Belleville Agricultural Society Board Meeting

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Belleville Agricultural Society

Board Meeting

BAS Office

June 10, 2015

7:00 p.m.
Attending: Robert Burn, Rick Caddick, Donnie Jarrell, Marilyn Caddick, Rick MacIvor, Wayne Waite, Debbie Burke, Jamie Chatten, Mona Tummon-Lyon, Ross Parks, Bobby Jarrell, Ed Hawmen, Sharon Kyte, Grant Kyte and Marty Cousins.
Regrets: Mitch Panciuk, Ross Parks and Jack Caddick.
Absent: Richard Courneyea, Henry Saulnier and Don Carr.
1. Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:15 with President Donnie Jarrell chairing.
2. Agenda: The Agenda was circulated. There was a motion to approve the agenda by Jamie C. and

seconded by Mona. Carried.
3. Miniature Horse Show at the Quinte EX: Sharon and Grant Kyte provided information about having a Miniature horse show at the Quinte EX.

There was a motion by Donnie J. and seconded by Rick M. to “Adopt the miniature horse show in principle for the Quinte Exhibition and work on the Budget”. Carried
4. Belleville Lawn Bowling Club: Ed Hawmen was representing the Belleville Lawn Bowling Clubs to discuss some matters. The Board decided that:

  1. BAS will again sponsor the “Come to the Fair Tournament” that is held on August 27th for the amount of $300.

  2. During the fair we will let the Lawn Bowling Club members use the parking by the Cattle entrance. They will put one of their members at the gate to monitor entry.

5. Minutes of the May 6th General Meeting: The minutes of the May 6th meeting were circulated.

Amendments: The price number for the head numbers was just a number mentioned and wasn’t meant to be a set price. We can ask Evy Wills about the head numbers

There was a motion to approve the amended minutes by Rick C. and seconded by Mona. Carried.
Business Arising: It was discovered that the parking price for last year’s exhibition was $3.

The was a motion by Rick M. and seconded by Jamie C. “That the parking rates in the fair planning be changed to $3”. Carried.


6. Financial Report: Presented by Marilyn C.

There was a motion to approve the Financial Report for May by Rick M. and seconded by Marilyn C.

7. Office Report: - Presented by Marty C.

8. Committee Reports:

Governance Committee: Presented by Rick M.

The new policy about the fair has been updated in the books at the office.

Grounds and Facilities Report: Nothing to report
Fair Planning:

Prize Book – Drafts for the Homecrafts and Natures Harvest Prize books were circulated. Rick M. will send Betty B. the file to make some changes. It was decided to print the prize books in the office. The deadline to print the prize books is June 16th. Committee Chairs were reminded to hand in their budgets.

Monster Truck:

Donnie will give Ralph a call and will suggest that the Cancer Society or the Kiwanis club could manage the gates for them.

Motorcycle Races:

We will work on getting a contract developed and ready.

Gates and Street Closure for Quinte EX:

The Board decided that the layout for the Fair will not change for this year. There was a motion by Rick C. and seconded by Rick M. “That Sidney St. will be closed again for this year’s Quinte EX”. Carried.

It was recommended that the top gate past the curling club only be open on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights.

The Board will invite Elsie Dowdle to come to the July meeting.

Members of the planning group will sit down with the gate people and inform them of the changes

BAS will offer them the same total price as last year and consider a possible bonus if the event goes particularly well.


Miniature Horse Show:

There was a motion by Donnie J. and seconded by Rick C. to have a $1,500 budget for the Miniature Horse Show and there will be a $5 entry fee per animal per class. Carried
The prize breakdown will be $40, $30, $20 $10 respectively for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Donnie J will look into sponsors for the Miniature show. Cedar Rail was mentioned.

Manure Removal at Quinte EX:

It was noted that it is a major problem at every Exhibition including the Royal Fair in Toronto. It was suggested that local cash crop farmers could possibly come in after the EX. Bobby J. will see if he can find somebody that would be interested.

9. New Business:

Donnie J. thanked the Board on behalf of himself and family for the Flower arrangement sent by the BAS.

10. Notice of Motion: None
11. Motion to adjourn: There was a motion by Donnie J. and seconded by Rick C. at 9:27 p.m. to adjourn and go into Closed Session. Carried
Directors Meeting on July 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the BAS Office

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