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  1. Alarm Silence Button – silences an audible alarm and starts the alarm silence countdown timer which shows the remaining silence time

  2. Alarm Message Area – the highest priority most recent alarm message appears in the top part of this alarm message area first

  3. Alarm Silenced Countdown Timer – Shows a silenced bell and the remaining time when the Alarm Silence Button is pushed. The timer counts down from 120 seconds to zero for high and medium priority alarms

  4. Alarm History Indication Area – Displays “Alarm History” if there are resolved alarms

  5. Alarm History Button – Shows the alarm history menu listing the resolved alarms

  6. NO Bar graph – Displays the set NO value in ppm

  7. Inspired NO2 Measured Value – The measured value of inspired NO2 in ppm is displayed in large numbers. The high alarm setting for inspired NO2 appears below these numbers

  8. Control Wheel – The control wheel’s function is determined by the function on the display. When the menu is displayed, turning the wheel in either direction selects a choice or adjusts device settings on the menu. Pressing the wheel then selects the current menu item or confirms the adjusting setting

  9. Inspired NO Measured Value – Displays the measured value of inspired NP (in ppm) in large numbers. Low and high alarm settings for inspired NO appear below theses numbers

  10. Set NO button – Allows adjustment of the Set NO bar graph

  11. Pause Flow Button – pushing once displays the “Pause Flow” message in the box but does not pause the NO flow. To pause the NO flow you must push the Pause Flow button a second time

  12. Calibration button – Once pushed it displays the menu for calibrating the high and low range of the sensors

  13. Setup Button – Once pushed displays the setup menu for setting the alarm volume and display brightness or returning to the normal display

  14. Alarm Button – Pushing the alarm button displays the menu for setting the user-adjustable alarm limits; High limits can be set for O2 NO2 and NO. Low limits can be set for O2 and NO

  15. Inspired O2 Measured Value – Is displayed in % in large numbers. The high and low alarm settings for inspired O2 appear below these numbers

  16. Mains Power Light – When the green mains power light is on, the system is connected to functioning mains power outlet

Daily NO, NO2 and O2 Sensor Low Range Calibration

  1. A low range calibration must be performed each day when Inovent® is in operation

  2. NO therapy can be administered during the sensor calibration process but inspired gases are not monitored and gas monitoring alarms are disabled. The ventilator settings must not be changed during sensor calibration or an alarm condition may occur

  3. The calibration process can be stopped at anytime by pushing the control wheel to cancel an operation to exit to a normal display

  4. Calibration may take up to 5 minutes

  5. From a normal display with Inovent® delivery system operating, push the calibration button to reach the first calibration menu. The low range (room air) “NO NO2 and O2” option will be highlighted

  6. Push control wheel to start the low range calibration. All three sensors calibrate automatically at the same time. The calibration may take a few minutes

  7. When the calibration is successful, the display will read “calibration complete”. The main display area will read “Calibration of NO NO2 and O2 low range succeeded”

  8. Turn control Wheel to “Exit to Normal Display” and push to confirm


1. INOvent delivery system – Operation and maintenance manual

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