Cadastral, Boundaries, plss workgroup Meeting Minutes February 16, 2010 Attendees

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Cadastral, Boundaries, PLSS Workgroup

Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2010
February 16, 2010

Phil Worrall Joe Mullins

John Milburn Jim Swift

Bryan Catlin Mike Williamson

Beth Hippensteel Danielle Kindig

Henry Aldridge Lorraine Wright

Jim Sparks

February 16, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Minutes were approved with two changes

Data Sharing Progress update – Jim Sparks

85 Counties participating

Sharing of 4 framework datasets:

Transportation Road Segment


Address points

Jurisdictional boundary layers

The current harvest of county data has resulted in 2 million parcels.

Homeland security has an approved budget of $15,000 per county for those counties providing their data in the data sharing initiative. The funding is to help to support the county’s technical needs to help in sharing their data.
The data sharing initiative has harvesting 67 county datasets so far. The data is sent to Indiana Geological Survey and they posted it on the IndianaMap. Files can be downloaded from there.
New life for 2011 State-wide Orthophotography Project – Jim Sparks

The Orthophoto project has been re-energized. A Request for Proposal to fly 1/3 of the state to get 2011 Orthophotography is slated for release for next month.

Once the RFP submissions are received and reviewed, a vendor will be selected. Processes will be set up so counties can participate. This process will help counties get discounts for their flights. The base level Ortho will be at a 2 foot or 18” resolution. Counties will be able to buy up to get better resolutions.
Flights for 1/3 of the state (from north to south) will be conducted during the first and second quarters in 2011. The second 1/3 of the state would be flown in 2012 and the third 1/3 of the state would be flown in 2013.
What will be the flight order? Jim Sparks stated they would see what the business needs are and then see which 1/3 of the state would be flown first.
Maps will be provided showing the breakout of the flight path once it is determined. If counties aren’t in the first flyover in 2011 and they want to have their county flown anyway in 2011, they can use the RFP for specifications. We are hoping to provide enough information to all counties regarding the project such that there won’t be a disconnect in information flow with the counties not in the regular 1/3 of the state flight line in 2011.
The primary source of funding is from:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management -Great Lakes Initiative

Indiana Homeland Security

United States Geological Survey

Indiana Office of Information Technology
If a county chooses the buy up option, they would need to follow the guidelines of making their data available through the IndianaMap.
The guidelines and RFP will be hammered out by sometime in March. Meetings are being conducted with a subset of the Ortho Workgroup to put the information together.
Boundary Annex Survey Report

Are Counties responsible for the legal descriptions of the annexations. It was a requirement at one time, are counties still having to produce the Boundary Annex Survey?

Demonstration of point and line boundary using legal references for Marion Co.

Lorraine showed how she used the legal description of the Marion County Boundary to determine which corners define the county boundary. She also showed how she derived the point and line boundary layers that connect the corners description in the legal boundary definition. Using this model we can then develop a point and line layer that makes up the county boundaries. The point and line county boundary framework can then be utilized and updated as better locational information is added.

Marion county point and line discussion

Lorraine split the section polygon boundary up into line segments on the north, south, east and west. The Workgroup members stated the section lines should be split in half to make the point and line layers more accurate.

Marion County is in the process of getting GPS State Plane coordinates in NAD 83, 86 adjustments now.
Discussion items:

When dealing with any type of coordinate information, we need to make sure we get the projection information: Datum, Coordinate System, and Projection.

We need to have fields (attributes) for the projection information when coordinate information is harvested.
Discussion regarding Tie Card Project: Clarified the difference in the Grid Point locations used for the Tie Card linking (approximate location) versus having accurate surveyor corner coordinate information:
Question: What happened if county fails to submit their data after signing the data sharing agreement to share the 4 Framework datasets with Homeland Security?

Answer: One of the milestones of the agreement is that HS won’t provide the county with the funding until the data is in hand.

State Police computer aided dispatch system – Jim Sparks

The State Police are compiling a state-wide computer aided dispatch system.

The data that will be used behind the scene for the State Police system will utilize two of the datasets (Road centerlines and Address Points) from the Data Sharing initiative or best available data. For counties not participating in data sharing, the state will have to use a 3rd party dataset that is not as accurate as the county’s data.
Who is your Legislator application

The “Who is your legislator?” applications is also using the data sharing initiative data. We are hoping to get leverage to get money back to the counties.

County Boundaries

Looking at business rules between counties

Center of payment

Center of Right of way or what ever the county is using

Goal is to work with common data
Data sharing initiative

How often does the county data get updated on the INMAP? 2 to 3 counties are updated per day. By the end of each month the county data would be updated.

Jim showed FME software translator slide. It shows the flow of data from the county to the FME software at the State.
Coordinate sources

Need paragraph from each county that data shares data on how their coordinates were developed.

Need info like:

Did you use Seiler, INDOT, or base station?

Need paragraph regarding how coordinates were developed for the counties reference system.
Follow up:

1. Data integration plan needs to be completed.

2. See if County Reports Boundary reports for 1981 exit.

3. Talk with DNR regarding their ability to incorporated the Hamilton County contours that were sent to FEMA but not included in the flood plain mapping.

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