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The Irish Wolfhound Health Group Dentition StudyThe Irish Wolfhound Health Group Dentition Study
The iwhg recently commenced a study into the development of teeth and jaw alignment in Irish Wolfhound puppies. This study has the support of an established canine orthodontist, with a specific interest in the development of giant breeds. Dentition
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Cow Dentition Small DiastemaCow Dentition Small Diastema
Diastema: a diastema is a gap or space between two teeth. In the cow it is between the incisors and the premolars. Dentition
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Teeth and DentitionTeeth and Dentition
Pulp cavity – cavity of tooth. Contains connective tissue, nerves, lymph vessels and blood vessels. Dentition
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Lab 4, Week of 1/26/04Lab 4, Week of 1/26/04
Primates all have heterodont dentition. This means the teeth are not all the same. Primates possess different teeth used for different functions. These teeth are. Dentition
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