Call to order: meeting called to order at 7: 02pm approval of minutes

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ACES PTO meeting

January 5, 2016

Attendance: Mindi Richardson, Shauna Burnett, Abby Sorensen, Kelcee Schmidt, Heather Huff, Judy Curry, Shay Wilmes, Mike Rogers, Russell Phillips, Carla Proctor, Ashley Farrell, Trudy Vanhoof, Missy Howe, Amy Clary

CALL TO ORDER: meeting called to order at 7:02pm

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: last month’s minutes reviewed and approved.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: no new members, 132

TREASURER REPORT: Missy Howe; $14,646.35 in account as of today

Trash bags have been restocked, PTO closet cleaned out and organized

Will pay $300 to library for World Book

Box tops- need more support for this

Cookbooks- still have 181 books. Motion passed to drop price to $5, will sell at pancake breakfast, Flea Market in April and Avenue City grocery store, Kathy at store was contacted.

SCHOOL REPORT: *See attached

PANCAKE BREAKFAST: Russell; has received donations so far, requests that any more donations be gift cards, preferably to Walmart or SAMS, date Feb 20 from 7a-1p, $5 all you can eat, Mrs Atoe having a contest for design on flyer, Ethan will be wearing a pancake suit the day of event, Trudy to advertise on Dewsly.

OTHER: Discussion about grandparent’s day possibly March 21-28 during lunch. Will speak with cafeteria workers.

Discussion about having grandparents choose which lunchtime they want to come to during the week.

Teacher appreciation week in May- small discussion about planning this?

Tumbler Fundraiser- February 12th -25th , Rep to come speak with students, also selling cookie dough, delivery before Easter, sell at pancake breakfast

No Spring Fling this year.

January 12th Culver’s night

ADJOURN: Trudy adjourned meeting at 7:37

Next PTO meeting February 2, 7pm

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