Human head and neck Costocervical trunk

Q. 1 : Blood supply of medulla A/E : a : Ant spinal arteryQ. 1 : Blood supply of medulla A/E : a : Ant spinal artery
Q. 4 : If median nerve is injured at the wrist then loss of function of all of the foll will take place except. Costocervical trunk
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Thorax structuresThorax structures
Left and right pleura form the lateral walls of the mediastinum and covers the lateral surfaces of the structures within this space. Costocervical trunk
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Bulb of aorta Ascending aortaBulb of aorta Ascending aorta
Costocervical trunk
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The circulatory systemThe circulatory system
Chondromalcia, febrile /pyrexia, Autopsy, Carcinogen, Tactile, Exopthalmus, Antagonist, Hyptonia, Anaphylaxis, Ambulate. Costocervical trunk
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