Cap and Gown Loan Application

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Cap and Gown Loan Application

City College of San Francisco 50 Phelan Avenue, Conlan Hall E106, San Francisco CA 94112


Last First Middle

STUDENT I.D. ___ ___ ___ -- ___ ___ -- ___ ___ ___ ___

ADDRESS___________________________________ APT.#________________

CITY _______________________________________ ZIP__________________

PHONE# (_____) ________________ E-MAIL____________________________

Cap and Gown Loan Requirements:

  • Verification of current enrollment

  • CCSF Student Photo I.D.

  • A copy of the most recent Financial Aid Award letter or a Fee Waiver (BOGG)
EIGHT_________________________ WEIGHT___________________________

The Cap and Gown Loan Program provides cap and gown packages for graduating students participating in the commencement ceremony. Cap and gown packages will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis and students can receive a maximum of one package per student. [All CCSF students (with the exception of EOPS) are eligible.]
A cap and gown package is lent to me ONLY for the Spring 2009 graduation ceremony. I understand that I must return the complete cap and gown package to the Office of Student Affairs (Conlan Hall E106). If I do not return and/or pay for the lost cap and gown by Friday, May 29, 2009, I will not be able to receive my diploma and a hold will be placed on my academic records. A hold means that I cannot register, add/drop, or get a copy of my transcripts. I can clear any hold by returning or paying for the cap and gown borrowed. If the cap and/or gown package is lost, stolen, damaged, or has missing items, I will be held responsible for the total cost of the entire package.
I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE _______________________ DATE____________

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