Mouth Tongue shape

Turtle tykesTurtle tykes
Name Date Period. Tongue shape
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Curriculum Vitae Katherine M. Dawson EducationCurriculum Vitae Katherine M. Dawson Education
Sept 2011 – present: Phd speech-Language-Hearing Sciences: City University of New York Graduate Center. Tongue shape
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Human Genetics – a sample of Characteristics Controlled by Genes IntroductionHuman Genetics – a sample of Characteristics Controlled by Genes Introduction
In other words, it is the study of how characters are passed on from generation to generation. These characters are expressed differently in different people due to different gene combinations and environmental conditions. Tongue shape
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Genetics ProblemsGenetics Problems
The purpose of this exercise is to practice using the rules of inheritance to solve problems involving genotypes and phenotypes. Please do on a separate sheet of paper and show your work. Tongue shape
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Unattached/free earlobesUnattached/free earlobes
Answer the following questions regarding your physical traits. Determine how many dominant and recessive traits you have. Test your parent(s) to see which versions of the traits you inherited. Tongue shape
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Producing different speech soundsProducing different speech sounds
Speech is a fantastic skill in which we make noises by changing what we do to the air coming out of our lungs. Different sounds are used in different languages and are created by changes in our voicebox, lips, tongue and soft palate. Tongue shape
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Yamaha corporation of america  band & orchestral divisionYamaha corporation of america  band & orchestral division
Education & Artist Relations Department, 39 Jackson Place, Suite 150 Indianapolis, in 46225 Phone (317) 524-6270 Fax (317) 636-7740. Tongue shape
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