Budget Review – Scot will get Church bill to Ellen for Warmth in Winter series. Warmth in Winter Films

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Thetford Energy Committee 3/9/09 Minutes
Meeting at Town Hall began at 5:30PM. TEC attendees: Scot Zens, Alice Stewart, Chris Hebb, Joel Legunn, Ellen Blumberg, Paul Gerke, Bob Walker and visitor, Roy Prochorchik
Budget Review – Scot will get Church bill to Ellen for Warmth in Winter series.
Warmth in Winter Films – There was a good turn out to hear Pat Parenteau discuss to devastating effects of coal harvesting, processing and burning in the final segment of this year’s Warmth in the Winter series. But we would like to get the information out to more. Scot Zens, Scott Stokoe and Bob Walker will work with Pat to put together a brief report with Pat’s main points and a bibliography of educational materials.
Town Meeting CFL Sales Report –  In all we sold 44 CFLs which over their lifetimes should save:  20,340 kWh in electricity, $2,644 in electrical use and 15.26 tons of carbon in the atmosphere. Proceeds after cost of bulbs donated to SERG: $43.18

  • Window Insulation Making - March 13, 10-noon, TCCA. Scott Stokoe will discuss science and concepts of keeping moist inside air away from cold window surface. Nancy Limbaugh and Anne Wickham will share information, designs, resources, prices, examples, invite others to show, etc. PR, coffee, food?

  • Bike Workshop – Sat. May 15, 9:30 to noon, TCCA. Chris Hebb and Bill Bridge. Pick up repair supplies come and get reimbursed from TEC budget, collect workshop donations.

  • Efficient Driving Workshop – Alice reported that the 4 hour workshop intended to teach participants to save 33% on fuel is tentatively scheduled for Sat. June 19 at the Thetford Elementary School parking lot and that it will be one of the free workshops. Advanced registration will be necessary as attendance is limited to15-25 people. Alice will check with TES principal Keith Thompson and workshop organizers to verify time and place and get publicity materials. Paul will contact the TA driver education teacher to recruit them and TA students. We will reserve 5 places for TA students till a certain date. Alice will let us know final date and time.

Thetford Center Community Center Retrofit Update – Our next volunteer workday is Feb. 13. Basement is complete, except for storage shelves. Need to finish caulking in kitchen, bathroom and storage closets, replace stairwell wall board with sheetrock, install sealed/insulated attic hatchway, install fresh air vent, and remove exterior clapboards and drill holes for dense packing cellulose below windows and behind wanescoating. Final steps will be to dense-packed walls with cellulose, add 14” of loose filled cellulose in the attic and complete a final blower door test and combustion appliance zone tests to verify building tightness and proper venting of combustion furnace.
LED and PACE Grants – Both have been submitted and we should hear in a couple of weeks. There will be a statewide meeting on PACE 3/27 at VLS. Bob will circulate a notice with details to his SERG list.
No Idling Signs for Thetford Stores - Joel identified about 7 different stores and banks that are willing to place no-idling signs at their establishments. He will also check with Latham Library as it was reported that people are parking their and idling in order to get wireless high speed internet. Joel will also contact Wings to see if they want to join in. Joel will contact all establishments re purchase and posting of signs to see if they are willing to contribute to purchase price – about $18/sign. TEC will pick up remaining costs.
Tip of the Month – clean your refrigerator coils
Next TEC Meeting Date – Tuesday, April 13, 5:30, Town Hall.
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