  156. Modern & Contemporary Chinese History

  157. International Business Management

Doctor’s Degree (3-4 Years)

Senior Scholar (1-2 years)

  1. Engineering Mechanics

  2. Machine Manufacturing & Its Automation

  3. Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

  4. Machine Design & Theory

  5. Vehicle Engineering

  6. Digital Device & Computer Manufacture

  7. Information Equipment &Part Manufacture Technology

  8. Material Physics &Chemistry

  9. Materials Science

  10. Material Processing Engineering

  11. Electronic Information Material & Device

  12. Material Computing Science & Virtual Engineering

  13. Powder Material Science & Engineering

  14. Material Tribology

  15. Biological Materials

  16. Mineral Materials

  17. Physical Chemistry in Metallurgy

  18. Steel &Iron Metallurgy

  19. Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy

  20. Electrochemical Engineering

  21. Metals Metallurgy

  22. Thermal Energy Engineering

  23. Control Theory & Control Engineering

  24. Detection Technology & Automation Devices

  25. System Engineering

  26. Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems

  27. Computer Application Technology ※

  28. Rock& Soil Engineering

  29. Structural Engineering

  30. Municipal Engineering

  31. Heating, Gassing, Ventilating & Air- Conditioning Engineering

  32. Disaster Prevention Reduction & Protection Engineering

  33. Bridge & Tunnel Engineering

  34. Fire fighting Engineering

  35. Globe Survey & Survey Engineering

  36. Geographical Cartography & Information System

  37. Chemistry Engineering

  38. Chemistry Technology

  39. Biochemical Engineering

  40. Applied Chemistry `

  41. Industrial Catalysis

  42. Pharmaceutical Engineering

  43. Mineral Prospecting & Exploration

  44. Globe Survey & Information Technology

  45. Geological Engineering

  46. Mining Engineering ※

  47. Mineral Processing Engineering

  48. Regeneration Material Engineering

  49. Transportation Planning & Management

  50. Road & Railway Engineering

  51. Logistics Engineering

  52. Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics

  53. Mineralogy Petrology & Deposits

  54. Genetics

  55. Cytobiology

  56. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  57. Physiology

  58. Microbiology

  59. Neurobiology

  60. Biological Engineering

  61. Biological Statistics

  62. Etiological Biology

  63. Disease Genomics

  64. Immunology

  65. Pathology & Pathophysiology

  66. Internal Medicine

  67. Reproductive Engineering

  68. Pediatrics

  69. Neurology

  70. Psychiatry & Psychiatric Health

  71. Dermatology & Venereology

  72. Basics of Integration of TCM & Western Medicine

  73. Basics of Integration of TCM & Western Medicine

  74. Surgery

  75. Gynecology & Obstetrics

  76. Ophthalmology

  77. Otorhinolaryngology

  78. Oncology

  79. Rehabilitation Medicine & Physiotherapy

  80. Epidemiology & Health Statistics

  81. Anesthesiology

  82. Emergency Medicine

  83. Nursing

  84. Pharmacology

  85. Management Science and Engineering

  86. Technical Economy & Management

  87. Ethics

  88. Applied Psychology

  89. International Business Management

Note: The specialties marked with “※”can be conducted in English with a prerequisite of a minimum number of 30 students for Bachelor’s degree, 10 students for Master’s degree, and 6 students for Doctor’s degree.

Fee Structure

For Self-financed International Students Studying at CSU

Application: 300Yuan Registration: 500Yuan

Teaching materials: 300—600Yuan/ year, Insurance fee: 600 Yuan/ year

Lodging: 15~40Yuan/day (twin room; single room, suite with TVs, telephones, air conditions, toilets)

Food: 400~700Yuan/month (There are public kitchens in the dorm with cooking utensils.)

