Dentistry Pulpitis

Supporting information 1 Patient selection criteriaSupporting information 1 Patient selection criteria
Case Rport Form allowing data monitoring according to Good Clinical Practice (“Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques”). The patients recorded their daily spontaneous and percussion pain on a small booklet later joined to the Case Report Form as. Pulpitis
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«Confirmed» vice – rector for education prof. Guminskiy Y. I«Confirmed» vice – rector for education prof. Guminskiy Y. I
Topic Caries of deciduous teeth. Classification, clinic, diagnostic, differential diagnosis. Pulpitis
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Prevention of cariesPrevention of caries
Treatment of deep caries (pulp and insulating cap and sealant from light curing pattern). Pulpitis
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Antibiotic use for irreversible pulpitisAntibiotic use for irreversible pulpitis
A substantive amendment to this systematic review was last made on 08 February 2005. Cochrane reviews are regularly checked and updated if necessary. Pulpitis
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