Benco dental spa agreement for dental equipment begin Date 06/15/2005 End Date 06/14/2006

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Begin Date 06/15/2005 End Date 06/14/2006

Agreement #2603155-PA


The purpose of this eQuote is to establish a one (1) year State Purchasing Agreement (SPA) for the purchase of Dental Equipment (does not include dental supplies) by all State of Florida agencies and other eligible users. The term of the agreement is from June 15, 2005 through June 14, 2006.


All products/services quoted must meet or exceed all requirements of this eQuote. When technical documentation and/or price list is required, its purpose is to demonstrate compliance of the product quoted and to allow a technical evaluation of the product and verification of a true savings to the State of Florida Eligible Users. Vendor to supply documentation showing equipment being quoted or provide a website where products can be viewed. Successful vendor shall provide ordering agencies with documentation of product if requested.


Delivery to the ordering agency shall be FOB destination and shall be delivered within thirty (30) days after receipt of purchase order or as specified by the ordering agency. The delivery charge is to be added to the invoice as a separate item.


The State has implemented a purchasing card program through the Bank of America, using the VISA network. Vendors will receive payment from the purchasing card in the same manner as other Visa purchases. Accordingly, vendors must presently have the ability to accept VISA or take whatever steps necessary to implement the ability before the start of the agreement term. The State reserves the right to revise this program in conjunction with implementation of an on-line procurement system. VISA acceptance is mandatory but is not the exclusive method of payment. Please indicate your ability to accept VISA in the space provided on the Ordering Instruction sheet of the eQuote.

When an ordering State agency makes a purchase using the State Purchasing Card as method of payment, the language in paragraph 7, Transaction Fee, on the attached form PUR 7722 does NOT apply. When the State Purchasing Card is not used as a method of payment, or a purchasing card other than the State Purchasing Card is used, paragraph 7 DOES apply.

Respondents shall:

  1. Quote a discount off list prices (price charged to customer off the street) of the products that you are quoting on the pricing page(s). Price should include, List Price, Percent Discount given, and Discounted SPA Price.

  2. Indicate number of years your company has been providing these services.

  3. Provide literature of products being quoted showing the list price or provide a website URL where the products and pricing can be viewed.

Website Address:

Failure to submit the information required in this section will be grounds for disqualification of your quote and/or removal from any resulting agreement.

By completing and responding to this eQuote, vendor is agreeing to all terms and conditions and certifies that the discounted prices stated will hold for the duration of the agreement and that the products quoted meet or exceed equipment manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Price decreases are acceptable on invoice(s) presented for payment. This agreement may be superseded by an new State Term Contract that may be put in place before the expiration of this agreement, if any is awarded.


If you have questions regarding how to use the eQuote tool (i.e., how to log in, review a quote, submit a response, download and attachment, etc.), please contact the My Florida Market Place Customer Service Desk at 1-866-352-3776 or at .

If you have questions pertaining to the content of the eQuote itself, please contact the agency contact person listed on the eQuote. The contact person for this eQuote is Peggy Yown, telephone 850-414-6200 or email Response to Minimum Requirements paragraph may be submitted through email, fax or regular mail. The fax number is 850-488-5498. Mailing address is Department of Management Services, 4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 360.1Z, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0950.

eQuotes will be evaluated and awarded to the supplier(s) offering the highest discount from their price list. The lowest price(s) will be determined by applying the discount offered to the list price to get the lowest net price for the Eligible Users of the ensuing agreement, if awarded. Additional items/services which may be needed by the ordering agency, but not listed on this agreement, will be negotiated between the user and vendor at the same discounted prices.




COMMODITY NOS.: (See each item)
Manufacturer’s Brand List Price % Discount SPA Price
Commodity No. 260-085

Air Compressor & Vacuum Systems, Dental
Air Compressor, Single:

Brand(s): Airtechniques Airstar 22 $ 4775.00 34% $3141.45

Matrx AMD-101 $ 3840.00 34% $2526.32

Dental Ez CA 812 Lubefree $ 5295.00 34% $3483.55
Air Compressor, Double:

Brand(s): Airtechniques Airstar 50 $ 8100.00 34% $5328.95

Matrx AM-100-2 No Dryer $ 4922.00 40.5% $2914.47

Dental Ez CA-823 Lubefree $ 5950.00 34% $3914.47
Vacuum System, Single:

Brand(s):Airtechniques Vacstar 40 $ 2795.00 34% $1838.82

Matrx Minimizer 1000 Single $ 1750.00 34% $1151.32

Dental Ez CV-101 Single $ 1800.00 34% $1184.21

Ramvac Bulldog Combo 1 $ 7932.00 34% $5218.42
Vacuum System, Double:

Brand(s):Airtechniques Vacstar 50 $ 4300.00 34% $2828.95

Matrx Minimizer 1000 Dual $ 3790.00 34% $2493.42

Dental Ez MC-201 Dual $ 3750.00 34% $2467.11

Ramvac Bulldog Combo 2 $ 8232.00 34% $5415.79
Commodity No. 260-260

Camera Systems, Dental

(Camera Only)

