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Bon Air Christian Church

2015 Flock List
At Bon Air Christian Church our elders serve as spiritual leaders. They are “shepherds” to our “flocks”. They are the leaders of the small groups with the help of the deacons.

When a need or a celebration arises the flock leader helps us with communication and assist with our pastoral response.
Barbara and Joe Bancroft

Andrews, Jack and Jeanne Marie

Barker, Guy & Phyllis

Beasley, Ray and Alice

Bennett, Dot

Blake, Peter and Mary Blanchard

Lloyd, Ben, Robert

Blythe, Steve and Arlene

Bingenheimer, Al & Cecilia,


Boger, Bill & Marie,

Maddie, Sara*

Crank, Andrew and Laurie,

Austin, Abbey, Mackenzie

Crank, John and Judy

Cross, Eddie and Joan

Foutz, Bill and Shirley, Craig

Huff, Shirley

Jonas, Mary Elizabeth

Landergan, Cindy, Allison,


Mayfield, Tom and Catherine,

Jessica*, Carter*, Alexys*

McTamaney, Gail and Paul*

Neal, Lena & Richard*Madison,


New, Jim and Debbie

Scharon, Betty and Lou

Seemiller, Paul & Martha,

Bethany, Sydney, Bella,

Sam* and Nicholas

Duke and Suzanne Dale

Bates, Chris and Ruth Ann

Bowman, Richard*& Nancy*

Carey, Valerie and Mike*,


Emson, Robin, Dan* Ellie*


Goff, Steve and Angie

Griggs, Dan & Harriet

Jurman, Laura and Ken*,

Anna Claire*

Isenberg, Barbara & Chris

Logan, Sandy

Morrison, Dot

Morton, Rick & Kathy, Nicole

Roberts, Jeff & Mary Ann,

Kathryn, Will, Jack

Roppe’, Gerry

Sellman, Patti

Severance, Jim and Janie

Shepperson, Bettye

Smith, George and Cindy

Stratton, Micah Dutrow

Sprouse, Christy and Sidney*

Thrower, Hilda and Jim

Bill and Wendy Sydnor

Acree*, Shirley

Atherton, Joe and Frances

Emily, Rob

Andrick, Cecelia

Baum, Philip* & Susan, David

Burkhalter, Philip & Shirley

Davidson, Jamey &

Carolyn, Josh*

Dowdy, Jean and John*

Eagle, Traci and Deb Benson*

Graham, Brenda and Scott,

Graham, Whitney

Graham, Logan & Curtis Scott

Harris, Phil and Diane

Heath, Bill and Shirley

Heath, Kevin, Anne, Jasmine

Law, Cathy

McDonald, Bernie and Jamie

Mills, Linda and David*

Ian and Kendall

Nunnally, Russell and Patti,

Trey and Jake

Pace, Maggie, Ben*

Parks, Ed and Sally

Rembold, Ellen and Matt*,

Jackson* and Charlotte*

Spivey, Alma


Joe and Barbara Bancroft

Barnett, Mary and Tony

Blanchard, Stephen and Robin,

Logan*, Reese*

Brock, Jeanne and Gary*,


Brooks, Vickie,

Kyla, Taylor, Dylan*

Buchanan, Roberta

Eagle, Peg

Etz, Donnnie and Wendy

J.D. and Jordan

Garrison, Mabel

Horgan, Lee

Johnson, Russ and Cindy

Lauren, Nicole

Landergan, Pete, Allison,


Macklin, Helen

McCann, Jake and Mazie

Novak, Rick and Bock, Julie,

Aidan, Delaney

Phifer, Jim and Sally, Jimmie

Sarvis, Lynn

Thacher, Lloyd and Hazel

Tulasz, Maria*

Tulasz, Martyna and Drew

Raine,* Brianna*, Tripp*

West, Becky

Wheless, Cathy

Shea Hollifield & John Marling*

Archer, Gary and Barbara,

Michael, Abby

Dillon, Jennifer, Madeline,

Hannah, Grace

Deitch, Claire

Fearnley, Diane, Pete, Schyler

and Madison

