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Warhymns recordsWarhymns records
Dawn / cardinal sin sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh / Spiteful Intents (CD). Osculum infame
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Latin Literature: Notes and QuotesLatin Literature: Notes and Quotes
Aeneid magnifies an institution (Rome), not an individual hero. Osculum infame
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Tre diverse modalità brutal per smembrare un cadavere: con il bisturi arrugginito dei Suture, con i meccanismi industriali dei Lehavoth, con i denti della belva invasata dei Leukorrhea. Osculum infame
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Nuntii latini helsinkiensesNuntii latini helsinkienses
Broadcasts can be listened to on-line or downloaded and the texts of the most recent ones read at. Osculum infame
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His kith and kinHis kith and kin
Mexico before Cortes came. He is feared by the Chinese, by the Indian, and the Malay alike; whilst Arabian story tells us again and again of the ghouls who haunt ill-omened sepulchres and lonely cross-ways to attack and devour the unhappy. Osculum infame
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1000schoen 11/12/10 Finis Mundi Dom, Moscow, Russie, 40 min /D3291000schoen 11/12/10 Finis Mundi Dom, Moscow, Russie, 40 min /D329
Eyes metalla With The 69 Eyes tv, Interview & The 69 Eyes Clips & Clips Of Other Bands (Danzig, The Ramones, The Cult, Type o negative, Marilyn Manson), 47 min /B79. Osculum infame
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