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(please fill in and e-mail to:

Contact person:      




Subject or title:      


Short description of the content:      


The subject falls within the category (select one):

 Atmosphere and Climate

 Fisheries and Aquaculture




 Water Resources
If the subject does not fall within one of the above or it covers wider scope than the above please identify with few keywords what expertise would be required to evaluate manuscripts:

If the subject does not fall within one of the above or it covers wider scope than the above please identify who (name and e-mail address), together with our editor(s), could act as a guest editor(s) of the issue:      *


* We assume that the experts listed above have been consulted and expressed their readiness to act, if selected, as guest editors.

The date when all the manuscripts will be submitted:      *

The estimated number of submitted manuscripts:      
* This date is binding and manuscripts submitted after the deadline will not be considered for publication.


Boreal Environment Research publishes only original, previously unpublished scientific articles (please read the copyright statement at All the articles submitted will be peer-reviewed, and those that do not meet our scientific and/or technical standards will be rejected.
The page charge in special issues is 60 eur/printed page.
To evaluate how many journal pages can result from a manuscript, please first remove the tables and pictures from the file and then perform character count (including spaces), and divide the obtained number by 4600 (max. number of characters on one printed page of our journal). Some pages should be added to the result depending on how many figures and tables are in the manuscript

The minimum length of a BER issue is 72 pages, hence if the total number of printed pages of accepted articles is below 72, they will be published as a part of a regular issue.

Papers submitted to the special issue but not falling within the scope defined by the special-issue subject, may be excluded from the issue and, if accepted, may be published as stand-alone articles.

Required billing information to be provided with the proposal

Billing address (payers details):      





Payment deadline*:
* Applies in case when the funds should to be used before certain date.

Please note that the exact cost of the special issue will be known only when all the articles are typesetted and approved for printing. Before that, only rough evaluations may, if possible, be provided. If the issue is paid for in advance before the final cost is known, and the final cost exceeds the prepaid amount, the payer should be ready cover the difference.

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