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The tubing is now all connected

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The tubing is now all connected

  1. Turn on the machine. The on/off button can found at the back of the ventilator, behind a hinged door. To turn on/off the button must be pulled down and then across as per picture 4

Picture 4

  1. Perform pre-use checks following the prompts on the ventilator. The thick grey or white tubing will be required for this. The tubing can be found in the white drawer on the base of the ventilator. Attach as indicated in picture 5. This will take approximately 4 minutes.

Picture 5

  1. Patient circuit checks require the circuit to be wet

  2. Select non-invasive or invasive ventilation

  3. Perform Edi module function check with Edi cable

  4. Plug cable into the module (Should be plugged in already) and the other end into the port on the cable itself as indicated in picture 6.

Picture 6

  1. Connect Edi catheter to cable

  2. Adjust catheter position by looking for a diminishing ECG waveform progression from the 1st to the 4th waveform (Lead 4-No P wave &small QRS wave) and the presence of a purple colour in the 2nd and 3rd waveforms as indicated in picture 7. Record the optimal insertion depth of the catheter.

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