Butland Award for Innovation in Teaching

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Butland Award for Innovation in Teaching


The Butland Award for Innovation in Teaching recognizes and rewards innovation displayed by teaching staff at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Any teacher employed by the Faculty for at least a 0.5 FTE proportional contract is eligible to apply for this award. Previous award winners will be ineligible for re-nomination in the same category for six years.

The value of the award is $2,000 which may be used for the purpose of further developing the awardee’s academic interests and career via conferences, etc.

Award Subcommittee

The award will be made by the Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences on the advice of a subcommittee which will include the Chair, FMHS Education Committee; an undergraduate student representative; a postgraduate student representative; and representatives from the five Schools in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Method of Application

Potential recipients of this award must be nominated by two people. At least one nominator must be a member of the academic staff of the Faculty; the second nominator may be a current or former student of the nominee (taught by the nominee in the past 5 years).
In making its recommendation the subcommittee will look for evidence of innovative teaching at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Evidence of innovation in their teaching is to be provided in the nominee’s teaching portfolio. The portfolio should not be more than 6,000 words (i.e. approximately 12 pages of single-spaced text) and text should be no smaller than 12-point. The two one-page statements from the nominators are not included, but all other supporting material is. Guidance related to the portfolio may be drawn from page two of the University awards policy


The portfolio should contain material:

Detailing innovative teaching activities, which may encompass using or embedding new technology in teaching & learning

  • Demonstrating that the innovation is pedagogically sound, sustainable and has potential for ongoing development, and is transferable or may serve as a model in other areas

  • Evidence of the impact of the innovation on the University or discipline. This may include student and peer responses to the innovation

Nominations may be accompanied by University course or lecturer evaluations or other independent evaluations, by course guides or any other supporting material. (Note: such material must be included within the page limits of the portfolio.)

Nomination Form

Butland Award for Innovation in Teaching

Name: ______________________________________________________
Department: ______________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________
Nominator 1: (Academic staff member)
Name: ______________________________________________________
School: ______________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________

Nominator 2: (Academic staff member or student)
Name: ______________________________________________________
School (if staff member):

School/Programme (if student):____________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________

Head of Department/School
Signature: ______________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________
Applications may be made by an individual member of academic staff or by any member of Faculty on behalf of a member of staff. This nomination form and a statement from the nominator(s) outlining the reasons for their support (maximum one page) together with evidence (see method of application).

Remember: All nominations must include evidence of exceptional contribution (see above). Applications should be sent to Johanna Beattie, FMHS Executive Assistant and should be submitted as one pdf document.
Updated April 2016

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