Dentistry Vestibular lamina

Respiratory EpitheliumRespiratory Epithelium
Transitions: Stratified Sq → Str. Col. → pseudostratified → Simple Col. → S. Cub. → S. Sq. Vestibular lamina
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Sppa 206: Study Guide for Exam 2 (Anatomy & Physiology)Sppa 206: Study Guide for Exam 2 (Anatomy & Physiology)
However, some of the exam questions may be taken almost verbatim from the study guide. In addition to the kinds of questions that are shown below, there may also be multiple choice questions, matching items. Vestibular lamina
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Final destinationFinal destination
Ascend in anterolateral fasciculus to terminate in reticular formation in medulla and pons. Vestibular lamina
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Cerebellum ObjectiveCerebellum Objective
To understand the organization of input-output and local (intrinsic) circuits of the cerebellum. Vestibular lamina
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It is not intended to cover all of the topics that might be appear on the examIt is not intended to cover all of the topics that might be appear on the exam
There may be material covered here which we do not get to and which, therefore, will not be on the exam. For example, I think it’s unlikely that we will get to the central auditory system, although this topic is covered on the study guide. Vestibular lamina
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Auditory & vestibule peripheryAuditory & vestibule periphery
Composed of Osseous Labyrinth space within petrous bone lined by mesh-like tissue matrix filled with Perilymph. Vestibular lamina
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Neural PathwaysNeural Pathways
Vestibular lamina
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Inner Ear Model Bony labyrinthInner Ear Model Bony labyrinth
Vestibular lamina
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The respiratory systemThe respiratory system
Key Words: Conducting, respiratory, alveoli, cartilage, trachea, bronchus, bronchioles, vocal cords. Vestibular lamina
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