Campus Wellness Plan 2016-2017 Galena Park Elementary

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Campus Wellness Plan


Galena Park Elementary
Federal Public Law (PL 108.265 Section 204) states that all school districts must develop a local wellness policy that involves parents, students, a representative from the School Food Authority, school board, school administrators and the public. The Local Education Authority (LEA) will establish a plan for measuring implementation of the local wellness policy.
Mission Statement:

Galena Park I.S.D. implements a comprehensive wellness plan that encourages healthy eating and physical activity in order to reduce childhood obesity and to prepare students to become healthy productive citizen and lifelong learners.

Health Education

  • The districts Wellness Policy will be presented to all faculty and staff at the following meetings.

    • Beginning of the year faculty or staff development or faculty meeting – all faculty and staff members.

    • Campus Planning and Advisory Committee meeting.

Physical Education

  • Students will continue to participate in vigorous physical activity during P.E. class.

  • Students will be encouraged to walk, or do some type of physical activity everyday after school for 20 minutes.

  • Implement CATCH physical education activities.

  • Students grades 3-5 will complete the Fitness Gram Testing

  • Students complete in the annual First Tee program.

  • All 1st – 4th grade students participate in a field day.

Nutrition Education

  • Lunch Menus sent home with students once a month with Nutritious Menu Items as well as nutrition facts on the back.

  • Review lunch menu with students daily.

  • Incorporate nutrition tips daily in the morning announcements.

  • Send home healthy tips calendar monthly

  • Faculty and staff will model healthy eating choices for students.

  • Assist students in developing the healthy practice of washing hands before eating.

  • The Student Nutrition staff hopes to encourage students to adopt Healthy eating habits and lifestyles through activities like promotions, posters, and menu items adding lots of Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, and Whole Grains to School Breakfast and Lunch.

  • Encourage all students to participate in the National School Breakfast, Lunch, and After School Snack programs which provide healthy, safe, quality meals.

  • Campus based nutrition classes for the parents are offered.

  • We can Program, an activity and nutrition program sponsored by M.D. Anderson, is offered to all 5th Graders.

  • Parent Advisory Committee visits our cafeteria providing valuable information on “likes and dislikes” of our students to our student nutrition department.

Other School Related Activities

  • The School Nurse maintains a health promotion bulletin board.

  • Dental hygiene and treatment information offered by South Texas Dental during PTA meeting.

  • Second grade students are able to participate in Project Saving Smiles.

  • See to Succeed program available for students who need assistance with eye exams.

  • Flu shots offered on campus to students and teachers.

  • All parents will receive the “The Buzz”, our school’s newsletter, suggesting ways to improve nutrition and physical activity.

  • Staff and students participate in our annual “Pink Wednesday’s” during the month of October. Funds raised during this activity support our “Relay for Life” team.

  • “GPE Rockstars” is our “Relay for Life” team. Funds raised support cancer education, research and treatment.

  • Moving Mondays

    • Campus Wellness Team includes the following required personnel:

P.E. coach, health teacher, cafeteria manager and administrator. Others, including parents are welcome to be a part of this committee.

Others, including parents are welcome to be a part of this committee.

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