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Essentials of Breathing Retraining for Health Professionals

5-day course plus 10 month mentoring program
20-24 March 2017, Byron Bay NSW


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With less than 30% of the population breathing correctly there is a great need for health professionals skilled in breathing retraining.

A dysfunctional breathing pattern underlies many disorders that are prevalent today, including: Asthma | Nasal Problems | Anxiety & Panic Disorders |Snoring | Sleep Apnoea| Mouth-Breathing | Airway & Orthodontic Issues. It is however rarely recognised, as assessment of a person’s baseline (everyday) breathing pattern is not part of standard medical diagnosis.

We take for granted our ability to breathe. But we can breathe well, or we can breathe poorly. And we can think we know how to breathe well, but have it so wrong! The worst mis-information is that ‘deep’ (full) breathing is good for us.

Breathing retraining is the process of identification and correction of dysfunctional breathing habits to restore a physiologically normal pattern of breathing: nose-diaphragm-breathing at the correct rate, rhythm and volume and with the optimal O2/CO2 balance when at rest, under stress, and during sleep, activity and sport. This allows calm, silent, easy breathing, balanced blood chemistry, and optimal oxygenation and function of all cells, tissues and organs. Full mental and physical wellbeing depend on it.

This workshop is designed for physios, OTs, psychologists, speech pathologists, nurses, breathing educators and other health professionals wishing to enhance their effectiveness with breath work within their modality and/or to expand their scope of practice by offering effective breathing retraining programs for clients with breathing-related conditions.

All participants partake in breathing retraining for their own health and wellbeing and in order to be more effective breathing educators. Positive changes are generally experienced (e.g. calmer, lower respiration and heart rate, faster recovery from exercise, clearer nose, better sleep, more energy) within days.

The course is a combination of theory, practice, case presentation and discussion. It also has a module focused on helping you plan, market, and develop a successful breathing retraining practice. The initial training week is followed by an invaluable 10-month mentoring program where we meet via Skype for 90-mins once a month.

[50 continuing education hours]
This will be the only 5-day program in Australia in 2017.


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Tess Graham, physiotherapist and breathing educator, has extensive clinical and research experience in breathing retraining. She has worked exclusively in this field for 25 years, uncovering the essential principles of good breathing and applying them in the simplest way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Tess is an internationally recognised authority on breathing, sleep and sports performance. She is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (2012) and Relief from Anxiety and Panic (2017). Tess holds the Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method (Moscow 1998).




Byron Bay 20-24 March

Byron Community Centre
69 Jonson St, Byron Bay

FEES: Earlybird: $3190 ($2900+ GST) until 3 Feb 2017

Standard: $3575 ($3250 + GST) from 4 Feb 2017

Prior learning: $1650 ($1500 GST) Deposit before Feb 3.
[Previous BreatheAbility 5-day, BIBH or BBEA training]
DEPOSIT: $450 to hold your place. (Course is always fully prescribed.) Payment Plans available: email us –


9.30am – 12.30pm; 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Initial Consultation and Assessment Process: assessing breathing pattern and breathing-related symptoms; taking the history.
Breathing Retraining Session

Today’s topics: Physiology of breathing; Breathing-related disorders: prevalence, statistics, causes, physiological explanation of signs and symptoms; Myths and misunderstandings about breathing; Breathing retraining history, principles and practice; Introduction to the BreatheAbility® 9 Habits of Healthy Breathing. COPD, Asthma and asthma medications, medical diagnostics; breathing retraining and 1st-aid breathing remedies for blocked nose, asthma, anxiety and panic attacks; better breathing during sleep; food diaries. Guide to forms used; tailoring the program for best results.

Practice Development (Module 1)

9.30am – 12.30pm; 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Reassessment and Review

Breathing Retraining Session

Teaching skills, role-playing

Today’s topics: Food, water, salt and breathing; mouth-breathing, airway and orthodontic issues; formal and informal practice, blending practice into everyday activities; lifestyle strategies and behaviours to facilitate and maintain improved breathing; case presentations

9.30am – 12.30pm; 1.30pm – 12.30pm

Reassessment and Review

Breathing Retraining Session

Practice teaching modules

Today’s topics: Anxiety and panic disorder, PTSD, Panic Control Exercise; Sleep disorders, sleep hygiene, medical diagnostics. Medical treatments for anxiety and sleep-breathing disorders; breathing retraining for anxiety and sleep disorders. Healing response; working with children, case presentations.

Practice Development (Module 2)

DAY 4 THURSDAY 23 MARCH 7.30am – 8.30am
Breathing Retraining Session - walking (outdoors)

9.30am – 12.30pm; 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Reassessment and Review

Breathing Retraining Session

Practice teaching modules

Today’s topics: Buteyko breathing techniques; speech and breathing, working with singers, actors, presenters; improving exercise and fitness capacity, sports performance enhancement, sports recovery techniques, working with individual and team athletes; helping people with more chronic and serious disorders; case presentations

DAY 5 FRIDAY 24 MARCH 7.30am – 8.30am
Breathing Retraining Session – swimming (at local pool, optional)

9.30am – 12.30pm; 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Reassessment and Review

Breathing Retraining Session

Practice teaching modules

Today’s topics Application of breathing retraining for the very young, the elderly, chronic and complicated conditions, serious anxiety disorders; working with doctors and other health professionals; when to refer; hold-ups to improvement; breaking through; the ‘3 Day Holiday’, the follow-on process, case presentations.

Practice Development (Module 3)


Attracting and enrolling clients; delivering exceptional value; planning, fee structure, program structure, networking, developing word-of-mouth and professional referrals, liaising with health professionals; presenting information seminars.

MENTORING SESSIONS VIA SKYPE (90mins x 1/mth x10mths)

Topics include: case presentations & discussions, Q&A, more discussion on breathing-related illnesses, healing responses, adapting breathing retraining to those who have chronic and complicated illnesses; fine tuning the use of breath-pauses and Buteyko techniques; working with children; getting referrals from health professionals, developing promotional materials, presenting information seminars.



This is a very worthwhile course for a physiotherapist wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills around breathing. In addition, providing breathing retraining programs for asthma, anxiety and sleep-breathing disorders has added a new dimension to my practice one that is broadly needed in the community, brilliantly effective, and spares me from further wear and tear on my joints.

Kate Milne – Breathing Matters, Countrywide Physiotherapy, Angaston SA

The approach that Tess has developed  over 25 years - BreatheAbility®  - perfectly blended everything I had learned about breathing science up until then (and then more) in a way that deeply resonated with me and my clinical style.  Learning directly with Tess was such a special and life changing experience. Heather Grieve BSc. PT, RPT, Ontario Canada

I am amazed that by using these simple techniques, I am able to help my clients with various chronic conditions including deconditioned, neurological and COPD, to achieve better breathing control and improve their mobility and balance more easily. May Kwan – community physiotherapist, Brisbane, QLD

This workshop immediately changed my teaching of breath. The benefit seen to my clients is calmer, more rhythmic breathing pattern, requiring less effort and assisting them to relax physically and mentally.”  Jakki Tobin - physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, Mosman, NSW ​

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Account Holder Address: 3 Quiros St Griffith ACT 2603 Australia

General Terms and Conditions: This is a registration request. Upon acceptance and payment confirmation, a tax invoice will be issued and sent to the email address provided. A confirmed registration will be refunded in full if cancellation is requested six weeks prior to commencement of the course. Cancellations within the six-week period will be refunded at 85% of the registration. All cancellations will incur a $75 administration fee. Participants are expected to have appropriate registration and Professional Indemnity cover. 3

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