Human head and neck Cyclovergence

Vergences VergencesVergences Vergences
Vergences are binocular disjunctive eye movements. Cyclovergence
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Von Graefe PhoriasVon Graefe Phorias
Complete evaluation of a patient’s functional system involves testing the accommodation and vergence systems. Cyclovergence
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Optometric terminologyOptometric terminology
A pattern” – a horizontal deviation may be different in upgaze versus downgaze. An “A pattern” deviation shows more eso (or less exo) in upgaze. Cyclovergence
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Iris scan and biometricsIris scan and biometrics
The distributions observed empirically in such comparisons imply a theoretical “cross-over” error rate of one in 1,31,000 when a decision criterion is adopted that would equalize the False Accept and False Reject error rates. Cyclovergence
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