Brand(s):Airtechniques Acclaim $ 2995.00 21% $2364.47

Gendex E21 (EZNU2) $ 3138.00 14.5% $2683.82

Adec Tabletop Camera Kit $ 4995.00 25% $3746.25

Commodity No. 260-240

Cabinetry, Dental
Brand(s): No Quote $ $

Commodity No. 260-280

Chairs, Dental

(All Seamless Upholstery)

Brand(s): Adec Cascade 1040 (Radius) $ 8315.00 25% $6236.25

Belmont Bel50 $ 6200.00 39% $3752.63

Pelton/Crane Spirit 1500 $ 5685.00 27.5% $4114.14

Dentech Endurance $ 4220.00 30.5% $2942.89
Commodity No. 260-325

Communication Systems, Dental
Brand(s): No Quote $ $
Commodity No. 260-335

Delivery Systems, Dentall
Brand(s):Belmont BDS 2515 $ 5400.00 34% $3552.63

Pelton/Crane Spirit 1500 $ 2140.00 28% $1548.68
Commodity No. 260-370

Digital Radiography Systems, Dental (Basic Setup, No Accessories)
Brand(s): Airtechniques Seanx (Pan, IntraOral) $19995.00 21% $15785.53

Gendex DenOptics (Pan, IntraOral) $20497.00 21% $16181.58

Plan Meca Dix13 Sensor Kit Size 1 $10763.00 25% $8072.37
Commodity No. 260-855

X-Ray Film Processors, Dental
Brand(s): Airtechniques Peri Pro III $ 2580.00 37% $1629.47

Airtechniques AT2000KR $ 7380.00 37% $4661.05
Commodity No. 260-645

Nitrous Oxide Systems
Brand(s):Accutron Ultra PC Portable Pkg A $ 4286.00 34.5% $2819.74

Matrx MDM4 Tank Portable $ 5130.00 34% $3375.00
Commodity No. 260-590

Operatory Lights, Dental
Brand(s): Adec Radius 6300 (Chair mt) $ 2135.00 25% $1601.25

Pelton/Crane LFIII (Chair mt) $ 2100.00 27.5% $1519.74

Dentech Unit Mt. Light $ 1695.00 30% $1182.04
Commodity No. 260-210

Brand(s): Tuttenaeur EZ 1D $ 5520.00 30% $3848.68
Commodity No. 260-745

Stools, Dental, Doctor
Brand(s): Galaxy 2010 $ 380.00 37.5% $237.50

Belmont 090 $ 490.00 34% $322.37

Pelton/Crane Spirit 2000 $ 595.00 21% $469.74
Commodity No. 260-745

Stools, Dental, Assistant
Brand(s): Adec 1622 $ 860.00 25% $645.00

Belmont 091 $ 680.00 34% $447.37

Pelton/Crane Spirit 2000 $ 690.00 21% $544.74

Galaxy 2020 $ 490.00 37.5% $306.25
Commodity No. 260-870

X-Ray Machines, Dental
Brand(s):EK 2000 IntraOral $ 3500.00 14.5% $3000.00

Gendex GX-770 $ 4380.00 27.5% $3169.74
Commodity No. 260-660

Ovens, Dental

(Burnout Furnace)

Brand(s):Ceramco Vulcan A130 $ 953.05 16.5% $791.78

Kerr-999 BurnOut Furnace $ 1199.95 34% $789.36

Items not listed but needed in conjunction with the above listed items will be negotiated between the ordering agency and the vendor at the percent discount given for each item, or greater discount.
Number of Years Your Company Has Been Providing These Products: 75 Years

Ordering Instructions
CONTRACTOR: Benco Dental Supply
SPA Agreement Administration
Please identify the person who will be responsible for administering the Agreement on your behalf if award is made, and include an emergency contact phone number:
Name: Jodie Williamson

Title: Equipment Specialist

Street Address: 955 Keller Road, Suite 1000, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Email Address:

Phone Number(s): 407-659-0250

Fax Number: 407-659-0304

If the person responsible for answering questions about the Agreement is different from the person identified above, please provide the same information for that person.
Name: Jodie Williamson

Title: Equipment Specialist

Street Address: 955 Keller Road, Suite 1000, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Email Address:

Phone Number(s): 407-659-0250

Fax Number: 407-659-0304

Direct Orders

Please provide the following information about where the Customers should direct orders. You must provide a regular mailing address. If equipped to receive purchase orders electronically, you may also provide an Internet address.

Street Address or P.O. Box: 955 Keller Road, Suite 1000

City, State, Zip: Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Phone Number: 407-659-0250

Toll Free Number: 800-Go-Benco

Ordering Fax Number: 407-659-0304

Internet Address: (do not order on website)

Federal ID Number: F-232718942

Remit Address: 955 Keller Road, Suite 1000

City, State, Zip: Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Email Address:


Website Addresses for all Manufacturers In SPA Agreement
Accutron –

Adec –

Airtechniques –

Belmont –

Ceramco –

Dentalez –

Dentech –

Kodak –

Galaxy –

Gendex –

Jelrus –

Kerr –

Matrx –

Midmark –

Pelton & Crane –

Planmeca –

Ramvac –

Scican –

Tuttnauer –

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