Tuition for programs in Chinese media

Medicine(in Chinese Media) Other Majors(in Chinese Media) Chinese Language

22,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year 16,000Yuan /Undergraduate/Year 14,000Yuan/Year

26,000Yuan/ Master/Year 20,000Yuan/ Master/Year 7,500Yuan/Half a year

30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year 25,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year 4,200Yuan/3 months

24,000Yuan/General Scholar/Year 18,000Yuan/ General Scholar/Year 3,000Yuan/2 months

28,000Yuan/SeniorScholar /Year 24,000Yuan/ Senior Scholar/Year 1,600Yuan/1month
Tuition for programs in English media:

Clinical medicine: 32,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year,

35,000 Yuan/ Master/Year, 40,000 Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Nursing: 26,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year, 30,000Yuan/ Master/Year

Mining Engineering: 22,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year, 25,000Yuan/ Master/Year

Law: 20,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year, 25,000Yuan/ Master/Year

Computer: 22,000Yuan/ Master/Year, 27,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Mathematics: 25,000Yuan/ Master/Year

Installation and Environment

As a prestigious university with advanced condition and infrastructure, its advanced teaching and research apparatus and equipment value over 1 billion RMB. The library of CSU has a collection of more than 3,100,000 volumes. Academic centers, teaching and research buildings, stadiums, computer labs; high-level student dormitories, activity centers, swimming pools, hospitals, banks, post offices, coffee bar, Moslem dinning halls and so on provide good conditions for the staff and students.

Located at the foot of the beautiful Yuelu Mountain and near the Xiang River with picturesque and quiet environment, our university is an ideal place for higher learning and scientific research.。
A Brief Introduction of The Computer Application Technology Classes

For Foreign Graduate and Doctorate Students Studying In Central South University

The School of Information Science and Engineering (SISE) of CSU began to recruit undergraduate students in 1958 and graduate students in 1978. SISE offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the discipline of Control Theory & Control Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Electrical Engineering, Information & Communication Engineering, Electronics Science & Technology, Traffic Information Engineering & Control, and Systems Analysis & Integration etc. With about 7000 staffs and students, SISE has developed into the largest-scale school in CSU. The faculty of SISE is of high quality. Among them, there are famous domestic and oversea professors and experts. Currently, there are 329 faculties in the SISE. 65 full professors, among them, there are 37 PHD supervisors, and 112 associate professors. Meanwhile, a number of famous scientists both at home and abroad are employed to be honorary professor, guest professor and concurrent Professor in SISE

SISE began to open Classes for Foreign Graduate Students (CFGS) (3 years) in 1998 and Classes for the Foreign Doctorate Students (CFDS)(4 years) in 2007 learning discipline of Computer Science and Technology. 82 graduate students and 5 Doctorate students have graduated since then. Meanwhile, there are 88 graduate students and 32 Doctorate students in-study.

The discipline of Computer Science and Technology (CST) emphasizes on the such subjects as Modern Computer Network, Communication, Optimization Theory and Application of Network Computation, Modern Software Engineering, the Processing Technology of Computer Graphics and Graphical Information, the Computer Architecture and so on. CST has established some solid research areas each with its own characteristic, i.e., Theory of Computing Optimization and Application, Distributed and Parallel Processing, Intelligent Information Processing, Modern Software Engineering and Application, Theory of Network Computation, Modern and Algorithm, Theory and Technology of the Network Security, Theory and Communication Technology of Computer Network, Computer Architecture, Theory and Application of Multi-media Technology, Technology of Database and Information Processing, Semantic Web, the Offence and Defense of Computer Virus and Aspect Oriented Software Engineering and so on. CST aims at educating the advanced and specialized talents undertaking the research, development and design for various systems in the area of computer and the area related to computer. Those talents have owned the following edges: having solid theoretical foundation of computer science and technology, systematically understanding the technology of the subject, being familiar with the latest research achievements and the development trends of the subject, owning the ability to engage in the research work and solve the engineering problems independently, having competence for the job of high level teaching, research, software development and management in computer science and technology and related subjects.

Currently, we have graduate curricula: Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Modern Software Engineering, Advanced Computer Network Technology, and Database design, Theory of Computation, Multimedia Technology, Digital Graphics Processing and Application, Object Oriented Component Technology, Parallel Program Design etc. For doctorate students, the curricula are Modern Computer Application Technology, Research on Modern Computer Algorithm, Theory of Computation, Advanced Digital Graphics Processing and Theory of Intelligent Systems and Application etc.
Contact Information:

Overseas Students Office, Central South University

Changsha, Hunan 410083, P. R. China

Tel: 0086-731-88877515, 88836661, 82650305

Fax: 0086-731-88710136

Email: sic-csut@mail.csu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.csu.edu.cn
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