Cash for College $1,000 College Success Grant Application

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Cash for College

$1,000 College Success Grant Application
Learn More Indiana’s 2016 Cash for College Campaign kicks off statewide January 25-29 to help Hoosier students of all ages pay for education beyond high school. What is your school doing to make Cash for College bigger and better than ever? Tell Learn More Indiana and you could be awarded a $1,000 grant to support ongoing college completion and career success efforts and be featured in the 2016-17 LEARN MORE or Next magazines.
Who is eligible?

Indiana K-12 schools (public and private), serving any grade levels, are eligible to apply. Three (3) schools will be awarded the grant (one serving any/all grades K-5; one serving any/all grades 6-8; and one serving any/all grades 9-12).

What are we looking for?

Grant awardees must 1) FAFSA: Demonstrate an increase in the percentage of high school seniors who completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by Indiana’s March 10 deadline and 2) Activities: Tell us what you did for Cash for College 2016 and how you’ll use $1,000 to help more students prepare to pay for college (e.g., FAFSA events, Scholarship Searches, College Costs Estimator, etc.).

How will applications be evaluated?

Applications will be judged on: 1) creativity and alignment with the Cash for College goals; 2) level of student involvement (including student participation in the Cash for College student contests); 3) use of Learn More Indiana’s print and online materials; and 4) level of involvement with your county’s College Success Coalition (if applicable; see or other community partners.

Cash for College goals include:

  • Grades K-5: College awareness, linking specific careers to types of postsecondary education

  • Grades 6-8: Continued college awareness, scholarship searches, estimating college costs, and signing eligible students up for 21st Century Scholars

  • Grades 9-12: FAFSA completion, awareness of all postsecondary options, scholarship searches, estimating college costs, and meeting 21st Century Scholar requirements

How does a school make Cash for College successful?

Grant awardees will make Cash for College successful by energizing students and the community around college completion, aligning activities to grade-appropriate goals and incorporating Learn More Indiana’s free resources into their efforts. Visit for printer-friendly, grade-specific activities, decorations, contest entry forms and more. Furthermore, grant awardees demonstrate a solid plan for implementing future activities that focus on planning, preparing and/or paying for college completion and/or career success.

High schools can find materials for implementing a FAFSA Friday event at Student contest entry forms can be found under Campaign Information and Materials.
How should the application be submitted?

Multimedia materials are encouraged, including attachments or links to online photo albums, videos or other materials. To apply, save this file on your desktop or computer’s hard drive. Complete the application and return by email or mail to or Learn More Indiana, ATTN: Contests, 101 W. Ohio St. Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46404. All grant applications must be received by March 10, 2016.


Contact Learn More Indiana at with questions.

Cash for College 2016

$1,000 College Success Grant Application

General Information

School name

School Corporation

Federal Tax ID/Employment Number

Grades served in 2015-16

Total Student Enrollment

(If total enrollment does not equal the number of students who participated in Cash for College event(s), please note the number of participating students and total enrollment.)

Mailing Address

Contact Name and Position

Contact Phone Number

Contact Email

Cash for College Activities

What activities did you implement to help students plan for college and career success during Cash for College!? (200 words or less; pay special attention to goals listed in the instructions)

Cash for College Resources (PRINT)

Which of Learn More Indiana’s “Cash for CollegePRINT resources did you use during Cash for College 2016? (Place an “X” by all that apply.)

*All schools received shipments of these materials. They are also available at

Cash for College Week Posters*

LEARN MORE and/or NEXT student success guides (magazines) for grades K-12*

LEARN MORE Educator Guides for grades K-8*

Cash for College Resources (ONLINE)

Which of Learn More Indiana’s “Cash for College” ONLINE resources did you or students use during Cash for College 2016? (Place an “X” by all that apply.) website

Cash for College Activities/Worksheets (on

FSA ID (on

Online college search tools at

How did you use Learn More Indiana’s print and online resources during Cash for College 2016?

(200 words or less)

Cash for College Contests

How many teachers at your school assigned the poster contest (grades K-5) or the essay contest (grades 6-12) as an in-class activity or homework assignment? (number and percentage of total)



How many students at your school participated in the student contest? (number and percentage of total)




What percentage and number of your teachers and administrators participated in Cash for College activities and/or events?



How many community members participated in these activities?


How did you encourage school-wide participation, and how did you encourage community or parent participation? (100 words or less)


Which materials or resources from Learn More Indiana were the most helpful? What would you change about Cash for College, if anything?

Additional Materials (if applicable)

List attachments


What will your school do with $1,000 to continue to promote college completion and career success? (100 words or less. Funding should be used before the 2016-17 school year, and emphasis on Career Ready activities are given priority.)

Please provide a preliminary budget. (Note that school grants cannot include food for events lasting fewer than six hours and transportation costs must be reasonable and must be for a college- or career-related destination.)


Dollar Amount



Email completed application to by March 10, 2016.

Thank you for helping Hoosier students plan for college and career success!

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