Granger, Cameron* and Megan

Hill, Ron* and Peggy

Hill, Colleen & George, Zachary

Kirk, Andee and Bobby*,

Casey, Connor

McCaferty, Jim and Rose,

Joel, Megan

McGowan, Bob and Carol

McKenney, Gina and Jim*

Emily, Sydney

McKinley, Jane

Montgomery, Sylvia

Roane, Beth

Shouldice, Kris and Robert*

Tejnecky, Catherine and Jeff

Anika*, Natasha*

Thomas, Eric and Ann,

Kaleigh, Ian, Collin

Williams, Marvin and Lora

Hamilton, Jason*


Janet and Bob Lenhart, JT

Alcoke, Bill and Peggye

Bernard, Rick and Marjean,

Hunter*, Morgan*,

Lauren*, Ricky*

Casdia, Mary Ann

Coleman, Juanita

Cosby, Dave & Pat

Crowley, Jenny and John*, Ian

Harvell, Becky*

Jurman, Laura and Ken*,

Anna Claire*

Lenhart, Rob and Kim*,

Evan*, Caleb* & Clayton*

Parker, Sarah and Ryan*,

Nathan*, Lillian*

Reese, Sara & Tom Snodgrass

Sangpeal, Mandy & Matt*

Russell, Wanda

Teachey, Carnell and Iva

Teachey, Susan and Kim, Amy

Teachey, Adam & Colleen*

Todd, Jerrell and Eva

Trezza, Sarah and Phillip*,

Taylor*, Catherine*

Vaden, Tim and Cathy,

Josh, Daniel

White, Scott and Jodi,

Caroline, Lauren


Steve and Karen Kline

Battle, Margaret

Bishop, Lois

Black, Joy and Alan*

Bourne, Jeter

Carden, Alice, Hannah, Lily*

Collie, Jeff and Brenda

Craft, Paula

Craft, Polly

Craft, Steve

Dunston, Bill and Gene

Giffel, Arlene and Gary*

Hawn, Virginia

Hollis, Laura and Scott*

Maiden, Nancy and Chris*

Nilles, Jackie and Peyton

Nuckols, Dot

Price, Cassie & Tom Kazas*

Killeen King, Kyle King

Reynolds, Corey and Lindsay,

Sadie*, Lainey*

Shiro, Bob and Debora

Strebe, Dorothy

Tyson, Jeanne

White, Mark and Roxie

Whitlow, Michael & Kitten,

Whitlow, Daniel & Brooke*


Frank and Diane Clark

Kyle, Karson, Kristopher

Ambert, Romain & Kim, Eloise*

Blumenstein, Bob and Ann

Brown, Arlette

Coleman, Frank and Julie, Grace

Collins, Sandy and Doug

Caitlynn, Cassie

Hylton, Sean and Alison,

Sloane,* William*

Kidd, Brenda

Klawiter, Marge

Love, Joe and Patty*

Macfadden, Gail

Magee, Early

Magee, Steve

Murphy, Lisa and Ed*

Ringel, Rhonda and Mark*

Romig, Deb and Matte, Gina*

Rucker, Tammy, Annie, Maddie,


Simmons, Patty and Danny

Skowron, Bob and Becky,

Kristin, David

Smith, Joe and Katie,

Madelyn, Mallory

Stevens, Charles *

White, Doug and Polly

Whitehurst, Jim & Martine


Bud and Susan Deihl

Bennett, Tom & Linda, Amanda

Blagg Barb, Brian, Ben

Campbell, Harold* and Gail*

Cochran, Cindy &Harold,*Clairee

Fuller, Emilie

Inlow, Brand and Debbie

Johnson, Tim and Lynn,

Lindsay, Katie, Sydney

Lehan, Jim and Cynthia,

Sarah Spencer*

Mielke, Joan and Dean*

Miller, Jane

Moon, Shep and Ellen, Nathan,

Zachary, Hannah

Proffitt, Beulah

Roper, Nancy

Shannon, Vickie and Greg*

Snead, Norton and Betty

Turlington, Jean

Ver Beek, Jon and Kendra

Jake, Charlie, Lilly*

Verheul, Linda, JP, Chris, Lisey

Wright, Martha

Zarefoss, Jan*and

Austin Bannister

Zarefoss, Lois and Jim

Updated January 23, 2015

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