Dentistry Gouania lupuloides

Species apg 3 six-letter code FamiliesSpecies apg 3 six-letter code Families
Gouania lupuloides
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Order FamilyOrder Family
Appendix A. Taxa sampled (vouchers at mexu) and sample means for stem diameter (SD) in cm, stem length (SL) in m, natural vessel diameter (VD) in µm, hydraulicaully weighted vessel diameter. Gouania lupuloides
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Inventaires des aires de relevésInventaires des aires de relevés
Gouania lupuloides
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Forest age categoryForest age category
Taxa with significant indicator values are marked with an asterisk. A line (—) in the genus or species column indicates that higher taxa had significant ivs, but none of the lower taxa did. Gouania lupuloides
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Harbert and Nixon- american Journal of BotanyHarbert and Nixon- american Journal of Botany
Harbert and Nixon—American Journal of Botany 102(8): 1277-1289. 2015. – Data Supplement S2. Gouania lupuloides
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